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Uchiha, Yosamu

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Uchiha, Yosamu Vide
PostSubject: Uchiha, Yosamu Uchiha, Yosamu EmptyTue 26 May 2015, 6:34 pm

Uchiha, Yosamu PPwRiuo


Name: Uchiha Yosamu
Nickname: The Night Child, Uchiha Prodigy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Yosamu is at averaged height with short, jet black hair. He is slim with a nimble, athletic build clad in a black ANBU cloak and under garments, which he stole from a supply caravan. The cloak covers his entire body upwards. Excluding his face. Being born with emissive red pupils his eyes always had a weird look of luminescence, especially in the dark. His cloak, which was stolen from a caravan was exclusively woven for the purpose of stealth. It was an ANBU delivery caravan after all. Under his cloak, he wears a simple grey sleeveless shirt and black pants, followed by classic shinobi sandals, which he also got from the caravan. Being a slim person overall, he is quite agile. This had earned him the trait of a very well self trained thief. He has a shinobigatana and sheath on his back. That sword is the only thing he has pertaining to his true history of his clan and where he came from. It has the Uchiha symbol on the handle, with an elaborate drawing of a serpent and the word 'Blue Dragon' (青い龍) written in kanji etched into the scabbard in a vertical fashion. Overall Yosamu has taken to the life of stealth and shadows, this lifestyle even affected his appearance, giving him a dark, enigmatic look.

Forehead Protector: Yosamu dons his protector on his right back hand, similar to the protective plating of ninja gloves. He wears it there to parry shuriken and sword strikes if the need arose in battle.

Personality: Brought up the rough way, he saw from a tender age just how much of a fiend life could be. Most nights if he wasn't out trying to steal from ramen shops he was being reprimanded by the orphanage's madam. A silent child, he never really had much to talk about and as a result lacked the fundamental experiences of someone his age. No love interest, parents, friends, even role model. Despite his morbid life story however, Yosamu never tries to show this, due to his crippling habit of judging people by their looks at first glance he tries not to come off as the sad, depressed type of person. He picked up this habit along with many other militaristic approaches and could never shake it, essentially Yosamu is scared of everyone he sees for the first time. With such peculiar eyes he had always been an eye candy to passers, they had said he was an 'Uchiha', he shuddered at the thought. people of that clan are usually outspoken, powerful people. He was merely a 'night child' travelling from alley to alley foraging whatever he could get, there was no possible way he could be of such a prestigious bloodline. He would agree with them however, this 'pseudo' Sharingan added to the intimidation process after all. He hates people who lie, people who hide things, important things he despises them. As he himself has had his entire history hidden from him, seeing his own stressful attempts at researching his past he finds it disgusting someone would even do that in the first place. But when he's not singing to the moon or pick pocketing he sits on rooftops at late nights and read philosophical novels, these helped him to cope with life and learn to know himself.
Clan: Uchiha
Nindō: "Be still, and know that I am absolution."


Origin: Getsugakure, Village Hidden under the Moon
Affiliation: N/A
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Kenjutsu | Genjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Futon | Katon
Combat Style Yosamu adopts a very distant fighting style. He prefers to not get involved on most occasions staying from a distance and eliminating his foes with exceptional accuracy and his bow. But this doesn't mean he is incapable of fending for himself in close quarter combat. He holds a short ninjnato in his ninja pouch which he's quite proficient with. With Kenjutsu mastery under his belt Yosamu is a force to be reckoned with from both long and short ranged.

When it comes to long ranged bow combat Yosamu tends to fire 2 'guide' arrows which he uses in two fundamental ways; the first arrow is to determine the distance of his target and time it would take. While the second arrow measures wind speed and directional influence on both arrows. This way he can adjust for curve and drop, making him the perfect Hawkeye of archers.

In terms of close combat Yosamu is capable of still firing arrows in tight situations, but he'll most likely switch to his ninjato which he uses to deliver blindingly fast decapitations and dismemberment to foes with his enhanced speed physical characteristic. If he somehow manages to lose his ninjato in combat he is no short in hand to hand combat as well, using his speed to outmaneuver opponents and deliver unsuspecting blows to vital points. One would call his character type a scout 'glass canon', sacrificing defense for speedy movements while staying out of sight.

Special Characteristics:
Enhanced Speed
Name: [Tier I] Enhanced Speed
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Prerequisites: -
Training: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Restrictions: Amongst the Speed, Endurance, Strength, and Evasion SCs, members may only possess two of them, unless they possess both Weaponry and Taijutsu as their Primary and Secondary Specialties. If one possess Weaponry or Taijutsu as a Primary specialty, with one other specialty, and acquire Weaponry or Taijutsu as a Sub-Specialty, they may possess up to any three of them.
Description:  After training relentlessly in cardiovascular and high speed movement, shinobi are able to greatly increase their overall stamina and movement speed. Those talented with this speed are capable of running with speed a man greater than their peers and even last a bit longer during extraneous activities without becoming exhausted. This boost in speed is usually enough to quickly catch escaping targets or outrun most regular citizens.

Enhanced Accuracy
Name: Enhanced Accuracy
Rank: C
Type: Skill Based
Prerequisites: The Character must have Weaponry as one of their Specialties.
Training: A 600 word training is required to gain this special characteristic.
Restrictions: -
Description: A skill gained by ninja who have begun to specialize in throwing weapons. From a combination of practice and natural talent the ninja starts to acquire an enhanced accuracy which allows them to hit multiple targets in precise locations along with hurling multiple weapons at once with greater speed. On top of this, they are able to analyse and roughly predict the trajectory of a weapon targeted towards them and from there interrupt its path by accurately hurling a similar weapon at the intended threat.


Chapter I: You Can Only Look Out for You.
The sun was beginning to set a soft, golden euphoric haze on the heroes faces. Those immortalized faces, they only see the horizon, they never looked down to see into the village, to see the sadness that happened behind closed doors. The past Hokages, looking at them Yosamu felt a tinge of jealousy, they were long dead but eternally respected. What would be his fate? He was only a tumbleweed, at the mercy of the current of life, jumping from house to house, shop to shop in a sour attempt at a good meal. He clenched his fists, this was no way an eight year old should be thinking. The sound of pots clanging immediately pulled him out of his philosophic stare, his food was probably ready. He stood at the back of a ramen shop, the owner's wife had favored him and gave him a hot bowl of ramen every evening, they were a bit late today though. Patient, he lurked for hours, waiting.
A slight blur covered the sun's glow for a split second. He looked behind him, nothing. Now was not the hour to be on the back alleys of Konoha, because once the sun went down the bandits became alive, the nocturnal scoundrels. In the light of the kitchen he felt extremely small, after all he had nothing, those bandits would be wasting their time. Instead he made himself as small as he could on the shop wall, hopefully they'll pass by without causing any trouble. As quick as they appeared they were gone, maybe it was just his hunger causing him to hallucinate. But sure enough, a small scream came from inside the kitchen. His head snapped to the doorway, fearing the worst he ran through the kitchen's back door, angling over all those temping pots and bowls he ran to the sound of the scream. As he entered the main area he saw the main chef on the ground, throat slashed, blood soaking the flour on the ground, a gruesome death. The bandits were raiding the ramen shop, eating and storing at the same time. The wife, the second chef was being held with a knife at her throat as the 4 men ransacked the small kitchen. Surely, if they both died he wouldn't have his daily meals now would he? He spotted a small clever on the cutting board, his eyes darted from the weapon to the oblivious bandits, then back to the weapon.

Uchiha, Yosamu IDTxtTB

Without a second thought he grabbed the rather heavy blade and lunged at the closest attacker.
Before he could exhale he found himself on the ground, seeing firebugs with an unearthing pain in his ribs. The man held the clever in his hands tentatively, "Almost got me there, boy." He chuckled. Then his face got dead serious, "Were you trying to kill me?" He asked, face close to Yosamu's. "Hmm? Boy?" His breath stank of sake and some other liquor, he speech was slurred, no doubt on a drunken raid. "Better yet, bring the woman, she spat in my face lets tell her I don't appreciate it." He spat, swinging his arms nonchalantly. A thief dragged her to him, he clenched the clever in his hand. "A feisty one aren't you? Are you mad that I killed your fat husband?" He teased, leaning towards her face. She glowered at him then inhaled deep. Fearing a katon jutsu Yosamu covered his face, but instead of searing red flames and screaming the sound of water hitting skin was unmistakable. She had spat in his face, again. He raised the clever high, his face showed murderous intent. Yosamu got up and ran at his knees from behind, failing miserably. The bandit kicked him in his already broken ribs, he squealed in pain. "Little shit!" He shouted. He turned to the woman and in one quick swing doused the kindest flame Yosamu ever met. The blood flew all over his clothes and face. Eyes wide in pain and shock.
He threw the clever aside, "Ok boys, take everything we're going" he ordered. The second bandit released the headless woman and finished stuffing dumplings into his mouth and bag. "But what about the kid, Kanji?" He looked at the crying Yosamu. "Hmm, with those shiny eyes and hungry cries we'll leave him." Kanji replied.
He placed a hot dumpling into Yosamu's hand. "I see me in you, boy. And my life wasn't pretty, you see life is one fat pig, with all the wealth in the world. But life is a mean bastard, he doesn't give things away for free, you have to reach out and take it. Because after all, you can only look out for you." He said picking up his filled sack and exiting through the way he came.
As he left Yosamu stared at the head, it showed the face of remorse, had she regretted her final act? Instead of compassion he felt hunger, and immediately chowed the dumpling in his hand. It was hard to believe he always had this much selfishness in him...


Academy Jutsu

Open Techniques:

Personal Techniques

Name: Yosamu's Ninja Pouch
Rank: C-rank
Quantity: 1
Contents: 10 Kunai [10], 10 Exploding Notes [10], 1 Ninjato [5], 6 Smoke Pellets [2], 10 Explosive Senbon [5], 1 Journal [1]
Total: 32 slots.

Name: Nightingale's Bow
Rank: D
Type: Long Range
Quantity: 1
Description: Nightingale's Bow is a jet black bow, made of sleek graphite like material that makes it flexible as well as rigid enough to combat close enemies. Its range reaches up to 70 meters with a fully drawn string with excellent accuracy. Wielded by someone of high accuracy this bow is almost twice as deadly.

Name: Thieves' Quiver
Rank: D
Type: Long Range
Quantity: 1
Description: The accompanying quiver to the Nightingale's Bow, it is just as sleek and dark toned as the bow. However, instead of resting on the user's back like traditional quivers the bow rests on the right or left thigh for easy access and rapid fire. It holds 30 arrows, steel tipped. These arrows are special in that they're not the traditional length of normal arrows (20-30 inch), instead they measure 15 inches are slightly denser which allows them to fire faster and harder as well as not restrict the user's movements being on his right/left leg.

Face Claim:
Character claim: None, custom made

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Uchiha, Yosamu Vide
PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yosamu Uchiha, Yosamu EmptyTue 26 May 2015, 6:42 pm

I need to activate my 1T for the techniques correct?

And I'll edit in the combat style soon
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Uchiha, Yosamu Vide
PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yosamu Uchiha, Yosamu EmptyWed 27 May 2015, 9:39 pm

Since the WIP is missing from the title, there are a few things I need to ask and point out.

1. Did you ask one of our Admins for approval for the Uchiha Clan?
2. Genin are usually younger than 18 years old, so you might want to tone it down to something around 12/13/14/15/16 years old.
3. Your main specialty currently stated Kenjutsu, though that is not one of our specialties. If you want to use Kenjutsu, I suggest you take "Weaponry" as a specialty. When you do, you choose Close, Mid or Long range, so I suggest at least taking Close if you aim to get the Kenjutsu based stuff and Long range for your bow. Note that you can only pick two out of the three, so if you take Close and Long, you will not be able to take Mid ranged weapons.
4. Your bow and quiver need to follow the ranges stated by our equal ranked weapons. You can find these in our Open Weapons section of the site.
5. For Affiliation, you will need to pick Konohagakure or Kumogakure, or get additional Admin Permission to start out as a Wanderer or a Nukenin.
6. Finally, Appearance, Personality and Combat Style all require a minimum word count of 250 words.

For now, I will leave it at that so you will know what needs to be worked on the most right now. We talked about the application on the Cbox a day ago so I know what you are currently waiting for and why things look like they do right now. Still, I figured it would be useful to point out the things you need to fix in case you forgot.

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Uchiha, Yosamu Vide
PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yosamu Uchiha, Yosamu Empty

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