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Guide: Professions

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Guide: Professions Vide
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Each Hidden Village breaks their ninja rankings into different levels of skill. This classification then helps determine what ninja level is needed to complete a certain task or mission. Higher difficulty tasks or missions require the utilization of higher skilled ninjas. Therefore, a ninja may also join a particular group which uses these skills in a unique fashion. These specialized groups can focus on one field of work and this is known as a Profession.

Why would one want to be a part of one of these groups? Well, this alternative allows a character's skills to be utilized in a special way. It allows players to be more differentiated and to develop themselves in specific areas, instead of everything. Professions do not only consist of a shinobi's specific skills. There are many different non-ninja skills, which allow Hidden Villages to function as a working system. Whether these skills are ninja-based or not, they can offer a Shinobi unique rewards. Ranging from jutsu, items, missions and also a reputation within the village, if a player becomes proficient within their profession they will gain an advantage in multiple ways.

General Profession Rules:

  • You cannot start with a Profession, it must be earned through roleplay.
  • In order to be apart of a Profession, the Character must first meet all the requirements of that profession, which will be outlined on their descriptions.
  • When these requirements are met, you must apply for and complete the entry mission as outlined on the specific profession page. This can be done solo, without the need for a staff to RP an NPC for you.
  • After the topic is complete, the topic must be evaluated in order to decide whether or not you passed the test and have finally obtained your chosen profession based on your score (specifics listed below). Please take your entry mission seriously.
  • Your name will then be added to the list of acquired professions below.
  • Regarding the rewards gained from your profession, they are not automatic. All normal creation and training requirements apply to professions unless otherwise specified.

Depending on the rank of the entry mission, there is a minimum score required to pass and gain the profession. These requirements are as follows:

  • C-Rank: 10
  • B-Rank: 13
  • A-Rank: 16

Profession Dropping Rules:

  • However, professions do not need to be permanent. Everyone can have a change of heart. If you decide that that particular profession is not your cup of tea anymore then you can change to another. But, you will need to repeat the process once more, and you will lose any benefits gained from that profession. This can only be done once every month (28-31 days).
  • If you do decide to leave a profession, be aware that you leave everything about it behind. This means you will be unable to use any of the techniques that are unique to the profession, you will have to hand in any equipment you received from the profession and will obviously be unable to perform any of the missions that require that specific profession.
  • These professions are a commitment and thus some will be difficult to leave, if you ever wish to leave one of course. If you have joined the ANBU, Ninja Monk or Protection Service Ninja profession and wish to leave one of the mentioned, we will only allow you to do so under strict conditions. The only way to currently do so is going rogue from the village, if applicable, or retiring from the ninja world, though we are willing to negotiate if you have another alternative method of leaving, such as medical reasons.
  • Leaving and returning to professions is also prohibited, such as leaving the ANBU profession to then join the Medic profession and then leaving the Medic profession to rejoin the ANBU. This is so members do not abuse professions and their perks.
  • There are Village Exclusive professions and Nukenin Exclusive professions. If your ninja is a Village ninja, whom becomes a Nukenin, then they would automatically lose their "village" exclusive equipment, jutsu, etc and would pick up the "nukenin" exclusive items without charge.

All the Professions can be found here.

Also it should be noted that all Missions are Universal and as such, Konoha and the Fire Country are to be treated as Kumo and the Lightning Country, where appropriate. This also applies to specific locations, which are to be replaced with the correct counterparts.

Protection Service | SaboteurNakotsumi, ManaKousen, Mugen-N/A
Black Ops-Takeshi, Gouka-N/A
Medical Ninja | Black Jack Doctor--Mushiki, Seika-
Ninja Monk----
Elite Tutor----
Courier Ninja | Black Market Runner-Shikigami, Jaki--
Cooking Ninja | Exotic Chef----
Information Specialist----
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