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OOC Battle Zone Rules

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OOC Battle Zone Rules Vide
PostSubject: OOC Battle Zone Rules OOC Battle Zone Rules EmptyWed 17 Apr 2013, 1:36 pm

OOC Combat Zone

Welcome to the Out of Character Combat Zone. A board that most people here are probably familiar with, as they are one a few other roleplaying forums and have been on Ultimate Shinobi in the past. The basic premise of this board is to have a bit of fun with your character without any plot repercussions meaning your character can be killed here and it will not effect them in our actual roleplaying universe. This allows you to experiment your characters arsenal in ways you might consider to be too risky to do in a fight actually 'in character' and it also allows you to fight anybody regardless of village or location without having to logically explain why you're travelling to them and engaging them in combat. The main reason why this board was taken down in the past was because it took away from actual fighting happening in the roleplaying boards themselves which are an important part of every Naruto universe but we're bringing it back by popular demand with some ground rules and notes to ensure that people don't easily disregard the importance of maintaining proper roleplaying activity.

  1. All System Rules apply: Obviously all rules and regulations in regards to combat still apply on this board, breaking them may result in the voiding of your topic.
  2. Character: You still require to have an approved character to utilize this board, your approved character is the only character you are permitted to use. Furthermore anything that happens to this character on this board does not effect your actual characters story. Your character will not know or associate with anyone or anything learned within this board through normal RP means. You cannot submit these topics for evaluation in an attempt to earn Experience Points.
  3. Topic Limit: No more than one fight at a time. This board is an additional bonus to the actual roleplaying boards, do not get your priorities mixed up.
  4. Topic Privacy: No joining somebody's topic unless it is marked open, otherwise ask for the original posters permission.
  5. Moderators: If a moderator is asked to step in and give a ruling, this ruling is final unless overturned by an administrator.
  6. Location: As long as it is a logical environment in Ultimate Shinobi's Naruto universe than any location is acceptable. Obviously a rule of thumb here is that the creator of the topic picks the location, that's just how it usually is.
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