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Ultimate Shinobi - A Naruto RPG
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Fail safe!!

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Fail safe!! Vide
PostSubject: Fail safe!! Fail safe!! EmptyThu 01 Jun 2017, 9:50 am

Hey! I just wanted to establish a fail safe system in case the site needs to vanish or is taken over for any reason. I have quite a bit of sentimental works on here, as I'm sure others might, and I'd love a quick heads up from one of the admins (adam) should anything permanent need to become of the site, just so I have enough time to rescue some of the code and material. Don't need any of it now, I'd just like to know where it is and that it's safe. Spent a lot of my life writing these stories, it'd be nice to hold on to them!

I'm friends with Adam on facebook and all kinds of other things, so getting in contact shouldn't be hard. Just thought I'd put that out there, I know it probably sounds a little ridiculous, but thanks!

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