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Uzumaki Tachimitsu [Konoha Genin]

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Tachimitsu [Konoha Genin] Sat 02 Jul 2011, 3:36 am



Name: Uzumaki, Tachimitsu

Nickname: Mitsu

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tachimitsu stands at a height of 165cm and weighs 52 kg, which is rather tall for her age. She has long, wavy, crimson colored hair which cascades down to her hips, a phenotypic characteristic of her clan. Her eyes are of a deep violet hue, framed with long eyelashes and set beneath slightly arched eyebrows. The rest of her face is complimented by a button nose, a small mouth with full lips and cheeks with a natural soft rosy blush. Mitsu’s skin is slightly tanned, she has a delicate build and she’s starting to fill up in the right places (if you know what I mean). Her height and natural grace give her an elegant (but sometimes imposing) air.

In the way of dressing, Mitsu is usually found in a sleeveless, orange zipped vest, which is cropped to expose some of her midriff. She wears a white miniskirt, and on her waist, ties a deep blue sash. Attached to the sash is her forehead protector. On her arms, she wears fingerless gloves and elbow pads, of matching color with the sash. Her shoes, which are the conventional ninja sandals, are also deep blue. Her utility holster is attached to the back of the sash around her waist.

In cold weather, Mitsu maintains her outfit, only that she wears a straw colored hooded cloak over it to keep out the cold. Indoors, she often wears a pale blue short dress.

Personality: Uzumaki Tachimitsu could be described in some circles as elite. She’s cool, calm, composed and calculative. Her expressed emotions are subtle, often always hidden behind a genuine, warm but mild smile. That’s to say she looks like a nice person and doesn’t overreact much.

Yes, Mitsu is a kind soul, the type of person one can run to when in need. Her manner of approach is gentle, and she is polite with a good knowledge of etiquette. Young though she is, her mixture of compassion and empathy may make her fill the role of the big-sister type. Mitsu is somewhat active however, but not to the point of being a knucklehead. She is dedicated to her friends and the village, and the Will of Fire is what fuels her passion for Konoha.

Nonetheless, Mitsu is usually seen as tough by those who don’t know her. Stern, no-nonsense and business like when heading an activity, she sometimes passes off as a workaholic, but this is tempered down by her good sense of humor. She doesn’t get offended easily (which is good), but her anger is always very short, intense, and at times, destructive (which is bad). She does have her playful side, but that is only seen when she’s around her closest friends.

As reflected in her nindo, Mitsu doesn’t ever like to give up or quit, and as a result, can be tenacious, to the point of annoyance. When she wants something, she could go all out to get it, as long as her means of achievement do not clash with her personal morals. She’s not above slight flirting with the opposite sex in that matter, though that is dangerous ground to tread on. Why? Usually, any attempts by the opposite sex to move beyond ‘slight flirting’ results in a violent reaction.

In combat, Mitsu is an analytic thinker, and she prides in creating and utilizing elaborate plans to defeat the enemy. However, if she notices that the enemy is familiar with her trend, she may suddenly surprise them with a very simple strategy. Mitsu doesn’t advocate killing, unless where necessary. She’s very careful to look for a weak point, and when she does, she uses it against the enemy ruthlessly. She’s not above backstabbing, attacking from the shadows and pretence (heck, she’s a kunoichi, not a samurai), but she will never do such against an ally. If she considers the battle to be an honor battle however, she will fight honorably and play by the rules. If not, expect anything.

Mitsu is a good cook, as it is one of her best hobbies. She also enjoys reading, training, thinking and hanging out with her friends. She is neat and orderly, and dislikes chaos and dirt. She may come off as vain sometimes, because she’s always careful of her looks and likes to appear chic. She is utilitarian, though, and would more likely get an item because of its function, rather than aesthetics. She cannot stand traitors and is scared of perverts. If she can trust someone, she’s willing to sacrifice a lot (in the scope of her morals) and honors loyalty above all else. Her favorite food is ramen cooked in chicken broth with other condiments (green pepper, carrots, etc). She dislikes sake and boiled fish.

Occasionally, she spends time alone at her father’s grave, reflecting on her nindo and what she has achieved so far.

Clan: Uzumaki Ichizoku

Nindō: “… if there’s one thing I will never do, it’s quit. Endurance is my way of the Ninja… it is the way of the Ninja.”
“For my friends, nakama (comrades) and village, I am willing…”
“Strength is not a bludgeon with which to oppress the weak; rather it is a sword to protect the weak.”


Origin: Konohagakure

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Rank: Genin (C-rank)

Specialties: Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu

Elemental Affinities: Lightning, Earth

Combat Style: Although a versatile fighter, Mitsu favors fast paced battles, where a split second is enough to determine one’s fate She employs wily tactics and the element of surprise to catch her opponent off guard or make an opening, and at that point, she will attempt to end the battle in as few moves as possible. She is an “up, close and personal” combatant, favoring short range combat and taijutsu over long range. Mitsu is evasive, with powerful attacks. One of her favorite statements (and that pretty much sums up her battle nindo) when fighting is: “My next technique will end this battle.”

Special Characteristics:


Birth and very tender years
Uzumaki Tachimitsu was born into a shinobi family, where both parents were of the Uzumaki clan. Her mother died at childbirth, a strange occurrence for a clan member. She was named Tachimitsu by her father, ‘mitsu’ meaning ‘honey’ and ‘tachi’ meaning ‘cutting’. Thus, her name could be roughly interpreted as ‘honey with a razor edge’. An only child, she was given special attention in all areas, including discipline, and at a very young age, her father taught her the importance of friendship, loyalty and patriotism. Virtually all of her skills, culinary and otherwise, were learnt from her father, who seemed to be the all-rounder type.

He, as at the time of her early life, was a young, promising Chuunin who was on the verge of becoming a Jounin. By the time she had clocked six, her father was promoted to the rank of Jounin, and she saw less and less of him every day. He had actually joined the ANBU unit, although he did not let her know at that moment. At times, she would have to stay with some of her father’s friends, pending the time he would come back. Regardless of this, whenever her father was around, he always found a way of making up for lost time. Their bond grew stronger over time and her knowledge of the ninja world increased.

Tragedy in Academy years
When she was eight, Mitsu was enrolled into the Shinobi Academy. In the Academy, she was ranked among the geniuses, because she had a taijutsu flair, and adding her perseverance and diligence, she stood out among her peers. You could say life was rosy for the little girl: no problems at home, easy grasp of her abilities, naturally intelligent and all what not. It was at this time, however, that fate dealt her a harsh blow.

She came back from the academy, her heart beating in anticipation and excitement, because she had received a message that her father was coming home in the evening of that day. She waited till it was dark, but he didn’t return. So she stayed in the house, alone and worried, while fears gnawed at her thoughts and kept her from dozing off. Eventually, the fatigue of the day won over, and she wasn’t aware when she slipped off into a world of disturbing and uncertain dreams. A sound at the door brought her awake at once; she didn’t know whether it had been a knock, or something else. She rushed to the door and opened it, expectant, but she didn’t see her father. Instead, she saw someone walking away slowly, his head bowed. Wondering who he was, she called after him. Reluctantly, he turned, and she recognized him as a friend of her father, one he used to hang out with a lot.

”Please, have you seen my father? He’s supposed to be home by now”, she asked. He didn’t reply. Fear gripped her heart, and she ran towards him, repeating the question. Her father’s friend balked for a second, then regained himself and said that she shouldn’t worry, that everything was okay and she ought to get some rest. It was dark, and the moon was hidden behind the clouds, but she could swear she actually saw a tear trickle down the man’s face as he hurriedly turned away. Rationality flew to the four winds. The next thing she did was take off, towards the offices where the Hokage and other top ranking village officials worked. It wasn’t like she was going to find anyone at this time of the night, but she could think of nothing else to do. Her father’s friend caught up with her and tried to restrain her, and that was when she went hysterical. For a while, he struggled to keep her from getting off to God-knows-where, and then he quickly performed a one handed seal and put his other hand on her head. At once, the world spun around her and faded into black.

She awoke in her bedroom in the morning, alone, wondering whether the events that had transpired last night were all a bad dream. Then she heard voices downstairs. She recognized one of them as her father’s friend, the other, she didn’t know. The unknown voice berated her father’s friend for being soft for an ANBU soldier, and then there was sudden silence. How they knew she was awake remained a wonder to her, but the next thing she knew, the two men walked into her bedroom. She didn’t wait; she threw her question at the unknown guy, who wore an ANBU mask to add more mystery to his already dark aura:

”Please, tell me what is going on. What has happened to my father?”

The ANBU man replied gravely, ”Your father was a brave man. You should be proud of him…” So saying, he brought out another mask from within his robes and handed it to her. It was cracked and stained with blood on the outside, with a kanji marking that read ‘secret’ on the inside.

”What’s this?” she asked with a shaky voice.

”He was killed in his last mission,” the ANBU answered. ”One of their contacts betrayed them and they would all have been killed. Your father had been badly injured, but he still protected his nakama, and died saving them. His death gave them the means to escape and still salvage the mission. I’m sorry, and Konohagakure shares your loss.”

She broke down and wept bitterly. Her father’s friend stayed behind to comfort her, while the ANBU excused himself and left. Her father’s name was inscribed in the list of the fallen heroes and he was interred in the appropriate memorial park. After his burial, it was like she lost all hope, and allowed her life to fall to pieces. Feeling bitter and desolate that her father had just died off and left her all alone, she dropped out from the academy, thereby missing the final examination. She kept away from people and locked herself indoors. All attempts to bring her out of the melancholia failed, and soon, she began contemplating suicide… until someone came…

The Visitor
The visitor arrived on a cloudy morning; a simple nothing-out-of-the-ordinary fellow, save the bandages that covered his entire torso and arms. Originally, she refused to open the door for him, telling him to go away and leave her be, but he found a way of getting in (Doton, actually) just to prove that nothing would stop him from having an audience with her. His persistence won in the end, but she warned him that he had only two minutes and that was that (after she made him fix the floors somehow). So he jumped straight to the point. Drawing a scroll from his pouch, he summoned a much larger one from it and handed it to her. She was surprised, because she recognized it as a signature scroll her father carried around. He then informed her that her father instructed him to give her the scroll if he didn’t survive, and that there was a very special message for her within it, a message which could be unlocked by a ‘secret’. Then he bowed, telling her that he wished there was another way he could show his appreciation to her father for saving his life. It was then she realized that he must have been part of her father’s ANBU team, but the man left with a Shunshin no jutsu when she tried to press him for further information. Wondering what all this was about, but having nothing to lose, she found the cracked ANBU mask, opened the scroll and sat down.

The Paradigm Shift
All she saw in the scroll was a large circle with the same kanji symbol that was on the mask. The kanji on the mask was the key to unlocking the secrets of the scroll, she thought. Placing the mask in the circle, she waited. The kanji symbols glowed purple for a second, and then seals and writings rapidly raced out from the circle and covered the inside of the scroll. The first instruction written on the scroll was to place her hand on a large seal that was at the opening end. She obeyed, and suddenly found an apparition of her father sitting opposite her. He was quick to inform her (before she reacted irrationally) that what she was seeing was just a memory that would soon fade, the effect of a Genjutsu, but that she should pay full attention. He then apologized for “dying on her”, stating that he actually created the scroll shortly after he joined ANBU, in case something like this happened. He then asked her to put her other hand on another seal. On doing so, she found herself in the midst of a battle…

Or rather, it was like she was watching from someone else’s eyes. The apparition appeared again and told her that this was a powerful Genjutsu that would enable her to share events previously experienced by her father, while robbing her of her own emotions, so that they would not interfere. Here, she would partake of his joys and griefs, and perhaps find a reason to live, if she’d lost it. As all these emotions washed over her and as she saw some heroic feat performed by one Shinobi or the other, it was like life was slowly seeping back into her. The loyalty with which these ninjas protected their comrades and fought for them and the village found a place in her heart. And then the final scene that led to his death transpired before her eyes. She discovered that even if he had not sacrificed himself, he would have died anyway, because the betrayal had left him fatally wounded and the med-nin in their unit had already been killed. All he could think about at that point was his little girl and how she would cope. He knew that his death would likely shatter her and he needed to give her some confidence, some encouragement, some hope. But how could he get to her? Ingeniously, he was able to inscribe all his emotions into a seal and store it within the scroll, which he handed over to a colleague, along with his mask, on which he inscribed another seal. The message was for his daughter’s eyes alone, and the seals would react specifically to her chakra, making it impossible for another to read the scroll. Lastly, there was a secret in the scroll that was meant for her: the rudiments of the Uzumaki Ichizoku abilities. With proper use, she could learn from it and become a master someday. Since his nakama needed to get away, he asked them to leave him in a cave which had to be passed through to get to the other side. There, he rigged the whole place with explosive seals, and his life ebbed away just as the enemy nin found him. The resultant explosion took them all out, giving his nakama the chance to complete their mission and return home. But as he died, he had one wish.

The apparition then spoke to her: ”Mitsu, please I need you to promise me one thing. Just this one little thing. Promise me that you’ll never forsake your dream that you told me about: that you’d grow up to be a strong kunoichi, loved and respected by Konohagakure. And that you’ll make good friends, and learn new jutsu, and surpass my talent. I want you to live, Tachimitsu. Don’t let my death kill your gift. Please, do that for me, my dear. Live!”

The apparition faded away and she returned to the present. All at once, she was on her feet, running. To the memorial park where her father had been buried she hurried, and she was crying again. Only this time, she was smiling. She knelt down and hugged the epitaph that marked his final resting site, thanking him for giving her a little hope again, for making her feel his love at this time of great depression. And she promised:

”I promise, father,” she said amidst her tears, ”I promise, I will live. Just as you’ve asked of me, I’ll live to be strong, loved and respected. And I will endure till I fulfill this promise. I’ll never again give way to despair; I’ll never again lose hope. And even if the entire universe should fall to pieces all around me, even if loyalty and honor should fail, if there’s one thing I will never do, it’s quit. Endurance is my way of the Ninja… it is the way of the Ninja.”

Current Arc
Tachimitsu resumed at the academy, after almost a year of staying away. With renewed effort and determination like never before, she finished from the Shinobi Academy at the age of thirteen, a year later than when she should have originally completed it. But that’s trivial, according to her, a thing of the past. Now, she pursues her goals relentlessly, spurred on by the promise she made her late father and the Will of Fire, which burns brightly within her soul. Her father’s cracked mask sits on her mantelpiece, to always remind her of her promise and her nindo.

Roleplay Sample: It was raining profusely, and dark clouds had blotted out the light of the moon. The night was rather dark, but it was not impossible to navigate. Mitsu idly wondered why the cold didn’t seep into her body; why she barely felt the rain. She walked slowly, her mind filled with many thoughts, until a swift movement focused her attention.

She frowned slightly. Someone was hiding, trying to keep his presence concealed from her. She shrugged mentally, not slowing down at all. She wouldn’t let him, or her, or them (perhaps) know that she was aware of their existence, until they attacked. Another movement, but this one was closer and more visible. She turned her head in that direction in time to see a large jet of water coming her way with a frightful force.

She had to admit, she impressed herself. She twisted off to the left, evading the Suiton attack and fluidly drawing a kunai from her utility pouch. Her assailant, on discovering that there was no more place to hide, came out. ”I should have known… Nukenin.” Again she wondered why there were so many of them moving together. There were actually six of them, drawing out weapons and grinning fiendishly. One of them, presumably the leader mocked, ”You’re badly outnumbered, girl. And we’ve no intention of… Oomph!”

The criminal was cut short by a hand that connected soundly with his face, sending him flying like a ragdoll. Again, Mitsu had impressed herself. She had run forward, so swiftly that it was nigh impossible to react to her speed, and pummeled their leader in the face. She had to allow herself a smirk. The attacked Nukenin sat up, holding his bleeding mouth. ”The $#@##! are you waiting for?! Kill her!!” One of them, who was directly behind her, charged. Without turning, she stopped him with a back kick to the stomach, and immediately grabbed the wrist of another who thought he could attack at that opportune time. Belatedly, she tried to duck away from an incoming punch, which actually missed her face, but glanced off her collarbone. Once again, she was mildly surprised it didn’t hurt. But she wasn’t about to wait for the one that would cause her pain. Swiftly, she smacked the one she had been holding into the one that attacked her, dispatching them at once. The others exchanged glances and fled.

Ignoring them, she walked up to their leader, who hadn’t quite got his wits about him to flee. ”I guess this is where I take you in, right? And it was all too easy…”

She woke with a start, finding herself on the floor of her bedroom. ”A dream, huh? Little wonder so many things seemed out of place.”, she thought amusedly as she drew herself to her feet and peered outside. The sun was just starting to rise above the horizon, sending majestic rays outwards that sliced the darkness, chasing night to the other side of the heavens. It was about time she got up. ”Well, it’s not a crime for a girl to dream… I hope I’ll be that strong, or even stronger in the future. Wonder though… was it what I ate last night that caused me to have such a dream? Not likely…”

Mitsu stepped out of her bedroom with a yawn, preparing to clean up and face the day. Hopefully, it would be a good one…



Academy Jutsu:



Clan Jutsu:

Fuuin - Taijutsu:


Ninja Kits:
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Tachimitsu [Konoha Genin] Sat 02 Jul 2011, 2:05 pm

Not sure if this is fully complete considering it doesn't have a [WIP] in the title...however

1/2 approved
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Well, he is supposed to have a picture at the top, but I think I can let it slide this time.

2\2 Approved. Have fun roleplaying!
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