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Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P]

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Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Vide
PostSubject: Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] EmptyFri 08 Oct 2021, 9:35 am

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Rab20140Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] F73fb58b6946eb8ef180be8479e891c8Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Rab20140

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuk11


Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6

Daily Occurrences / Joyful Laughter / Sorrowful Thoughts / Intense Fighting

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuk15

Name: Inuzuka, Kaito
Nicknames: "Dog Boy Kaito", "Kai"
Age: 12 years-old
Birthday: October 7th
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 5' 6.5" (172 cm.) / 126 lbs. (57.15 kg)
Health: 100 points
Nindō: "Our connections are not defined by birth, rather they are forged by how we decide to live our lives."

Appearance: Kaito's appearance can only be described as "typical Inuzuka"; average height, rough and scared skin (particularly on his hands), and pronounced canine-esque facial features. He has a rather round chin, strong eyebrows that are brown in color, piercing black eyes, a small pointy nose and pronounced canine-like teeth thanks to his Inuzuka heritage. He wears blood-red paint shaped as downward facing claws on both of his cheeks to show the pride that he has for his clan and family, something of which a few of his fellow Suna shinobi despise of, believing that the Konohagakure-based Inuzuka clan stole that tradition from them. Kaito also, like the ancestral members of his clan, has dark brown hair. When on duty wears it long and tied off into a shaggy ponytail in the back. Also thicker than a normal ponytail, the remaining hair that Kaito doesn't put into his ponytail falls over his headband and frames the left side of his face at eye-level. When not wearing his headband and while not being on duty, Kaito typically does not wear his hair in a ponytail, opting rather to slick it all back with hair gel instead. Kaito stands at 5' 6.5" (172 cm) and he weighs a total of 126 lbs (57.15 kg). Due to his combat-style being mainly focused on Taijutsu he is rather strong for someone of her build and size. He has signs of highly pronounced abs and muscles starting to appear on his young body. His skin is also rather tanned thanks to the harsh Sunagakure sun.

Kaito has multiple outfits, all of which depend on the occasion that the young man is faced with. Kaito's battle attire consists of a sandy beige zippered jacket with a high collar and sleeves which are cuffed just beyond the elbow under which he wears a long-sleeved fishnet shirt, black capri-style pants cuffed below his knees, form fitting fishnet stockings around both of his lower legs, black open-toed sandals, grey fingerless gloves with metal plates on the backhands and a gray sash wrapped loosely around his abdomen. While off duty, Kaito changes his outfit drastically. He wears a loose-fitting dark green crew-neck T-shirt, khaki shorts tucked by a brown leather belt and continues to wear his black open-toed sandals. With both of his on-duty and off-duty outfits Kaito wears bandages and his shuriken holster on his right thigh, his kunai pouch along the back of his waist and also a chain which has on it the baby teeth of his deceased Ninken, Kawomaru (these teeth are the only things that Kaito has to remember Kawomaru by). While attending important events such as festivals or funerals, Kaito wears a simple black kimono, a haori with the Inuzuka clan's symbol emblazoned on the back, traditional wooden Japanese sandals, and dependent on if the situation will involve Sunagakure as a whole, he will wear his headband on a normal black cloth without the harpui attachments.

Forehead Protector: A harpui-style forehead protector that frames Kaito's face. It is placed on a long grey cloth that flows down past his shoulders when it is tied off in the back.

Personality: As a child, Kaito was happy and always driven to please those around him and show that, despite not residing his his clan's home village of Konohagakure, he was still worthy of Inuzuka name. His mother would often brag to other parents about Kaito being very respectful of others, compassionate and determined. One of Kaito's most significant bonds is the one he has with his Ninken, Kawomaru, whom he was gifted by his father for his 8th birthday to mark the beginning of his shinobi training. Kaito adored Kawomaru when he was a boy, enjoying his company above all others'. The two of them would often play together instead of training, something that also go them scolded by Kaito's father. When Kaito was 10 years-old, Kawomaru lost his life in an accident in the deserts surrounding Sunagakure. It had been an accident caused the two of them not following the strict instructions laid out by Kaito's father and Kaito was crushed not only by the loss of his best friend but also by the fact that he could never seem to sync with any other Ninken his father pushed onto him after that. Kaito became very depressed and withdrawn, often deciding to stay in bed all day and reminisce on the good times he had with Kawomaru.

Kaito stayed his depressed and withdrawn self for the majority of his time in the Sunagakure ninja academy. Not ever having been too good in Genjutsu or Ninjutsu, Kaito would sometimes focused his time and energy into enhancing his physical prowess, his Taijutsu, and attempting to use his clan's collaboration jutsu without a Ninken partner if possible. A few students began to bully Kaito due to his depressive state, but one boy in particular was always nice and protective towards Kaito. This boy, named Shō, was a puppet user, and he helped Kaito in developing the idea to make a puppet version of Kuwomaru someday to use in battle. Reinvigorated by the idea, Kaito began to show signs of his old self but this time was more calculating, goal-oriented and protective of those close to him. He also became receptive of his classmates and fellow villagers. Despite him being a shinobi and his past, he is still a teenage boy at heart. Kaito loves going on long walks, reading books and especially being around his friends and family. He is also very picky and because of this only eats white meat, grains, fruits or drinks anything other than water, milk or tea. Kaito, like every other person in the world, has many likes and dislikes. He likes training/studying, sparing with his father and Shō, taking long walks and studying puppetry. He dislikes death (almost to the point of PTSD), bullies or otherwise rude people, laziness and storms.


Likes: Training/studying, sparing with his father and Shō, taking long walks and studying puppetry.
Dislikes: Death (almost to the point of PTSD), bullies or otherwise rude people, laziness and storms

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuk16

Rank: Genin (下忍, Low Ninja) / D-Rank
Village: Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Village Hidden by Sand)
Element(s): Wind Release (風遁, Fūton) /
Specialties: Taijutsu (体術, Body Techniques) / 
Clan: The Inuzuka Clan
Bloodline Bonuses: Inuzuka Scent Tracking

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuk17


Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Inuzuk18

Other Characters: N/A
Faceclaim Name & Series: Inuzuka Male OC / Naruto OC
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Roleplay Sample:

Inuzuka, Kaito [Sunagakure no Sato Genin - W.I.P] Pagebreak6
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