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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems

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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Vide
PostSubject: Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Ultimate Shinobi's Systems EmptyMon 21 Mar 2011, 3:48 pm


Welcome to Ultimate Shinobi, one of the best Naruto Roleplaying websites on the internet. Our activity, roleplaying caliber and overall warming environment has been the driving force behind our systems, which you will learn more about as you continue to charge through these guides. These systems are mandatory to follow by all and are to be enforced by the capable hands of the US Staff. These systems are available for everybody to read which means there should not be an excuse to break them. Systems are created to ensure balance throughout the site and were carefully structured so that they are not disregarded and/or disobeyed. Please abide by them to the best of your abilities or risk suffering a variety of consequences.


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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Ultimate Shinobi's Systems EmptyMon 21 Mar 2011, 3:49 pm



Implementing a limitation to the amount of jutsu you initially start off with is what we think to be a smart tactic. Not only does it encourage roleplaying and training, it also encourages character development; which is what we love to see. Please note these will not include certain jutsu like the academy technique and any others listed HERE.

C-rank Shinobi: 15 Jutsu
B-rank Shinobi: 25 Jutsu
A-rank Shinobi: 40 Jutsu
S-rank Shinobi: 60 Jutsu

Remember that this limit only applies to starting jutsu. The skies the limit on how many jutsu a Nin may ultimately have.

In addition to the standard specialties characters use, the following additional specialties are allowed at a lower level that is listed as following:

GeninN/A N/A N/A N/A
ChuuninD D D D
JouninD D D D
S RankC C C C
You will note that the above specialities do not include Fuuinjutsu, Puppetry and Medical Ninjutsu which require technical knowledge and study well beyond what can be picked up in passing.

In this light, characters who qualify may have up to 5 techniques per specialty up to and including the rank mentioned in the table.


In addition to a bloodline, many characteristics develop distinct traits we call 'Special Characteristics.' A full list of the available Special Characteristics can be found on the character registry forum. Characters are limited to a set number of Special Characteristics:

Ninja Rank
Starting Limit for Combat SCs
Max Limit (Training Required) for Combat SCs
Starting Limit for Social SCs
Max Limit (Training Required) for Social SCs
Starting Limit for Afflictions
Max Limit (Training Required) for Afflictions
Things to Bare in Mind

Conflicting Special Characteristics are not permitted. This is where it cannot be logical for a character to have two opposing characteristics such as 'Insomnia' and 'Deep Sleeper' at once. Similarly, you may be denied a special characteristic if it does not seem logical for your character to be in possession of it. There is not a "set in stone" list of which SC's conflict and it will be up to the mod checking any application to decide.

Much like jutsu, you may not possess a special characteristic beyond your rank.


All characters may have one bloodline - or as we prefer to call them - Kekkai Genkai, which 90% time are linked to a specific clan. Their Kekkai Genkai is what separates them from their fellow Nin and allows a character to do things that would otherwise not be permitted. i.e. having a 3rd element, specialty or the ability to use unique powers. There are literally thousands of possible variations, so due to this, there is not a defined list of what is acceptable. However, like any technique or skill, nothing can be overpowered (OP). To determine what is overpowered or inappropriate, refer to the rest of the Encyclopedia. If it is not mentioned there, do not hesitate to contact a member of staff who will give it a 'Yes' or a 'No.' Their judgement on such topics will be final.

NOTE: Characters may only have one Kekkai Genkai. It is possible to harvest dojutsu (a very unique form of Kekkai Genkai) by following the appropriate rules which can be found in the rules section but otherwise, one is the limit. Likewise, abilities or traits that replicate a Kekkai Genkai's are not allowed and will be considered a means of attempting to circumvent the rules.

While most characters have one, it is not required for a character to have a Kekkai Genkai. Those that do not have one may opt to acquire one at any point.

For those of you with no experience creating clans, bloodlines or Kekkai Genkai or simply want to use someone else's, US does permit you to use the clans of others. In some cases, clans are open to everyone or to specific villages. Please look at the 'Open Village Clan' threads for details. Most clans however, need the specific permission of their owner to join and without it, you will not be able to do so.


Weaponry is one of the most diverse specialties besides Ninjutsu. It has a great amount of potential and various possibilities that are available to those who choose to specialize in it. There are of course, a few simple rules one must consider when choosing this specialty:

- Weaponry users on US are combined with Kenjutsu, though you can still have 'Kenjutsu'. With the current system you choose two types of weapons and you then specialize in these types of weaponry. One is your main and the other your sub. Your main can be used up to your own rank, your sub may be used up to 1 rank below your rank, always being at least D Rank. Other than your two chosen, you're treated as a normal ninja.

You may pick from the following three categories:

Long Range: Weapons designed to be flung, thrown or shot. Examples include: Shuriken, Bows, Bombs, Launchers, etc.
Mid Range: Weapons designed to keep the enemy at bay and prevent any close range weapons or attacks to land. Examples include: Chains, Fans, Whips, Sound-based Weapons, Nodachi, etc.
Close Range: Weapons designed for close-combat quarters, where one expects to land significant damage very quickly and rapidly, however sacrificing on defense. Examples include:Bats, Blades, Fists, Axes, etc.

Note: The three ranges of weapons should not be thought of in the same sense as the ranges described in jutsu, and are in fact bound to their own parameters as described above.

- Non-Weaponry users are still able to use weapons, albeit at lower ranks and can only create jutsu concerning their weapon in conjunction to the rank. This is described in the chart below. Also, please be aware that just because you can use weapons, does not mean you can go crazy and have 50 weapons. There is no defined limit, however, if you become excessive, you will be cut off. Weapon stores are for the Weaponry users.

Rank of NinjaMaximum Weapon Rank
- Weapons can be described via their rank. Please be aware that your weapon CANNOT use chakra without being B Rank or higher. You may use jutsu WITH it, but it cannot use jutsu by ITSELF.
E-rank: Basic types of weaponry that generally consists of kunai, shuriken, senbon, explosive notes, basic arrows, etc.

D-rank: This type of weaponry is often times larger and more durable than E-ranks. They still however are marked by their general low quality and lack of comparable strength to other weapons.

C-rank: This type of weaponry is generally both larger and of better quality than those below it in rank. Their concepts are mostly basic and they are usually made from normal materials such as steel or iron. Also includes complex weapons and trinkets that would otherwise require custom fitting to use.

B-Rank: It is at this rank that weaponry begins to shine in terms of ability, as such weapons of this level have two distinct pathways they can follow in terms of abilities. The first of these is quite simple in concept but incredibly powerful in application. At this level the blade is capable of being made to be chakra conductive, this of course means that the blade is capable of being utilized in higher ranking Jutsu which can extensively augment the power of the weapon. However, if a weapon is chakra conductive it is considered to be of the same quality as a C rank piece of weaponry.  

If a weapon of this rank is not chakra conductive it is allowed to be constructed of more advanced materials and by extension possess a wider range of capabilities, such as hidden compartments or otherwise useful tricks and gadgets. With the appropriate area of specialization these weapons may also contain written seals.

A-rank: Weapons at this rank begin to become truly advanced. They are able to be both durable and highly chakra conductive. As a result of their advanced level, they are able to possess high level abilities similar to that of various other A-rank techniques. Although, these weapons are made of high grade materials, the said materials should still be reasonable and be rather simple. This means no blades with diamond edges, titanium plating and tungsten core. With the appropriate area of specialization these weapons may also contain written seals.

S-rank: Weapons of this category begin to infringe upon the real of legendary as all things at this rank are classed. As such, weapons at this rank can be nigh on indestructible weapons and possess fantastical abilities, sometimes multiples of abilities, but within a reasonable set of boundaries. These weapons can be pretty much anything imaginable; provided they are not completely over-powered. They can be  made from complex, high grade materials, that are also chakra conductive and seal compatible. That beings said the abilities and components of S-Rank Weaponry must be both reasonable and understandable, as such there is a following list of stipulations.

  • They may possess three distinct abilities at most, and only if they are congruent, meaning they bare some sense of connection. For example, a weapon cannot both have an elemental effect as well as heal the user unless such abilities were reasonably connected.
  • The abilities of these weapons must also align themselves with the areas of specialization of their user. This means for example, someone with Weaponry and Fuinjutsu as their specialties could not have a blade that does the equivalent of placing an A-rank genjutsu on the foe, or inflict them with the symptoms of a fatal poison.

*Note: If it isn't a specifically chakra conductive weapon of the B-rank or higher, it can only conduct chakra through it for the purposes of C-rank and lower jutsu.

In Regards to Armour
Armour is allowed on US, however it cannot be made to reduce the force of impact or protect against sharp edges. Instead, it can be used as equipment to perform more passive abilities; like resisting certain elements (via a fire retardant cloth) or preventing toxic fumes from entering the lungs (via a gas mask). You can have armour for aesthetic purposes though, as long as it doesn't actually do anything in matters of defense.

Members may only carry E-rank weapons and jutsu in scrolls, however exceptions are made if members meet specific requirements. (See Guide: Scroll Sealing).

- Weapons of the following category can be used by any ninja, of any rank, without restrictions based on specialties:

  • Kunai
  • Shuriken
  • Wire
  • Makabishi
  • Senbon
  • Windmill Shuriken
  • Exploding Tags
  • Smoke Bombs

All players may include appropriate equipment and weaponry in their character's application. The following limitations apply in regard to specialties:

B Rank Weapons or Higher - Can only be used by individuals with specialty in weaponry or puppetry (restricted to puppet weapons only)
Puppets and related puppet equipment - Can only be used by individuals with specialty in puppets
Equipment with B rank seals or higher on it - Can only be used by individuals with a specialty in fuuinjutsu.
B Rank Medicial Equipment or Higher - Can only be used by individuals with a specialty in medical ninjutsu.
Fist & Gauntlet Weapons - Gauntlets, gloves, and knuckles are allowed to all members regardless of rank and specialty, provided the rank of these weapons do not exceed C-rank. Weaponry and Taijutsu users may use these up to B-rank, though to acquire A and S rank gauntlets, they must specialize in both Taijutsu and Weaponry.

In terms of Weaponry, there is a limit as to how many weapons your character is able to possess in regards to your character's ranking. They are as followed:

Nin. RankE-WepD-WepC-WepB-WepA-WepS-Wep
Note: This limit does not include equipment, and is strictly for weapons and weaponry users.


When it comes to theft of weapons, whether it be direct stealing, picking up a weapon not your own in the midst of battle, or killing someone and taking their weapon, there are special limitations to this new weapon's usage. If the weapon is picked up in battle, it can be wielded alongside any weapon your character may have, regardless of the character rank and the rank of the weapon. It should be noted though, that just because your character can use the weapon, does not mean they are automatically proficient in its usage. Thus a Genin would still have immense trouble using a chakra enhanced B-rank weapon successfully. If a weapon is kept after the battle, the weapon will be regarded as a 'stolen weapon'. Any weapon that is stolen, whether it be upon death or by fleeing a battle with the weapon still in hand, will be added to the user's arsenal free of charge. However, if the weapon is above the user's rank, they may not use said weapon again until they reach the level required for its usage. If your character is of the required level, you may bring the weapon into a topic, but if you have more weapons than you are allowed to have (ie. A Jounin with 3 A-rank weapons), then the weapons brought into the topic must be stated in the beginning of the topic. One cannot bring into a topic more weapons than they are allowed to use of that rank. This is to prevent members from carrying 3 S-rank weapons into a topic, for instance.

Created by Adam ©
Additional Contributers: N/A
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Ultimate Shinobi's Systems EmptyMon 21 Mar 2011, 3:51 pm


Welcome Guest, to the Experience System. On Ultimate Shinobi, we promote the idea of allowing members to be rewarded for their hard work role-playing by allowing them to earn experience points or EXP. These points are valuable to a member as they will enable you to purchase jutsu, equipment, creatures and various other techniques that will assist your character in their growth towards power and their own personal plot. Working hand-in-hand with our Ranking System, these points are also tracked as a total amount, allowing members to eventually earn a higher rank. But that’s later on.

Earning EXP is very easy - all one has to do is write! Role playing is essential on our site and not only does it allow members to build relationships In Character [IC] it can also earn a member points towards enhancing their experience on the forum. EXP can be earned in every form of role-playing topic with the exception of training posts for the special characteristics as well as enhancements in clan kekkei genkai [i.e. The Sharingan], and ranking threads. When these threads – minus the aforementioned – are completed, you as a member, are able to throw them up for evaluation in The Evaluation Section. Here, your topics will be graded and points awarded.

Evaluations are done individually for each member that participated in the topic. All threads will be graded out of twenty where the Evaluations Moderator will rate you on your creativity, originality, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and the use of your fellow members’ [if applicable] posts in your own writings. EXP will then be delved out to the participants with staff commentary and possible constructive criticism so one may continue to grow as a writer. These points will then be recorded in our Character Accounts and are then available for you to use to purchase jutsu, equipment and creatures for your character.

The life of a shinobi is dangerous. Death is always around the corner so one must watch their back, as well as the backs of their comrades. When one fails, however, another should be rewarded and it is due to this, that EXP may also be gained through killing other shinobi. Now, this does not mean you can slaughter your fellow villagers, but betrayers and enemies are readily available. It will also not be received well if a slaughtering of lower ranks occurs by higher ranks. If this does ensue in a village-nin, the absence of moral ethics will only be rewarded with a black mark on your character and may let to further ramifications depending on the village and their ideals.

In the case of Nukenin, if genin are so inclined to wander out of their village without their sensei, you have a plausible reason for being in that area and it is within your character's nature and personality to kill children, then by all means - they are fair game. Any acts of murder and kidnapping can be used in conjunction with the Bingo Book, so if successful one can gain EXP and bounty increases. When it comes to the aspects of killing shinobi, we want the experience to be as realistic as possible and since it is an unfortunate aspect of the shinobi life, we do not prohibit it.

EXP can be earned through fatalities by the following:

D - Rank15 EXP
C - Rank20 EXP
B - Rank30 EXP
A - Rank40 EXP
S - Rank60 EXP

Abuse of the System
Here on Ultimate Shinobi, we view characters as an extension of you - the role-player. Due to this, interchangeable characters are not allowed on the forum. All deaths will be evaluated for the 'realism' of their execution. If we have found that you have initiated it with the intentions of gaining a new character - we will deny the death, voiding the topic and stating to you that it never existed.

Approved Deaths
In the case that a death is given proper approval and the deceased character was killed in a regulated manner, the member will receive 30% of their previous overall EXP total which will then be transferred to their next shinobi. In the case where the number is a decimal, it will be rounded up in value. Suicide is excluded from this sub-category.

Therefore, a full transaction of an approved kill would be as followed:
Billy's genin, Koi, was killed in a battle with Sarah's C-Rank Missing Nin, Sanji.

  • The death is approved.
  • Sanji [Sarah] gains 20 EXP.
  • Koi, who held a total amount of 50 EXP earns Billy's next character 50 ÷ .3 = 15 EXP.

Non-Playable Characters
Non-playable Characters or NPCs can be frequently found around the forum. These characters are only in use to further the role-playing journey of a member's so that they may reach their fullest potential. If one wishes to earn additional EXP for their character, they may sign up to role-play as an NPC for a fellow member. When these topics are put up for evaluation, they will be graded like a regular thread and all EXP that is gained from this venture will only be valued as 'Expendable EXP.' In other words, it does not count towards your overall total towards advancements in rank.

After you are approved, jutsu is no longer given freely. It will have to be purchased through EXP, which can be earned through role-play. The rank of what you are interested in buying falls under different costs of EXP. The following chart holds the necessary information:

E - Rank1 EXP
D - Rank3 EXP
C - Rank6 EXP
B - Rank15 EXP
A - Rank24 EXP
S - Rank40 EXP

Now, even if you have enough EXP to purchase the item of your choice, you must first get the jutsu, piece of equipment or creature approved first. All the links have been provided in the aforementioned sections. Remember to fill out all the appropriate templates for each category.

After they have been approved, the EXP will be subtracted from your current total, thus limiting the amount you have for future purchases until a new topic is evaluated and points are then rewarded.

It is common for some jutsu, and certain pieces of equipment, to occupy multiple ranks, with their effects and such differing accordingly. These jutsu are charged for the highest rank available to the user, and can only used up to that rank. So a B-rank Ninja buying a C-A Rank jutsu pays the cost of a B-rank jutsu. Once they reach A-rank they must re-purchase the jutsu to access the next rank. However, the cost will be discounted by what the user previously paid. An A-rank ninja upgrading a C-A rank jutsu they purchased at B-rank will only pay the difference between A and B rank, not the full cost.

Multi-rank jutsu must have the rank available to the user denoted on their app, usually as the letter in parenthesis, bolded.

Multi-Rank Example for a C-rank Shinobi wrote:

Name: Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Rank: C-A (C)
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Close (0m - 5m), Mid (5m - 10m)
Element: Raiton (Lightning)
Description: This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock.
Chakra Cost: C (5), B (10), A (20)


There are a few things that cannot be purchased with EXP and do in fact need a training topic. Special Characteristics are listed with their appropriate word count and those must therefore be met for you to gain the attribute. In the case of certain Kekkei Genkai where there are stages to the enhancement of the technique – the sharingan, for example – one must meet the word count for the training of the technique. Thus, if you want to earn the second tomoe, you must first participate in at least two spars to awaken the technique.

To apply for these techniques, please visit the Miscellaneous Registration.

NOTE: For the techniques that can be upgraded each rank, they must be trained for and one's character does not automatically gain the new abilities.

TRAINING ELEMENTS: Assuming that you don't wish to start with two elements on your application you can later train an element or even two if you start with none throughout your characters lifespan. The only way to do this is to be taught by somebody who already has the element you're wanting to train. So if you wanted to learn the Water Element you would require somebody who has the Water Element as one of their affinities to roleplay with you teaching you about the element, how to channel the elemental chakra and release it so it can be used for jutsu.

In the case of Jinchuuriki techniques, one must continue to follow the outlines that are detailed on the Rules of a Jinchuuriki, which can be found here.

For Summonings, one must role-play out the initial contracts with their species of choice, therefore earning the rights to the breed. The only charges of EXP will occur for the initial Summoning Jutsu if one is missing it from their arsenal. All Summoning Contracts must follow the given minimum word-count. Afterwards, each additional summon may be purchased following the aforementioned costs for jutsu.

The Ranking system, here at US follows the following format:

Genin0 EXP 0 Mission Points
Seinen0 EXP 0 Reputation Points
Experienced Genin65 EXP 20 Mission Points
Noreta Seinen65 EXP 20 Reputation Points
Chūnin120 EXP 50 Mission Points
Teinei120 EXP 50 Reputation Points
Special Jōnin190 EXP 70 Mission Points
Yobun Teinei190 EXP 70 Reputation Points
Jōnin240 EXP 135 Mission Points
Kiken240 EXP 135 Reputation Points
Master Jōnin280 EXP 200 Mission Points
Kiwamete Kiken280 EXP 200 Reputation Points
Sennin340 EXP 240 Mission Points
Shōten340 EXP 240 Reputation Points
KageCannot be earned through points.


MISSION POINTS – are points that are needed for village shinobi to rank up and also contribute the ninja's pool of expandable funds. These can be earned through role-playing missions from your affiliated village or your own personalized missions. For lists of missions and the request area, please click here.
REPUTATION POINTS – Like Mission Points, Reputation is needed for a nukenin to make their way in the shinobi world. To gain ranks, they most complete missions, or crimes, so their notoriety grows. That is what Reputation Points are. For lists of crimes and the request area, please click here.

Now, we have chatted about how every time you purchase a jutsu or equipment, your total EXP gets subtracted, which in plain terms seems to mean, “So for us to rank up, we need to sacrifice techniques?” Luckily, this is not true!

For Example:
If you have a running total of 45 EXP and you wish to purchase a C – Rank jutsu, 6 EXP is subtracted from your total. However, the staff will have accounts for each member that holds the overall total of all your EXP and MP. Therefore, even though you just spent 6 EXP which brings you down to 39 EXP, in the Staff Books we will still have you written down for 45 EXP. This way, you can enhance your character without worrying about both your Running Total and Overall Total of EXP. We will take care of the latter for you!

An account would look like the following:

Hōzuki, Engetsu [Account] wrote:

Name: Hōzuki, Engetsu
Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Application: Link
Experience Points: 45
Mission Points: 6

Updates wrote:

  • Weighted Rock Technique [6 EXP]

If a member has been given approval to start at a higher rank, the points that automatically come with this are not available for spending. On your Character Sheet they will be calculated into your overall total, however, your amount for expenditure will be set at zero until role-playing evaluations occur.

NOTE: The rank of jutsu, equipment, etc. are still equivalent to that of your rank, following the charts that can be found here.

Created by Andy and Becky©
Additional Contributers: Adam
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©


The Missions System is slightly different then what you might be used to if you were familiar with the Ultimate Shinobi system.

The first thing you may notice is that we actually have a Missions Board which is located in our Request Area. Using the 'Mission Request Template,' you can request a mission. A Role-Play Moderator will then create you a mission to complete, or alternatively you can use the Mission Template to request the permission to do a mission you have created yourself in the same way.

Once the mission is successfully completed you submit it for evaluation in the Evaluation Section and specify that it is a mission.

Much like the Topic Evaluation System you can receive a maximum of twenty-five points, however this is done in a slightly different concept to the Evaluation System and instead stays true to the Ultimate Shinobi Mission Boards system. You are scored out of ten, whereas the other ten is based on the mission ranking which is identical to the original Ulitmate Shinobi. The values for each ranking is as followed:

D-Rank Mission - 2 Points.
C-Rank Mission - 4 Points.
B-Rank Mission - 6 Points.
A-Rank Mission - 10 Points.
S-Rank Mission - 15 Points.

So for example if you were to complete a B-rank Mission and receive 8/10 then your official score is 14/20. This means you are awarded Fourteen Mission Points. Each rank requires a minimal amount of Mission Points in order to rank up, as well as Experience Points. This is to ensure that people are truly living as a ninja and are completing various missions during their experience on Ultimate Shinobi.

You are not limited however, to only doing missions to rank up. Certain people may do them just for fun and this is strongly encouraged due to the fact that Mission Points/Reputation Points contribute toward your expendable funds which are used for purchasing jutsu, equipment, etc.

Created by Adam ©
Additional Contributers: N/A
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©

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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Ultimate Shinobi's Systems EmptyMon 21 Mar 2011, 3:51 pm



There are number of rules and aspects that need to be observed in all conflicts.

1. Do not God Mod or Meta-Game

Both are completely unacceptable. For full definitions of what these are please refer to the following threads

God Modding

Of particular note, never:

  • State that you hit opponent in your post with any move or technique. Doing so is God Modding. They will decide if they get hit.
  • Claim you avoided getting hit without a logical or indeed feasible reasoning behind it. Evasion and defence must be as carefully done as any attack and must be explainable. If you can not explain the logic of your action you are God Modding. Constant dodging, even by means of predictive abilities is also considered God Modding
  • Outline the actions of another person. It is fine to exploit there own actions if the thread allows for it but never to control those of another especially an opponent. You can not for instance claim your opponent ran to your left unless you opponent actually stated that previously


2. Always establish and follow a clear posting order where possible.

Basically do not post out of turn and always give others a chance to respond unless inactivity threatens to stop the thread dead

3. Do not post/use jutsu, techniques, weapons, etc. you character does not possess

Doing so or using the ones you have inappropriately or in a manner not implied or stated in the description is not permitted. Furthermore if used to avoid death or to make something more powerful than it truly is then you will be considered to have God Modded.

4. When in combat you must always post details of any Jutsu used in that post at the bottom.

There is an exception for genjutsu providing you follow certain rules (see the Genjutsu Rules). This is not only proves your character knows them and makes clear the affect but is courtesy to avoid others having to rifle through your application.

5. You can only ever use Jutsu you know prior to the battle.

Jutsu learned in a different thread after a battle commences can not be used.

6. You cannot perform more than one jutsu at a time.

To clarify, this refers to techniques that actively require the use of chakra. For example, you cannot use a fireball jutsu while manipulating a fire dragon. This also applies to armor techniques. If your armor jutsu requires an upkeep, you cannot maintain it while going on the offensive or using a different jutsu.

If a technique has an effect that lingers for a specified amount of time and doesn't require a constant chakra upkeep, you can use other techniques during the effect duration. Some examples of this are techniques that cause weather changes, but transformation techniques also apply as they usually don't require upkeeps.

For jutsu that are extensions of other techniques, such as Hari Jizou (Underworld Guardian Spikes) and Ranji Shigumi no Jutsu (Wild Lion's Mane), the descriptions must specify that they are to be used in conjunction with each other in order for both to remain active.

Things such as water walking and tree climbing that have minimal chakra impact (1 CP upkeep) are exceptions to this rule, as are doujutsu upkeeps.

7. Be swift in your replies to ensure other members are not held up.

Members are given 72 hours to respond to a topic that involves their character. Should they not post in this allotted time period, the person who's turn is next in the posting order is allowed to skip the poster without warning (although one is appreciated). In a combat situation, failing to post in 72 hours will allow the attacker to declare an automatic hit on the enemy. If the member provides an acceptable excuse for their absence, this rule may be ignored. Such an excuse may require staff decision if other participants are not satisfied.


During combat there are many different paths one can take to being a victor and most of these paths involve jutsu. In the past, we have relied on trust that members will not overdo it, but most of the time it is done by accident anyway. So now we have developed a fair chakra system to ensure a realistic nature is adapted into combat when it comes to chakra consumption and exhaustion. Below you will find values with the initials 'CP' which stands for Chakra Points. These Chakra Point values listed below are what some call their chakra capacity. The final ten of these points are not considered to be points you should use in a fight, these points are what essentially keeps you alive. Example: A Genin has a 50 CP capacity but should utilize a maximum of forty of these in battle unless their life is already threatened. Additional usage may result in death if a staff member deems it an overuse. Even using all forty of these points would mean you are extremely exhausted and would most likely struggle to escape. The less points you use, the less exhausted you would be, without considering other physical possibilities like damage you have been inflicted with or if you have been running for a considerable amount of time.

Genin: 50 CP
Seinen: 50 CP
Experienced Genin: 60 CP
Noreta Seinen: 60 CP
Chūnin: 80 CP
Teinei: 80 CP
Special Jōnin: 100 CP
Yobun Teinei: 100 CP
Jōnin: 150 CP
Kiken: 150 CP
Master Jōnin: 160 CP
Kiwamete Kiken: 160 CP
Sennin: 170 CP
Shōten: 170 CP
Kage: 190 CP

Of course, with the information provided above, you are surely already lead to believe that this will involve how you create jutsu yourselves. This is partially true. When describing a jutsu, you need to describe it as best you can to ensure the staff can give your jutsu an appropriate value. You see, members do not choose the value of their own techniques, this is up to a staff member while they are moderating the applications. These range in point values depending on the depicted chakra consumption. Although Taijutsu and Basic Weaponry doesn't necessarily require chakra molding to perform, we consider some chakra usage must be use and therefore have them adapted into our system, certain Taijutsu may cost less than a Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but once again if the move is heavily exhausting then the value could be higher than that of a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.

E Rank: 1 - 2
D Rank: 3 - 4
C Rank: 5 - 9
B Rank: 10 - 15
A Rank: 20 - 25
S Rank: 35 - 39

For those jutsu that last longer than one post and require the constant manipulation of chakra, there is an additional cost associated with maintaining them. Please state in your jutsu's description the maximum duration of the jutsu, especially regarding Genjutsu.

E Rank: N/A
D Rank: 1 CP Per Post
C Rank: 2 CP Per Post
B Rank: 3 - 4 CP Per Post
A Rank: 5 - 6 CP Per Post
S Rank: 9 - 10 CP Per Post

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Additional Contributers: N/A
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  1. No puppeteer may use a puppet that is above them in rank. This means that:

      EXP. GENIN:
      EXP. JOUNIN:

  2. All puppets require a constant stream of chakra to use. Chakra strings are required by default to manipulate puppets so DO NOT make a puppet that does not require them.

  3. Using a puppet's weapons does not require chakra. Unless the weaponry is chakra based, the only cost associated with a puppet is the initial using of Kugutsu no Jutsu and the maintaining of chakra strings.

  4. Human puppets require Staff approval and must be made from a real ninja, not an NPC or someone mentioned in your history. You must also either have the body in your possession (intact, rotting corpses do not make good puppets and you will not be able to use that body's abilities) or have a human puppet given to you in RP by someone who has a human puppet.

  5. No puppeteer may use more than ten puppets at one time, one for each finger. Five puppets are allowed per hand. If one gains the master puppeteer special characteristic they will be able to control more puppets per hand.

  6. Puppeteers have a limit to how many puppets they can control per rank, this means a genin can't control ten puppets from the start.

  • Genin/C-ranks can control two puppets at a time
  • Exp. Genin can control three puppets at a time
  • Chuunin/B-ranks can control five puppets at a time
  • Exp. Chuunin can control six puppets at a time
  • Jounin/A-ranks can control eight puppets at a time
  • Exp. Jounin/S-ranks can control ten puppets at a time

Note: You must pay upkeep cost per puppet you control.


All puppets have some form of lag when responding to their user, this isn't often noticeable against normal shinobi. However as shinobi have learned to increase their speed and reflexes it has become more noticeable than before. So in this section you will find out about puppetry lag.

  • C-rank; At C-rank the user will have to perform more hand motions than most because they are still new to puppetry and often have less control of a puppet than an experienced user. So naturally the puppet won't respond immediately making it more vulnerable to attacks. The user cannot move very well while controlling the puppet having to give it all their attention in order to make it respond properly.

  • B-rank; At B-rank the user has enough experience with their puppets that lets them adapt to it, still not perfect at controlling their puppets but they can still move them better than they could at C-rank. They perform a little more than required hand motions to make their puppet respond, so the user will still be vulnerable while controlling this puppet and often cannot move at their natural speed while using it. If the user does move they will be slowed if trying to control the puppet at the same time.

  • A-rank; At A-rank the user is fairly confident in their skill and they have gotten completely use to the lag that puppetry has. They perform the normal amount of hand motions and their puppets seem to respond faster than they did at a lower rank. They can also move around at normal speeds while using their puppets.

  • S-rank; At S-rank the puppet user is now considered a master puppeteer; the lag to them is practically invisible now that their puppets are able to react on the same level as humans. They can easily dodge attacks and even kick away enemies with ease now. Controlling a puppet is second nature so that if they aren't even hindering their focus. However if an S-rank does focus they puppet will easily push back anything assaulting the user. The lag is still noticeable and can be exploited if the user has more puppets out but it is nearly impossible to get close. Many are advised to simply retreat when facing an S-rank puppet user as most will fall to them. Even other puppeteers have learned to retreat after merely a second of battle. Their puppets are also very life like if the user wishes them to be, most assume they are humans until they enter battle.


Every puppet is equipped with a certain number of slots. These slots can be fitted with:
- Regular melee weapons such as swords and spears - 1 Slot required
- Basic projectile launchers e.g firing kunai, shuriken (Maximum of 15 projectiles at a time) - 1 Slot required
- Small body modifications such as extendible arms, rotating heads etc. - 2 Slots required
- Large body modifications such as person-trapping compartments, tails etc. - 3 Slots required
- Elemental launchers e.g flamethrowers, high pressure water cannons - 4 Slots required
- Chakra-based weaponry e.g. chakra swords, axes etc. - 4 Slots required

- Any other attachments you wish to add to a puppet can be forwarded to a mod or admin and they will decide upon how many slots it will require.
- No puppet may be fitted with both an elemental launcher and chakra-based weaponry; only one at a time
- A puppet's rank is based upon what fills the slots, so you can not include a person trapping compartment within a D-rank puppet. This means staff has the right to tell you if your puppet is above or below the rank you give it according to what you fill the slots with.

  • D Rank - 4 Slots; no elemental launchers or chakra based weaponry allowed
  • C Rank - 6
  • B Rank - 8
  • A Rank - 10
  • S Rank - 12


Hitokugutsu is a forbidden ninja art that allows a puppeteer to create puppets from human corpses. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition - as well as adding weapons and defences - a puppeteer can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any techniques once acquired. Keep in mind that Human Puppets are by no means allowed to retain their former self's Kekkei Genkai and/or Clan-based jutsu.


Must have both Puppetry and Medical Skill Specialties.
Must be of Experienced Jounin Rank of Higher [S-ranked]
Puppet must have been a player-controlled character on Ultimate Shinobi.
This player must be completely deceased.
This body must not have sustained any more than minor cosmetic damage.
This body must be obtained and stored/sealed immediately after death, either by the puppeteer or an associate

Once the puppeteer is in possession of a corpse that fulfills these three conditions, the creation process may begin.

Quote :
Name: Hitokyoushi no Jutsu – Human Puppet Binding Technique
Rank: A
Type: Kugutsu
Element: None.
Description: Hitokyoushi no Jutsu is a forbidden ninja technique that allows the user to make a puppet which can contain and use chakra. This is done by making a living human into a puppet. The user requires a human corpse in near-pristine condition to begin with. The puppeteer then must perform an extremely long and complex process that takes 7 days wherein which all human elements of the body are replaced with synthetic parts. The head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg will undergo this process with each limb taking one day and the torso taking two days. This process requires that:

  • The user post once every day for the seven day period
  • Must post a minimum of 600 words describing the removal, creation and replacement of the limb for that day.
  • Is not allowed to perform it within the confines of the village, due to it being forbidden
  • Is not allowed to be attacked/confronted during this process or that particular limb will be set-back for another 2 days. This means if you are in the process of changing a limb and you are attacked, you MUST have to re-roleplay that limb or any other limb still needing to be converted another 2 days from the date of the attack, therefore postponing the overall procedure.

Once this is completed, the human puppet process is completed and a Hitokugutsu is made. This puppet retains all jutsu that the original body possessed and carries half the chakra stores of the original puppet.


PuppeteerPuppetChakra (Per Post)

This table shows the different ranked puppets that a puppeteer may use and how much chakra it costs per post to maintain.

Just as there are rules to obtain a human puppet, there are rules to maintain one. These are as follows:

  • The Human Puppet can only possess 15 of the original character's jutsu.
  • If any of the puppet's limbs are completely destroyed, that limb can be replaced but it must be roleplayed out and reapplied for if adding a different weapon to said limb.


Human puppets can be destroyed just as any other puppet can. The puppeteer has all right to dispose of their puppet at any time they desire, however it must be roleplayed.

Created by Shinji, Dan ©
Additional Contributers: Jeramiah ©
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
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All Nin are assumed to recover from minor injuries without need of medical attention thanks to heightened metabolisms and the natural healing aspect of chakra coursing through their bodies. Scrapes, mild cuts, bruises and sprains etc. only affect the user for the duration of the battle and are not factored into any following conflicts, thread or missions.

[Significant injuries such as broken bones, deep wounds, organ damage. Indeed anything akin to a severe and sustained beating will take time to recover from, if not overly long thanks to the miracle of medical jutsu. Such injuries last for a full week during which the time the nin can not train, go on missions or engage in further battles but may take part in social/non strenuous threads.]

Loss of limbs, body parts and irreparable organ damage can not be healed save by specific approved jutsu which are directly applied by approved characters.

Lost limbs/parts may be replaced with synthetic equivalents or regrown/reconstructed by approved characters with the requisite skill base. Where this is not done it is assumed that the limb/part is replace by a conventional systhentic part designed to exactly replicate the component's nature. Standard replacements add no additional functionality, may only be made of mundane materials and are chakra conductive.

Death can not be healed save by specific approved jutsu that allows it.


Here on Ultimate Shinobi, our staffing unit works towards the betterment of the site, and the members' experiences. In order to keep the forum competitive within its market, US takes on a staffing team of volunteers known as The Staff, that works towards this goal. Often, they spend hours of their own free time online, working together to create new systems, update the previous, and sometimes, fix the old ones. But along with this steady and constant commitment, our Staff are also responsible for our members' applications, questions, jutsus, evaluations, and most of all - inquiries about characters and role-playing. So, in order for our team to best service the community as a whole, the Staff of Ultimate Shinobi is broken down into four sections:

The Administrators

If the Administrators were to be depicted in a single word, it would have to be leaders. Those that fall under this category are responsible for insuring that the forum runs smoothly, regardless of circumstances that may prove to make this goal difficult. They direct the rest of the staff team as well, focusing on the "Big Goals" that need to be attained and move forward that way. The Admins do not often look at applications or evaluations - but certainly have the ability to do so. Instead, they answer more personalized questions that members are not comfortable addressing in Forum Assistance, or questions in regards to applications or systems that the other members on staff are unsure of. The Administrators also deal with many 'behind-the-scenes' inquiries, including the creation of plots and the overall forum structure.

Heads of Roles

The Heads of Roles are the lieutenants of Ultimate Shinobi Staff. They are the leading force that is responsible for either the Creation or Evaluation Section of the Staffing Team. Each leader is responsible for dealing with any inquiries or issues that arise in their sector. The Head of Creation holds the ultimate verdict when it comes to the creation sector and will decide what is acceptable and what is not. On the other hand, the Head of Evaluation insures that all In-Character contests and role-playing evaluations are taken care of in a timely manner, while also answering any questions that their Evaluation Moderators may have. If there are any inquires one may have, they can contact the Heads here:

    • Head of Creation: Adam• Head of Evaluation: Cookie Monster

The Creation Team

The Creation Team are the engine room of the US Staff. Their primary duty is to assess, check and approve the applications within the Custom Registry and Character Registration sections of the forum. This is the typical job that is associated with moderators and is infinitely vital to the running of the forum. These moderators need to have a keen eye for detail, a good knowledge of US systems and a solid Naruto IQ.

The Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team are the beating heart of the US Staff. Their primary duty is to oversee the running of role-playing on the forum, and this can come in varied forms. Whether it be tasks such as approving missions, role-playing as an NPC on a mission (if requested by a member), role-playing as a site-wide event, role-playing as a summon for the contract to be obtained by a member, moderating battle disputes, or evaluating role-play topics that are brought to the evaluation section, The Evaluation Team has got it! These Staff members are versatile when it comes to role-playing and have a natural, creative spark for it.
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Mission Title: Simply the title of your mission.

Mission Type: If you are filling out the Mission Creation Template, then your Mission Type should either be Custom, Profession or both. Custom missions are missions your character has created that can either be assigned to them by their superiors or requested to them. Profession Missions are mission that are tied to your profession.

Mission Location: Where you will be doing your mission. For Village-Nin, It is mandatory for all custom missions under C-rank to be within your village.

Shinobi Requirement: What rank you must be to perform this mission. It should be equal to your character's rank seeing as how they're creating it.

Mission Rank: The rank of the mission, scales from D-S. You are only allowed to do missions equal to your rank or below.

Mission Objective: Basically what your mission is about, try to be as clear as possible and describe it in full detail. Keep in mind the objective of a mission should fit its ranking in terms of difficulty.

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Ultimate Shinobi's Systems Vide
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