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A request for rp.

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A request for rp.  Vide
PostSubject: A request for rp. A request for rp.  EmptyWed 27 May 2015, 9:38 am

Hey everyone this is going to seem an odd request, but I've been looking for someone or someones to be the significant other for my character Yamanaka Kiyomi for awhile. I've talked to several people, but sadly they're either not active a lot, uninterested, or simply left the site all together. I'm looking for some romance because I've done all the action and depressing stuff before and wanna shake things up.

It doesn't matter the village since in my story line she is the heir to the Konoha Yamanaka clan and political marriages are a thing. Kumo and Konoha are solid allies now ,at least to my knowledge, so it doesn't matter if you're from either of those villages or a good aligned wandering shinobi. Just no evil criminals.

Some things to note are that Kiyomi is bi. She needs to produce heirs for the clan, but she does not favor one sex over the other. Also her pic is a bit dated and I just haven't had the time to update her sheet. This is the more current image representation of Kiyomi. Oh also no one under the age of 18 cause it would just be kinda creepy. I'm looking for something that ends up in marriage and i know that's a tall order, but Kiyomi is likely getting ready to retire and either be head of communications, teach, go with interrogations, or perhaps even just be clan head and just run the flower shop when she's not fulfilling those duties. Still haven't decided exactly what her end game is gonna be aside from married with kids. If anyone's interested you can let me know in this thread!
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