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A Distant Memory, An Unknown Future

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A Distant Memory, An Unknown Future  Vide
PostSubject: A Distant Memory, An Unknown Future A Distant Memory, An Unknown Future  EmptyFri 20 Nov 2015, 11:47 pm

Silence is a double edged sword. Many appreciate it when they need to escape their busy lives while others hate the sound due to the loneliness that grasps their being. It is a blessing and a curse. An eerie absence of sound which brings out a human's true emotions and intentions. Some fear it because they fear their own selves while others embrace it with passion.

In this particular case, it was the sound of death after destruction.

Amber eyes peered over the desolate landscape laid out before all to see. Every footstep ricocheted a series of memories that crafted buildings and trees where they once stood tall and proud; not flattened to grass and small flowers.

Seika knelt down at the base of what used to be, or what she believed once was, her old home and held a red flower between her small fingertips. It had been years since the loss of her home village. Years since she had fled Kumogakure and sought refuge among the wilderness to sharpen her various talents and skills. It was any wonder how she managed to keep her clothes clean and weapons sharp - but boy did she definitely find a way.

A soft sigh escaped cracked lips as she stood back up straight. Her senses sought for the slightest bit of human life but none were to be found - not even pirates and bandits who likely attempted to excavate the island for whatever remained in tact. Unfortunately for them, there was nothing to be found besides the occasional piece of infrastructure or trash that brushed up onto the sandy beaches. Seika wondered if the canoe that her prior ex, before Mokuzai, even existed anymore. She had her doubts.

"Hopefully no one steals my boat while I am exploring," she mumbled to herself before biting her thumb.

She performed a set of necessary seals to call forth an old friend - Skoll. A puff of smoke burst before her as her palm pressed against the cool earth and out from it stood a White Wolf with blue markings. He shook her fur as though he were drenched in water prior.

"Lady Seika?" he said as his sharp eyes gazed up at her, "You have not called upon Hati or myself in so long... How have you been?"

His ears twitched to the sound of the wind and he turned his broad head to gaze forth over the desolate wasteland.

"And where are we? This smells like...."

"Kirigakure," Seika replied without any emotion.

Skoll's ears bent back against his head as though unsure of her response and the land around him. Seika's footsteps caused his attention to fall back onto her, now walking.

"I have been fine Skoll. I apologize for not calling you sooner, I have had a lot to soak in over the last few years... as you obviously know what happened to this land and Mokuzai."

Skoll followed silently and without an ounce of irritation. He did not expect an apology, he did not need one. He just wanted to make sure his master was okay, considering what he and Hati knew about the factors she had mentioned.

"I have finally come to terms with my past, Skoll."

His ears perked forward and high in curiosity. Seika stopped walking and continued to stare forward.

"There is no sense in focusing on the past unless it is necessary for the future, it will only lead to the continuation of self-ruin."

Skoll stopped at her right side and looked up at her.

"What do you propose we do now?"

A smile finally slid across Seika's face as though a spark had been lit up inside of her by Skoll's questioning words. At that moment the wolf knew exactly what she was about to say and the two faced forward.

"The usual corny shit Skoll," she chuckled while removing a pouch from her belt, "We focus on rebuilding a brighter future..."

Seika knelt down, opened the pouch, and removed something tiny from within. She then took out a kunai from her weapons pouch.

"Whatcha got there?"

The same smile crossed her face as she revealed a small seed to the wolf. He tilted his head as he glanced at her.

"Rumor was that Kirigakure was entirely whipped out. Although there appear to be some shrubs growing...the place is still lacking any true seeds at the moment for trees. So I plan on planting some and marking the areas. Of course it will take years for the trees to grow but it is better than nothing."

While speaking, Seika managed to dig a small hole with the kunai and plopped the seed in. She was just now starting to cover it back up with dirt.

"What about homes and such?"

A soft chuckle escaped the fire head, "I have earth jutsu for that silly. If I can get a small foundation going...then we can build from there."

"So much to do..." Skoll said with a slight lack of enthusiasm. "Hopefully it will be worth it."

"We shall see...."

Her eyes peered out over the ocean to the far left.

"We shall certainly see...."
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