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Ultimate Shinobi Staff

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PostSubject: Ultimate Shinobi Staff Ultimate Shinobi Staff EmptySat 23 Jan 2010, 9:45 am

Ultimate Shinobi Staff

Current Staff
AdamSite OwnerActive
Head of Creations
Head of Evaluations
(Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.)
Global ModActive
Temp ModSemi-Active
Temp Mod
Event Mod
Trial (6/14-7/11)
KeosEval ModTrial (6/17-7/14)

The Administrators

Administrators are tasked with keeping the site running. This means they're in charge of systems, keeping the staff running smoothly, and handling any big issues that come up. Each one is in charge of a specific modding section, so any that have questions regarding those sections should ask the respective admin (should the mods of that section not have an answer). They also handle permission for Jinchuuriki, Wanderers, and Nukenin (for those that want to start as one). They'll also be active in their respective sections should the need arise.

The Moderators

Moderators are the bread and butter of the staff. Without them, the site cannot run smoothly. They have the ability to ban people from the chatbox as well as delete and move threads. All moderators, regardless of their exact section/position, are expected to know all of the site's rules and most of the basic systems (the ones presented in the guide section), or at the very least know where to find the answer (we don't expect everybody to have every last thing memorized). Thus, you should be able to ask all mods any question you have about rules or general systems.

The Global Mod does work in all sections (except Temp) in order to help balance out the workload. If necessary, they can assume the role of temporary admin should something happen to all of the actual admins. (1/1)

Creation Mods are in charge of looking over everything in the Custom Registry as well as Character Applications. They will only work in the Evaluations section is absolutely necessary. They have to have both solid canon knowledge as well as knowledge of how things work on Ultimate Shinobi (as canon does not always dictate what will or won't be accepted on the site) in order to do well. (0/2)

Eval (Evaluation) Mods are the ones that read your threads when you go through the rank-up process to determine if your character is qualified to progress to the next rank or not. They're also the ones that are in charge of approving/denying custom missions (and approving you for generic ones). They have to have a solid grasp on what's expected of threads that are used for ranking up so that they can fairly assess the rank requests. (1/2)

The Temp Mod position is for those members that want to be able to help the staff team out in a pinch, but don't want to dedicate their time as a full-fledged mod. They are free to do mod work at any time, but aren't required to do anything unless they're called upon for help, such as when a creations mod is unable to work or quits staff. As the name implies, people are free to apply as Temp Mods and then withdraw from this status as necessary. (2/3)

Event Mods are the ones in charge of keeping track of events. They handle Event registration and are in charge of finding people to moderate Event threads. Member-created Event ideas need to be sent to an Event Mod. If the Mod feels that it's a workable concept, they will relay this information to the rest of the staff to look over. (1/2)

Battle Mods are those that have a solid grasp on combat mechanics and are in charge of moderating Event threads that involve battles as well as settling combat disputes between members. (0/2)

Graphic Designers/Coders

Graphic Designers/Coders are those that help keep up the forum's appearance - from the general layout to banners and buttons. In order to become part of the Design team, they must have solid GFX skills. (0/2)

Staff Perks

1. As long as a Mod performs their duties, they are exempt from activity checks, and will only suffer inactivity penalties (losing limited positions such as Uchiha or Jinchuuriki) if they do not perform mod duties. Note that both staff and non-staff are exempt from inactivity penalties if a departure thread explaining the situation has been posted or a PM was sent to Administration.

2. At the end of each week, each Mod's performance will be scored. This score will be translated into "Mod Points", which can be redeemed for various rewards, such as funds, jutsu, and SCs. More details will be shown only to those that become staff.

Becoming a Staff Member

Since no RP forum can function without a solid staff team, there may be times that we need more people to sign up to be a part of staff. If you're interested in becoming a staff member, make sure you're aware of what each position entails, and then apply through the Sign-Up Thread.
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