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Forever Young - New Naruto Rp Forum

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PostSubject: Forever Young - New Naruto Rp Forum Forever Young - New Naruto Rp Forum  EmptySun 10 May 2015, 8:45 am

Forever Young - New Naruto Rp Forum  07db0435-d57c-467b-8e64-39030a4f716b_zpsew8ounh4
We do not play by the rules.
Time has passed. Five generations have come and gone since the Fourth Shinobi World War, and the ninja world has changed. New technologies of all kinds have passed into the hands of all the villages; nations have prospered; peace has reigned, victorious, proud. But in this record-breaking peace, the people have began to forget the woe that their shinobi forces have fought to get them here.

Ninja, in the face of a new era, are beginning to be seen as obsolete. Even as they remain ever-vigilant, ever-protective, political members of all nations have begun to declare them redundant--- peace has lasted for so long, why keep soldiers of war?

But even now, darkness is brewing behind the scenes. An unknown force of destruction is beginning to rise in shadow, and with it, dangers of all scales.

Will ninja disappear, or will they be called upon again?

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Forever Young, a brand new Future Generations Naruto Rp site. We are all about our members building the world, and have flexible plots that are influenced by all of our members. We are in the very exciting beginning stages of our story and all of our villages open for new characters. Our community is eager and enthusiastic, and our staff dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. So, check us out, maybe stop and chat with us for a little while, we would love to have you.
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