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Kumogakure History

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Kumogakure History Vide
PostSubject: Kumogakure History Kumogakure History EmptyTue 07 Feb 2012, 12:46 am

Kumogakure History Kumogakure

.Kumogakure no Sato.

Daichu Kumogakure was only 12 years old when the mercenaries of the Earth Country abducted him. The mercenaries were led by a strange man who was obviously crazy, as he wanted to create the perfect, obedient shinobi out of the boy he had captured. As such the Mercenaries trained young Daichu tirelessly and purposefully for 3 years, creating a strong and dedicated ninja who obeyed every command, or so it appeared. That was until he overpowered the mercenaries, murdered them, and fled. He travelled for several days, confused and dazed by the events which had occured only a few days prior, lost and without a path or goal on his mind. Daichu travelled north-east from the Earth Country and by chance stumbled upon a small and growing village. The village was named Ryuuki, after the leader and successor of the village. It was an age-old tradition that the Village's name was that of the strongest citizen or warrior. The Village accepted the young boy with open arms and high expectations, constantly urging him to usurp the Leader. With the power, techniques and confidence that Daichu obtained through the Mercenaries, he was more than capable of taking control and yet he waited, waited patiently until Ryuuki built the majestic and ancient village. Daichu had desired power and wanted to become the leader of this village, so he could soon rule over the whole land. After Ryuuki had achieved his ultimate goal, Daichu usurped the village leader and established his rule. He changed the Village name to Kumogakure after his own family name and demolished the previous rules and laws that were in place. He then denied any hope and attempt of usurping himself and concreted his rule, erecting statues of himself in his favor. Through the confinements and secrecy of the village walls, Daichu established a Totalitarian rule for all to obey.

It was during this time that the 5 great Shinobi Villages agreed to confer and establish themselves in the world of shinobi. Daichu was acknowledged as one of the Five Kages and was elected Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato. He then returned to Kumogakure no Sato and continued his totalitarian rule, exploiting the power that Kumo had attained. With the new economic activity which Kumo now had access to, Daichu used this wealth to create wonderous architecture and further the village's wealth. Kumogakure was developed into a beautiful village, although it also became increasingly ecclesiastical as Daichu became more and more fearful of death as he grew older. He hoped that by creating large, extravagant temples, buildings and statues he could impress the gods and win over their favor. So for many decades Kumogakure was carved out of the mountains that surrounded it and the beautiful architecture that it is renowned for today was born. This power, wealth and fame that Daichu possessed enabled him to obtain mistresses. As a result of his raunchy affairs, Daichu's mistress' bore him a child for which he neglected and forced her to raise. After a very long rule, Daichu was 85 years of age when news that his child that he had neglected, had bore a child himself, therefore forming the 2nd generation, and giving him a grandson. Daichu favored this circumstance greatly, training, teaching and honing his grandson's skills. Unubra Raikou looked up to his grandfather with enormous ambitions, hoping that one day he could also become Raikage. It was then, at the age of 16, that his dreams and wishes were granted, with his grandfather's death. This resulted in Unubra being elected as the 2nd Raikage, in his grandfather's will as the passage of rank was natural.

Unubra Raikou ruled with a familiar iron will, enforcing the majority of the rules and laws that his grandfather had formed. Although he wasn't so keen on impressing the Gods and his interest laid instead in impressing the people with his own power, the young man continued the tradition of further expanding into the mountains and forming statues of himself, to spread the news of his ascension to the throne of the Village of Clouds. Two years have passed shakily, peace and stability having be brought back to the village several times after numerous events had the Raikage pacing down the country, repelling potential rebellions that could have threatened his seat of power. Unubra became a favourite of the late daimyo and it was a close bond that the two leaders shared, although it was always the shinobi who stared down his lord with a hungry look in his eyes, despite the difference in power. At the same time, Unubra introduced the love of arts, music and culture in his village and continued to expand on the wondrous architecture that once brought many far and wide to see. The temples and buildings were all made of magnificent stone carved from the mountain sides which surrounded the village. But most importantly, the training grounds were built out of sight of prying eyes, where Unubra created a powerful military force, soon ready to shake the very core of the earth that they would stamp their mark upon. He was a lustful man, sharing his grandfather's passion for power that he too, desired. At the same time, he was paranoid and saw threat in everything that surrounded him. It would be that paranoia which would soon create a strong shinobi military, ready to destroy anything that would come in the way of Kumogakure no Sato. Soon would come a dark time, for all to remember.

Unubra, while his power was nowhere near equal to his grandfather Daichu’s he was still a shinobi to be both respected and feared. While his raw power wasn’t close to Daichu’s he had a far better mind and as a result was considered an equal opponent on the battlefield to his grandfather. Although he shared his grandfather’s lust for power his superior mind assisted him in creating good relationships with his villagers and having a positive approval rating on the national level. This made his long reign of conquering and aggressive territorial expansion easier for him because he had the voice of the hive mind supporting him. Unubra’s reign lasted even longer than his grandfather’s, being skilled in Medical Ninjutsu he had devised a technique that allowed him to cheat death and to halt the effects of aging, however this jutsu came a great price: his chakra pool was permanently shrunk for every death he cheated. Eventually, he could no longer sustain the jutsu and the effects of aging started to catch up with him slowly until he eventually devolved into a bitter old man. In his ailing condition he would come under the care of a beautiful and kind young Jounin named Persephone Uchiha-Eleytheria the young woman saw him not for a warlord but for a man who was scared that everyone was out to get him and alone because of the path he chose for his life. The gentle jounin showed him something that Unubra had never experienced: compassion. In his final moments he came to see that Persephone was the leader that the village needed, one whose strength came from her care for the people and not for power. When Unubra’s death signified the end of his eighty-three year reign Persephone was named Raikage.

Persephone spent five years in office, focusing on strengthening the economy of Kumogakure through peace negotiations with multiple countries. She opened many trading routes with those areas around her, creating contracts that provided Kumogakure solely with their business and thus, secure resources. These decisions were something the woman was very proud of, even though there were many times that her council seemed to question her decisions. There was a particular man that seemed to criticize her every move, but Persephone merely brushed off his pessimism and gruff exterior. One cannot satisfy all, and it was with that belief that she continued on with her plan and completing her promises she spoke about in her platform. Unfortunately, that was not the reality of her situation. As Raikage, the woman represented the type of leadership people wished for. Committing sexual acts with someone so much younger jeopardized the business relationships that she had created for her village, as well as the stability of her country. Thus, making the decision that she did not wish to hurt Kumogakure in any way, nor give up her love for her former student, Persephone resigned from office. The decision was pushed home by the knowledge that some on her council were getting ready to out her anyway to the public, and figuring it was merely better to do it herself, the woman said her goodbyes to the village.

Mezamashii, Hikaru was the man chosen to succeed Persephone however he acquired his seat not through his reputation among the people nor from his favor in Persephone’s eyes. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone in the village he was the one who had let out to Persephone that he had known of her affair and blackmailed her into exile. It was the general understanding of the public that she had left for no real reason. Only her and members of the council (namely Hikaru) were aware of the truth that drove her away. However the man could not bring himself to make that information public. This new ruler was more like Persephone’s predecessors: he had war on his mind. In order to have a reason to instigate war with the Frost Country, Hikaru ordered the assassination of the Kami no Kuni Daimyo at the hands of the Kumogakure Jounin Kanji Senju.
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