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Left of Center

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Left of Center Vide
PostSubject: Left of Center Left of Center EmptyWed 03 Jun 2015, 12:49 am

With two members of the Parabrahma either dead or out for the count and taken into custody for questioning, there was little to no reason for Hiruzen to postpone his journey to the land of mountains. While the exact location he had to travel to was clear to him, Hiruzen had no idea as to what he would be encountering there. All he really knew at this point was that it was one out of five locations in five different countries that were deemed important enough by an ancient civilization to have it's exact location stored for someone to find in the future. To him, there was no reason as to why he chose to go to the land of mountains first. His decision was quite literally being born from writing all of the locations down on paper, putting it into a ceramic vase and pulling one out at random. Simply because he had no way of knowing what he was going to encounter once he got to the designated location, there was no real reason for him to be picky about where he would have to go first.

Hanging Saiketsu on the side of his sash, he made sure to take just enough tools with him. Hiruzen did not know if the place he was going to had any defenses in place or people in it that might not want to share whatever it was that the Uchiha was looking for, though it seemed wise to not overburden himself with weaponry he would probably not even need. Putting on his black cloak, he opened the sealed stone door that lead out to the staircase which would in turn take him up to the outside world. This latest base of his had not been around for a very long time, though it already had some things inside of it that had a lot of value to Hiruzen. The first and foremost thing being the wall he had carved up when under the effects of a relic. The carved up wall symbolized the entire known shinobi world with several important locations pointed out that were obviously important to his progress. Aside from that, he still had a multitude of tools laying around that he did not want to lose.

Closing up the earth behind him the staircase was hidden by a slab of earth that left the vegetation on top of it in its normal state, meaning no one would be able to tell that there was anything underneath it without using some sort of earth technique to locate it. Placing his bets on the amount of people he had met and the ridiculously small amount among them that actually possessed the earth natured chakra required to find his bases, he did not really feel the need to place any booby traps. His mastery over earth release was more than enough to ensure the secrecy of his bases would remain. It went without saying that Hiruzen was not hiding anything that would give anyone any more than money, though he did not want to have people poking around and possibly stealing the stuff he had been working very hard on acquiring. Making sure that there was no one within a two hundred meter radius, he was certain that the coast was clear.

Now that everything had been locked up properly, the Uchiha started moving towards his next destination. The land of mountains was quite far and a lot of ground had to be covered, though Hiruzen knew more than enough to get himself from one place to the next in as little time and with as little effort as possible. It was one of the perks of a skilled wanderer that had seen much of the world and knew many of the passages others would not know of. If everything worked out the way he hoped it would, it would not be long before he reached the land of mountains and could begin figuring out what it was that he was supposed to be looking for.

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