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This big guy gonna be dodgin

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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

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This big guy gonna be dodgin Vide
PostSubject: This big guy gonna be dodgin This big guy gonna be dodgin EmptyFri 08 May 2015, 11:52 pm


A sudden coldness to Alayasha's throat made his eyes shoot open. He knew if he move his blood would be spilled. From the way the person who was holding it, they would have no problem in slitting his throat. He looked up and saw a young woman standing beside the bed, one hand already in the tiger position while the other holding the blade to his throat. Alayasha blinked then yawned. "What..." he started, but the yawn got deeper. He didn't rest easy that night. "are you doing here, Lo?"

Lo-Ruhamah pulled the blade back and sheathed it. "I'm wondering the same question, older brother." She used the honorific. It was something very few siblings did nowadays. He certainly heard it from Dany'al and never from Mashah. Lo-Ru doing it now was an actual surprise. "I don't find my brother hanging out the countryside sleeping in some motel when you can come and visit us."

"Oh," he sat up in his bed making sure he had the blankets over him. He was naked due to the hot night. "If only if it was as simple as me making an easy trip and visit my old village. No, little sister, I rather you didn't know that I was here."

"It's a bit too late for that." She said.

"How did you know I was here?"

"Besides the fact that you're chakra is almost like a bijuu? Yeah, well that was the little birdie told me."

"Oh." That should've been obvious. Any type of sensor who was worth their salt would've been able to sensed Alayasha's chakra.

That raised an eyebrow on Lo-Ru's face. She folded her arms "You wanna take that chance and tempt me in telling Kumo that you're here."

"You wouldn't dare to do that. No matter how 'loyal' you say you are to Kumo, you're not going to out me because of my status, which by the way, I'm not a criminal . Don't play the trick on me, little sister."

"I can always feign it. Make it seem like you were a criminal. Maybe you burned down a few little villages here and there, maybe you cause some insurrections."

"Yeah? And what proof would you have? It would have no basis and no facts." He pointed to her. "You may think you have some sway in the village, but I've been doing this for too long for some snot nose brat to out maneuver me."

He didn't see her take out the blade. Her movement was so swift, quiet, and clean that he would've been dead in that instant if she hadn't stopped herself from slicing into his throat. He felt warmth rise to his throat and knew blood would be dripping on her blade.

"Watch what you say. I'm still in a position to kill you and leave without a trace. I snuck in here without you hearing me so I know I still have that advantage. I'm not the little girl you knew the last time we met, Older Brother. No disrespect, but you can kindly go fuck yourself if you think I'm going to take shit from you."

Alayasha looked at her with that calm expression of his that Lo-Ruhamah couldn't stand. It was the same look that their father and her older brothers had when faced with a situation of death. Lo-Ru was probably expecting Alayasha to scorn her. Instead, he smiled and nodded his head slightly. "You're right." He said. He pushed the blade away from his throat. "I'm at the disadvantage here. So this is your call and your stage. Make the move."

Lo-Ru sheathed her blade again. She turned and made her way to the door "Get dressed. I need to speak to you in private."

Alayasha knew what that meant. He wiped the blood off his neck, took a cold shower and placed his old clothes from last night on. The two siblings made their way to the southernmost part of Lightning Country. It was a place they went when she was still a little girl and she wanted to get out of the hairs of their mother and father. He understood the feeling well. They were great parents for sure, but there were times where a little R&R was needed because they could be overbearing. He would take her here and they would talk endlessly about the days of his adventuring. Now it was she that was leading them to the open plateau.

When they reached the plateau, Lo-Ru got into a stance. She pulled out her blade. The Blade of the Kuro Empress, Alayasha thought. The infamous blade their mother wielded when she was still an active warrior. She must of gave it to her after she was promoted. Chunin maybe, or perhaps Jounin. Either way, Lo-Ru knew how to handle that blade well. She was in southpaw stance, something she was also famous for in the family. She would be a hard one to take on. Lo-Ruhamah stared at her older brother with those intense eyes she inherited from their mother. Alayasha could not help but to have chills run down her back as she looked at them. Eyes that could kill. he thought. They could too, he had no doubt. She was hardly the little girl he remembered who moved to Lightning country all those years ago.

"I'm going to ask you again why you're here."

"I rather not." Alayasha said, getting into a stance. "But if you can hit me, I'll definitely give you a small hint."

"That can be arranged." Her voice, coy and playful. She was already moving upon him. Her blade coming down horizontally.

She was a skilled weaponry user, he had no doubt that he was no particular match in close range. She was a swordsmen first, and a hand to hand combatant second. He took a few steps back, moving effortlessly to avoid the blade from slicing at his face.

Her assault didn't stop. She pulled back and spun on her heel. Alayasha looked at her hands seeing what she was going to pull. He didn't know which way she was going to attack. She was skilled at the fake out. Look at her feet! He did and at the last second saw that she was going to slash from the left instead of the right again. He pulled out his bowie knife and blocked it. It wasn't a hard hit, but the tempered blade of the empress could've cracked the bowie knife. He felt the strength of her swing pulse through his arm. She definitely got stronger.

He took a few jumps back to gain some distance. Lo-Ru wasn't having it. She moved in close to pierce into Alayasha's chest. Alayasha side stepped to the right, and his feet was already up to roundhouse kick her. She was fast, but he was certainly faster. She had no time to block the kick, but she had to move. She twisted herself so she could let the kick graze her. Graze or not, it pushed her back.

"Someone got faster." She mused, breathlessly. She was at him again, slashing and cutting at him. He did his best to dodge them, almost tripping on himself a few times. He caught himself and flipped back. He saw that Lo-Ru was moving side to side, juking back and forth to get to Alayasha. His eyes was able to see her movement. He was a Taijutsu Master, and he could easily see these movements without a hassle. Still, he was trying to play defensive. At least for the moment. When she was upon him, he staggered when she did another fake out and fell on his back.

"Fuck!" he yelled, and caught himself before he fell. By the time he caught himself, he felt the tip of Lo-Ru's blade on his chin.

"I say that counts as a hit." There was so much pride and victory in that voice. "I want my little hint now. Unless you want double or nothing."

Alayasha got up from the ground. "No. I'm not betting when I haven't gotten use to this defensive tactic. I'm still pretty new to it and I know I would lose."

"So that's what you were doing. I knew something was off about this fight. You're usually the one who says screw defense."

"Usually, yeah." Alayasha caught his breath. "How did I do?"

Lo-Ru raised a hand and did a 'you did ok' gesture. "Better than Kelyn I would say. He kept tripping and I wasn't even moving at 1/3 of my speed. You did well. Now, quit the avoiding. Why are you here."

"Parabrahma." He said. "That's your only hint."

That seem to send off some alarms in her head. "The Parabrahma? The one that Nakotsumi, Mana is talking about?"

He nodded. "That's the one."

"To think you have some care about the international community. I thought you didn't give a damn what happened to them."

"That's not entirely true. I care to a certain extent."

"When it benefits you."

"At least that's still caring.
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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

Posts : 760

This big guy gonna be dodgin Vide
PostSubject: Re: This big guy gonna be dodgin This big guy gonna be dodgin EmptyFri 08 May 2015, 11:54 pm


It was four days later since Alayasha recovered from his stunt with his sister. The four days of rest was probably the most painful in endured in awhile. Waking up the next day and lying in his bed, he realized that the amount of pain he was experiencing was like having needles being hammered into his muscles with someone kicking him in his ribs. He rolled out of bed and fell, face first, onto the floor. He wondered if any one of the servants would come rushing up from the next room or downstairs to see whether he was all right or not.

He realized then that he had locked the door from the inside and told the servants to not disturb him. The one time they obediently heeded his wishes was the time he was in extreme pain. He cursed to himself for a minute before rolling himself onto his back. The pain was even more severe when he felt the needles made his muscles scream in agony. His face twisted into a face that was half pain half regret. "Spar your little sister, he said. Just do an hour of sparing and you'll be done he says." the words were of little comfort.

After fifteen minutes of laying on the ground, he crawled his way into his bathroom. He reached up to the sink and slammed his hand on the edge. His hand gripped it for dear life and he slowly lifted himself up to where he was partially standing. His struggle of lifting himself caused him to sweat, his hair was matted to his forehead and he could see his entire upper body was shining in the light. Was he in that much pain?

His body did not lie to him. Throughout the rest of the day he found himself in his room trying to stretch his muscles when he could. It took three hours for his body to feel comfortable walking. Two hours after that he felt that he could stretch his legs without his muscles sending signals of agony to his head. When midday arrived he felt reasonable enough to actually get out of his room and find himself something to eat. That was the first day after his deadlifting training.

The second and third day was reasonably easy for him. Stretching wasn't too harsh on his body and he was able to walk around comfortably but he knew running was out of the picture. He listen to the inner workings of his body, knew that pushing himself to the limit was good when his body was its peak. He understood that his body was in yin, the cold season, where it had to rest and he knew resting was just as vital, perhaps more so than working. By the fourth day, he felt relatively fresh. He could say he was eighty percent fresh. Not exactly to where he could max out on his deadlift or bench press but could function with relative ease.

Today, on the fifth day, he woke up around eleven am, did a few stretches, meditated for twenty minute then proceeded to go out of the house. It didn't matter where he went, he just needed to leave the mansion. It was always quiet, filled with room upon room upon room with the regular decor of any wealthy individual but it was just that: quiet. Saved for four housemaids who were going room to room cleaning, there was no one else living in the place.

He found himself at the store picking up a few things from the arbitrary things like coffee, sugar, milk, bread, eggs, pistachios, chocolate, red hot candy, orange juice, flour, baking soda, ketchup, cereal, rice, sugar plums and seaweed. When he went to the counter he watched as the cashier rang him out. He was twenty-six, maybe twenty-seven. His face was riddle with acne scars and blackheads. His face looked as if he had taken some sort of medication as he looked flushed in the face and his eyes were slightly drooped to sleepy stooper. They didn't even make eye contact as he began the checkout. He told Yasha the price with a droning, drowsy voice, bagged his items then went on to the next.

He came back home an hour later and saw one of the red hair women cleaning the floor. She looked up when she heard the door open and saw him walk in. That warm smile lit up her face"Did you buy food again?"

Alayasha shrugged "I got bored."

He saw her shake her head. Her eyes trying hard not to roll in their sockets "Are you at least going to eat the food you bought this time?"

"Probably." He knew he was lying and so did she.

He left the room and made his way down to the back area of the hotel where he would have the solitude and peace he didn't know he wanted until he walked down the last step and smelled the air. The earth from above mixed with the synthetic of below was an interesting mix to his senses. It wasn't an off-putting smell, it wasn't something Alayasha could describe without sitting down and actually thinking about it. It was just one of those smells that was pleasant.

In the middle of the floor were five balance beams he bought and made for this particular occasion. Each one had the same height but were of different lengths. He walks over to them and touched one of them. He could feel He took off his shirt and threw it on the ground. He took long and deep breaths as he began to rotate his neck slowly. He twist his head to the left and felt the tension in his muscles, his top of his spine cracking a bit. He did the same when he moved his neck to the right and repeated the steps. He swung his arms up and around feeling his shoulder bone pop in its socket. He jumped up onto one of the balance beams and landed one hand. A warm feeling rushed in him and he felt blood course through his body. As he did the handstand, he lowered himself where his face met the beam then pushed up. He lowered himself again then pushed up.

He pushed himself hard off the beam and up to the still rings where he grabbed them. The leather holding the rings tighten but they remained. He kicked his legs up to where he was doing a stand and saw the world upside down. He felt his weight try to shift but he harden his core. No, he wouldn't fall, he needed to hold it for however long possible.

Ten seconds went on, he felt fine.

Twenty seconds went on, he felt the heat in his core but was holding steady.

Thirty, forty, fifty seconds went on by and could feel the burn in his abdomens. His arm muscles were beginning to burn and he could feel his shoulder wanting to release and relax but he held on.

He slowly lowered his legs. He wanted to put as much control with his legs as possible knowing that the more control he had, the better his muscle would respond with later training. He lowered his legs and then pushed out his arms performing the iron cross. He could feel this immediately in his arms, his shoulder, his chest, his traps, his deltoids, he felt every muscle cry out when he performed this. How long has it been since he performed the iron cross? If he had to think back on it he knew it had been far too long.

He released his grip on the ring and pulled his body inward flipping forward as he fell to the ground. He unrolled himself and landed on his hands doing a back flip and then another and then another before he was stopped by the wall. His momentum jerked him a little and bounced off the padded wall.

"Dammit" he said as he stood up and felt his back crack "Ah!" he put a hand on his back. "That...actually felt pretty good. Loosen me up a little bit." He shook off the blow and jumped up and down to get his legs pumping

He looked at the balance beams and horse and made a running start. He began to do a front flip, the momentum of his flip caused his body to spin and do a back flip. He did three in the row before he pushed up and was launched into the air where he spun his body. He landed on one of the balance beams with both legs and stood up looking at his position. That was impressive, he thought. He never done that before and he would probably do it again once he caught his breath.
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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

Posts : 760

This big guy gonna be dodgin Vide
PostSubject: Re: This big guy gonna be dodgin This big guy gonna be dodgin EmptyFri 08 May 2015, 11:56 pm


“I’m not usually the one that questions your methods-“Alayasha looked down at a pebble set at the toes of his boot. He kicked it over the rooftop edge and it disappeared downward till it was nothing more “But I’m gonna have to ask, what in the hell are we doing up here?”

Lo-Ruhamah couldn’t answer him at first. In her mouth was a large red apple. She was sitting at the very edge of the rooftop building fitting on one boot at a time. Both Lo-Ruhamah and Alayasha decided it would be best to wear shoes on the rooftop though Alayasha is now considering why that would be. He grabbed the apple and ripped off a large chunk out of eat. He smacked loudly and quickly gobbled the food that was in his mouth. Alayasha went on kicking more pebbles till he was ready. When Lo-Ruhamah had finished eating the apple, she set it the sides letting it balance on the tiny core on the rooftop edge. She swings his legs in and stands up slowly edging his way to Alayasha “All right. Today I thought it would be a good idea to hone in on your agility and acrobatics. I was thinking maybe we could do it in the forest but the trees are what genin are taught in the academy. Genin here really haven’t really traverse the lands of the urban jungle. And seeing how you JUST learned how to be flexible, this would be a good start to advance your skill.” her hand gestures over to the large rooftop that they were standing on “Now, I picked this particular place because of its inflexible patterns and relatively something that'll give”

Alayasha knew from the get go that Lo-Ruhamah took after mom's way of training, and he was beginning to think this what she taught her along with all the espionage training. He just continued on listening to her. He was pointing out at the infrastructure of pipes that were set up creating a large hollow box.

“Today we are going to have a spar but you are not going to be the one to be attacking. I am”

“Well that wouldn’t be a spar” Alayasha said, of course pointing out the obvious to Lo-Ruhamah’s dismay. She rolled her eyes and he couldn't help but to grin.

“There will be times where you can’t simply attack your opponent one on one. The wisest choice, at the time, would be to evade and exploit your opponent so that you may have an easy way to attack. With this, we’ll train your body and eyes so that you’ll have an understanding. Following me?”

Alayasha rolled his eyes "For Yah sake, please don't sound like mom. You don't have to get philosophical on me. I've been around this bush several times." His left foot slid back slightly. He raised his left arm up and hand his right arm in the balanced position; it wasn’t too close to him and it wasn’t outstretched either. It was in coiled position ready to strike. Alayasha had learned much over the first year quickly of the martial art. It had been awhile since he saw Lo-Ruhamah fight. The last time being eight years ago and she was still a scrawny teenager who had long gangly legs. She had certainly filled out in spots and those scrawny legs will filled with strong and dense muscle. One hit from those bad boys and he would feeling the pain for a few weeks.

Lo-Ru pushed off his foot and jabbed at Alayasha. The reaction that was instant was Alayasha to block or to block and counter or to simply counter. Her words spoke into him saying he must evade and wait. Alayasha quickly ducked underneath. Lo-Ru had a low roundhouse kick. Alayasha jumped up in the air to avoid the roundhouse but was hit instantly when Lo-Ru spun into a reverse roundhouse kick to Alayasha sending him toppling onto the ground.

Fuck your strength, kid he thought. He knew that would hurt in the next few days, but he didn't have time to think. Alayasha rolled towards the piping jungle his sensei was talking just moments before. He spun his legs up into the air to quickly recover fallen time and ground. He could hear the voice of his father saying that if the opponent takes your time and space, you are defeated and be easily killed. No point of getting my ass kicked he thought. The lesson was for him to dodge her attacks, which was something he didn't normally do. He was always the one who went on the offensive and never gave the opponent room for defense. Alayasha had to think evasive and clever. Alayasha legs took off ahead of him thinking that one possible way to evade getting taken one on one would be to hide oneself in the pipe jungle. He grabs onto one of the pipes and spun around it till he had both feet on the top of it. He leapt forward moving closer into the heart of the piping.

Lo-Ru already had a steady pace behind him. The moment Alayasha had gotten up off the ground, Lo-ru was already moving towards him. Alayasha had gotten a bit of a head start going into the pipe jungle. Lo-Ru had jumped onto one of the piping and spun his body upward to get to the upper part of the piping he had held onto. He then ran across the piping watching Alayasha’s movements across the jungle itself. The small child moved his way through the jungle by vaulting over the piping. He used the combination of his jumping power plus adding onto his arm strength to get a good leap in.

When Lo-Ru saw that he was going up, he went jumped up higher and higher in the piping trying to reach him. Heiki surprised him when He didn’t vault himself upward but rather downward.
Alayasha had to halt himself. He grabbed one of the vertical piping and spun around it to not only to change his forward motion but his speed too. He pushed off towards Lo-Ru. He had to perform speed vaults in order to catch up with Alayasha now. For a person who just graduated, he is displaying great feats of acrobatics and speed. Lo-Ru thought if he was doing this, showing off these two characteristics of himself then perhaps it is time to give him a bit of a challenge.

Lo-Ru planted himself on some piping watching Alayasha move farther away. He pulled out five shuriken and two kunai from the back pouch. He put one kunai in his mouth and spun the other one in his right hand. He threw the five shuriken out at Alayasha. If Alayasha didn’t turn around to see, his back would be full of metal and that would be fatal in some cases. If Alayasha didn’t turn his head around, he would be hitting the piping and have a hard tumble down on the piping and onto the ground. They were at dangerous heights and anything falling from these scaffolding would be meeting a very painful end.

Alayasha turned his body mid-flight. The shuriken was coming at towards him not in a direct path but a curving path was homed in on him. Alayasha twisted his body spinning eloquently with the shuriken. The objective is not to counter a strong punch with a stronger punch. Two rocks colliding will lead in an end result ALayasha ’s conscious was saying in father’s voice. Remember to flow with it rather than against it. The concept was an reaction as his body began to turn not against the shuriken but with it. The shuriken flew past Alayasha’s body only missing each part of his body by just inches. Two shuriken went past his eyes. He could see the shuriken spinning, the sharpen edges that were aimed towards Alayasha’s skin skimmed the air around it. Alayasha grabbed onto one pipe and spun around it planting his feet on the top of the pipe. He looked up and he saw two kunai come at him simultaneously. Alayasha had lean his back, moving into an uncomfortable position. The kunai soared past him. Alayasha had almost lost his balanced but he performed a back flip in order to remove the tension from his back and to avoid a surprise heel stomp from his sensei.

Alayasha flipped from one pipe to another. He planted himself easily one of the piping. His sensei was right above him. The higher ground gave him an edge at this point. He saw Lo-Ru lean forward and then he pushed himself downward towards like the falcon dropping in on its prey. Alayasha saw that his hand was cocked back. He saw that if Lo-Ru was going to punch then that wasn’t the initial response to assume that he was kicking. The trickster option was Lo-ru’s forte and if anything that was he was aiming for. The only way to counter trickster styles is to keep a fair distance.

Alayasha only had a moment to jump over Lo-Ru. Lo-Ru felt Alayasha’s hand on his shoulder. He pushed off of Lo-Ru and flipped off of him to get onto the higher piping. He didn’t stop there, no time to stop. Alayasha kicked off a pipe and dove towards his sensei. He grabbed onto his waist and wrapped tightly around him saying “Gotcha” in the process. Jiyuu looked behind him seeing his student raise his head out and stuck his tongue out.

“Tch” Lo-Ru mindlessly hits Alayasha on the top of her head. Alayasha let out a little yelp not out of pain but surprise “Don’t get too cocky.”

“Can’t help it. I caught you. You never said what the primary objective so I made my own”
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This big guy gonna be dodgin Vide
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