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On the Run [Travel]

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On the Run [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: On the Run [Travel] On the Run [Travel] EmptySun 07 Jun 2015, 11:46 pm

Light footsteps sloshed through the mud as the skies continued to pour their contents. The black cloak the red haired woman bore over her body continued to protect her from this multiple day down pour. Sadly, it was not invincible to the ninja which may hunt her. Since her escape from Kumogakure, she had been constantly on guard while lying low in the darkness. Shadows moved at the corners of her eyes, producing a deep paranoid and making sleep near impossible. Fires could not be built to stay warm at night and any chakra bursts would likely draw unwanted attention. For days she continued to quietly walk towards the borders of the lightning country in hopes of making a grand escape - but all of this effort was rather.... easy. Was nobody hunting her?

Perhaps the Raikage was far busier than anticipated. Seika believed the moment she stepped outside the gates a swarm of ninja would hunt her down and do their damn best to chain her up. She imagined being locked away in the prison or, more than likely, being killed by a hidden arrow. Apparently the KYOBU were merely imaginary for she continued to make her way towards the boundaries of the lightning country without a single issue. Her own mind played more tricks than anything else. At this point Seika just prayed for a good night's rest and a hot meal. Hopefully she would find a safe haven to build a fire at.

'I should have asked Mokuzai where the best refuges for missing-nin were...' she thought to herself.

Sorrow filled her soul at the thought of him still but she continued to press forward.

'Damn bastard had to run off and die.'

Honestly she thought the Raikage likely set him up. Seeing as how the supposed tiger of the lightning had yet to show himself to her. She felt he could care less than she left. Giving them a fancy home to live in and some maids to feed their bellies, it was all likely a ploy until he found a means of killing them. Mokuzai joined Kumogakure and died. Seika refused to join Kumogakure and she lives to tell the tale. Does that not sound suspicious?

Finally approaching the outskirts of the lightning country, heading towards what she used to call home, Kirigakure, Seika stopped briefly to catch a breath. She leaped up into the branches of a nearby oak tree and hid amongst its thick leaves, her rear sitting on a branch with her back being supported by the trunk. A light sigh escaped her as she closed her eyes and let her sensor skills search the area. At least two people were within the range of 100 meters but Seika deemed their threat level to be low. The two souls seemed to head down the road towards Kumogakure and thus away from her. At this point they were easily 80 meters away. Seika waited until they left her range before taking a five minute mental break.

She turned her sensory back on at this point and continued to search for another five minutes but nothing appeared. Therefore she crafted a clane to monitor, closed her eyes, and let sleep take over for the time being. The clone remained awake with its sensory keeping a watch of the surrounding land.

Hopefully nothing would approach.

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