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Advertisement Rules

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Advertisement Rules Vide
PostSubject: Advertisement Rules Advertisement Rules EmptySun 17 Jan 2010, 8:50 am

Advertisement Rules

  1. The only things that can be advertised in this board is other forums, roleplaying forums in particular. Anything else is strictly forbidden.

  2. If you post an advertisement here. You must post an advertisement for the site your advertised here (using our own advertisement) If you don't do this your advertisement will get deleted. This is called linking back. If you have the right to have your advertisement on our board, then you give us the same privilege. This rule will override any rules on any site being advertised here. If you don't have a section for us to put our advertisement up, I don't suggest you post here. Because you will only be wasting your time.

  3. Your advertisement itself must be approved, do not suspect that it will be permitted immediately, although we do not have a strict template, the advertisement must look clean, presentable and detailed. We don't appreciate slack work, even in our advertisements section.

  4. Affiliation is welcome, you just need to specify in your topic title with [Affiliate] so we can review your forum via the advertisement you would have submitted and see if we want it to be linked to our site in such a way like affiliation.

  5. This is the only place you are allowed to advertise. Signatures, PMs with advertisements are not allowed.

  6. A rule many others may be known amongst Guest-Friendly advertisers, any administrator here on our forum has the right to deny and remove an advertisement completely if we see it as something that lacks the potential to do our forum any good. If your advertising here to try to take our members and nothing else, we suggest you go elsewhere.
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