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An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi.

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An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. Vide
PostSubject: An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. EmptyMon 10 Jul 2017, 12:11 pm

In all honesty, there's no real good way to write this post, so I'm just going to start from the closest thing to the beginning I can find. This'll be rather lengthy, and I'm sure a good percentage of whoever reads this probably won't read the whole thing; don't worry, I definitely don't blame you.

Well, hello anyone and everyone who's reading. My name is Josh, though a good amount of you would probably know me as Mino, Minoichi, or simply Josh if you got to know me on a first-name basis. It's been an exceptionally long time since I wrote on this website - roughly 5 years, and in truth, I've missed it more than I've missed just about anything else I've had the experience of missing.
I started roleplaying at approximately age 10-11; so around 10-11 years ago, funny that. My personal journey began on the once-infamous NarutoR.Ingoo website that many, many once came to love. Making friends all the way from Adam to Lauren (Cyanide Candy) to Meg (Phantom Heart) - all the way to Todd; that website garnered more memories than I'll be able to count, but none that I'll ever forget.

I've definitely come a long way as a person since I stopped roleplaying around 7 years ago. I've aged, I've grown. I work in a car parts warehouse in Melbourne, Australia - just months after graduating from a games programming degree after studying for 3 years, and even more recently, after dropping out of my company management course at university.
These choices I've made, and the choices I'll continue to make; I have only one place to thank for helping me develop from the boy I once was into the man I have become today. Ultimate Shinobi, NarutoR.Ingoo and NarutoR.Onegoo - each of these websites will forever have an incredibly important and close place in my heart.

I'll be extremely upfront with you all - I'm a huge bundle of emotion right now, while writing this post. I'm absolutely blubbering like a complete baby. I never once wanted to see such a lively, incredible community of people dwindle to the sparce population it now is. I've not spoken to Adam in years, nor Todd, nor Meg - and I couldn't think of anything more depressing. I owe my youthful knowledge to the people who steered me in the right direction, all through their love of some weird Japanese cartoon called Naruto. I've made more friends on this website in particular than I'll ever be able to count, but I definitely hold each and every single one of them in my heart and regardless of how far away we are in the world, whether you're over in Texas or whether you're up in Queensland. I love each and every single one of the people who helped shape this incredible experience for me. Life is, and always will be, a brighter place for me because of everyone who I got to enjoy time with; my memories with you all are some of my happiest, if not the happiest I could ever be.

I don't want to thank anyone in particular; though I've named names, I owe more to this website as a whole for being so incredible and helping me develop the knowledge I now possess - because of websites such as Ultimate Shinobi, I'm a qualified and professional eSports writer for an Australian news company on the side with my car parts job. This all happened because of here, and I can't thank anyone because of that. You all helped. Even the people I never met, you made the people who made me happy, happier than I could've. Thank you all. You're all incredible.

Adam, Todd, Meg, even Zane, who I still wish I could hear from just one last time.
If you ever read this post, and by God I hope you read this post one day - my email is apathyvii@gmail.com. My twitter is @CabalRL - I'm active there each and every single day. If I ever change that handle, I'll update this post, without a doubt.
In the off-chance you also use Discord, here's a permanent invite to my discord server. Anyone is welcome to join, just when you join, let me know where you're from and your name on here. https://discord.gg/KM4CYyx

I want to hear from someone, or anyone, who knows where Adam is in particular. Reading his post about the official retirement of Ultimate Shinobi is absolutely what inspired me to write this, and I owe him all the thanks I couldn't put into this post. Because of him, along with countless others, I learned that even on darker and darkest days - there's nothing that can take away the memories I have, and the people I love; let alone push those people away.
Adam, if you read this and ever want to hear from Lauren again, for whatever reason - get in contact with me. I still talk to her very occasionally, and we always reminisce about our times on this beautiful website you helped create. We both miss you.

Ultimate Shinobi. You were so incredible. Thank you so much for everything.

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An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. Vide
PostSubject: Re: An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. EmptyThu 01 Mar 2018, 12:46 pm

I know we already got in touch because you managed to track me down, but just wanted to let it known that it was absolutely my pleasure. I'm so proud of you and everybody else you has gone onto continue writing or even pursue careers in similar fields and have Ultimate Shinobi be even a tiny bit responsible for shaping you or anybody else into the people they are today.

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An Ode to Ultimate Shinobi. WJbResq
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