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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage]

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Vide
PostSubject: Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] EmptyWed 13 Nov 2013, 2:20 pm

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] WithoutAnything-8


Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Face-1
The Face. Inoshi's face is perhaps the most striking part his entire anatomy. Despite having a toned body, his face is the area where most of his emotions and expressions come through. That is to say, Inoshi expresses himself through the various points on his face. The most important part of Inoshi's face, when it comes to expressing himself, are his eyes. Bright blue, like the deep depths of the ocean, Inoshi carries eyes that double as his other weapons. Paired with his shocking intensity, these orbs can become a tool to stab someone down, or back them into a corner. While speaking with some, his eyes will just barely flare open, creating micro-expressions that prove devastating and intimidating. The next important area to note is his mouth, bordered by full lips. Despite this being the area through which he talks, Inoshi is constantly creating various smiles and mouth movements which give off his emotions in clear indicators. Perhaps the most impressive and iconic look is the snake like, almost venomous smile he gives off when intrigued by something, or while planning some kind of vile event. In terms of just bland appearance, however, his face is beautiful. Scary, and completely terrifying, but beautiful nevertheless. Each feature is absolute, sharp, and extreme. Large, expressive eyes lay below flexible and expressive eyebrows. High cheekbones match the line of his razor sharp jaw. His skin is smooth and without blemish; or any kind of facial hair. Despite his age, Inoshi looks to be much younger, often mistaken for a much younger man - some even daring to go as far as to say he looks to be a teenager still; though, for the most part, most would agree that he looks to be in his early twenties.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Body-1

The Body. While his body is not as important in expressing emotions as his face, Inoshi uses his body in a different, just as important way. Over the years, more and more, Inoshi has added a wild, sexual energy to his appearance, representing the deviant nature always present within him, through mostly dormant until his more experienced years. Cloaking himself in the perfect clothing to accentuate his tall and worked out body, without trying, he makes himself into a honey trap. His anatomy has come a long way on the road of maturity, developing himself into quite the man. Powerful muscles line his body, though they do not take away from his slender appearance. Broad shoulders act as the perfect hangers for whatever clothing he is wearing, with capable arms and a robust chest and stomach. Even so, his skin is smooth and without the touch of age; a hairless chest goes far to feature the tone and deviation of his muscle groups. Long legs complete his look, allowing him to stand taller than most. Beyond that overview, however, there are some key features to pay attention too. Having gone through numerous phases of mentality in his life, Inoshi is a canvas which shows his progression through the ages. When he was younger, in his teenage years of running the Kirigakure council, before his anointment as a Mizukage, he was much more rebellious - much more teenager. On one occasion, Inoshi got his ear pierced, though it was not a superficial body modification - it had a message. In the Yamanaka Clan's history, they were paired with the Nara Clan, as well as the Akimichi Clan members, each wearing a single earring; together, the group would have three earrings, as such. Inoshi's left ear was pierced six times, all up the side, and into the cartilage. The message behind the piercings was something boastful and arrogant: "I do not require such counterparts. I have the ability to become my own, functional team, which is still more accomplished." It is with this arrogance that he leads himself.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Overview
The Attire. There are many, vastly different styles of clothing that Inoshi wears - each depending on the goal, mission at hand, kind of day, and personal motive. Though, in more general statements, it is good to know and assume that each and every article of clothing the proud Yamanaka owns is made with the utmost quality; as well as some of the most expensive fabrics. He will go a long way to accomplish his look, though time is not really required; he has been known to look much more casual, mostly on days in which he does not have to present himself to others. Though, for the most part, even on these days he comes with the full blown demeanor of superiority. He likes fabrics and clothing which drapes and hangs about him in a robe or cloak's fashion. Though, he does not like wearing a uniform, most of the time - or anything that is stock, and ordinary. It is for this reason that he does not, and did not often wear the traditional robes of the Mizukage. Instead, he wore custom made variations, each with a heavy taste of nobility and royalty. On missions, however, Inoshi has been known to wear the common gear of a shinobi - or while training with himself; though even this happened more when he was younger, and has become less and less a part of his routine. Conceivably, the man's favorite, or at least most worn outfit, is a white cloak like haori and shihakusho variant, as shown below in the picture. Because it is mostly devoid of color, Inoshi often pairs it with a waist band of color, often one of the cooler colors, such as purple of blue: blue matching his eyes, and purple being his favorite color. Other than this, Inoshi is most commonly seen in draping, purple silk and other fine fabrics which he wears in almost seductive ways, just barely allowing himself to grab the sexual attention of others, and corrode their will with his potent presence and wall breaking personality.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Gin_ou10
The Overview. It is hard to explain Inoshi without making the comparison of something otherworldly, and completely divine. Every curve of his body, turn of muscle tone, the very color itself of his skin seems to ride right along the edge of perfection. Years do not even begin grasp at his physicality, unable to touch him and leaving him as if he was no older than twenty at the latest. No signs of wrinkles, or any kind of aging marks, even facial lines from normal human's emotion are devoid on him. This means that he does not even have noticeable smile lines, laugh lines, or any kinds of lines around his eyes. Despite not looking awkwardly young for his age, his youth is astonishing. Inoshi has medium length hair that falls down to about his shoulders when left untamed; he has been known to, however, pull it back into a neat pony tail, despite its short length, or a sloppy bun while working. Inoshi stands at around six feet tall, weighing one hundred and ninety pounds, all weight that is added through his muscle. While he is lean still, he has a large muscle mass that does not by any means make him look bulky. Below, a small excerpt of Inoshi will be given to more accurately sum him up, taking into account that he is within his mission attire in the excerpt; it is also important to note that this excerpt is taken from his younger days, taking into account that there have been gradual changes to his personality, and thus the way he holds himself.

The Example. Inoshi looked different today. Longer blonde hair was left unkept, and let down, barely touching his shoulders. Ice blue eyes stared and moved along as they followed what they followed. Perfect features, perfect skin, tanned with the effects of sun on his body. And yet, there were no signs of aging, no wrinkles, hardly even any laugh or smile lines. His emotionless face had left him more than perfect. A slender nose, tipped with a slight upward bend, and without flaws or bumps. Lips like flowers themselves, full and yet without looking like oddly proportioned weights on his face that dragged him downwards. A powerful and razor sharp jaw line carved his face's bottom half, and ran parallel with the pronounced cheek bones, high cheek bones, but not alien looking. A muscular, long, and yet thin neck held his head up high, a pompous look spread across his face, as it normally was. Strong lines like a capital V rode down his neck until they centered out in between two collar bones - each pushing forward, and padded by muscle on each side. Purple fabric cut itself in a V that complimented the V in his neck muscles. The V in the shirt was cut low, and allowed the beginning of Inoshi's muscles to be shown. However, what was not shown directly was portrayed with the bumps and lumps of muscle that were shown off within the constrictive form of the tight shirt. Although it was not skin tight, or even close, it was tight enough to reveal his fit, lean, and toned body. The shirt was not the only thing that he wore over his body, however. Over the shirt was vest worn by most Kirigakure jounin operatives that were acting within village official missions. However, Inoshi wore a form that did not have the longer shoulder guards on them, and instead it just cut off like a tank top, allowing his short sleeves to poke through. The vest was unzipped past the limit of the purple V neck, making sure that no skin was hidden where it did not have to be.

Inoshi's head band was wrapped around his forehead, without using the normal shinobi forehead protector - instead it was more like a bandanna that covered the top of his head, and allowed his hair to fall forth in a rugged way about his head. It was slightly bent, or at least positioned so that it was not lined up to be straight forward - instead the head band, metal forehead protector was running more along the side of his forehead, pushed slightly to the left. Black pants clung to his waist, and moved down his legs until midway down his calves, where they were replaced with netting, like fishnets, with another gray cloth under them so as to keep from cold temperatures. On his back was a large pack, at least large by shinobi pouch standards, that contained his weapons, and ninja tools. On his leg, his right thigh, he had a shuriken, kunai, and senbon holster. His shinobi shoes were back, high tops with the zippers slightly unzipped, so as to show the continuation of the netting down to his ankle - but that was covered by the shoes. His legs were long, graceful, lean and slender, and the black of his pants only made them appear to be more so.

The Forehead Protector. Inoshi, despite being the village's Mizukage, does not wear a forehead protector. It is widely known that he is the village's Mizukage, and that he was a major political figure head even before his official appointment. Instead, Inoshi's village symbol is printed on the middle of the back of his Mizukage robes. Though, beyond this, it has been known for Inoshi to go without any kind of emblem of his village, often interacting with other groups and forces that have nothing to do with his nation. He is a very mysterious person, and does not often wear such a label, in an attempt to be more invisible. Though, as a public figure, he wears the robes of his nation.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] InoshiCircle-2

Personality: Crazy. Egocentric. Prideful.
So much of Inoshi is always changing. New ideas sprout at every instant. New emotions will rise, and fall. Everything is in a constant state of creation, preservation, and then destruction. Each new goal brings him higher and higher, only to realize that he could be doing more, and so he does. Each individual that enters his space is disregarded as a mere ant that he could step on, or something smaller and even more insignificant. Inoshi is the perfect combination of a thinker and a doer. Not one or the other, but both. His active mind always pushing him to start something, and finish it, and then start something else. This leads to a solitary life style that brings him further and further away from other people, and allows his brain to rev up, and power through whatever is needed of him. Always trapped behind a skeptical lens on life, Inoshi sees the world in whatever color he wishes to see it in, acting as a prelude to his actions, and explaining some of why he does what he does. His inability to see others as people that remain on his level, Inoshi hardly divides his respect to anyone, and instead demands all of their respect from them. With a haughty, low voice he cuts at any individual that leaves an opening for him to do so. Always watching and feeling for someone's insecurities just so that he can exploit them, Inoshi studies people and their reactions to anything he may say, memorizing everything, and placing it in the sectioned off categories that make up files within his mind.

In battle, Inoshi relies on a different kind of power to gain him a win. Instead of wielding a large weapon which he swings around before charging inwards to the fight, Inoshi combats with a different way of doing things entirely. He pulls his power from a tactful presence that casts his opponents into the shadow of their own demise. Letting the opponent beat themselves with their own actions, Inoshi only moves when he needs to, and only strikes when he has fully examined the weakness of his opponent. Comparison, strategy, and wit allows Inoshi to take the lead situation in any scenario with ease. Pulling back, and becoming seemingly less aggressive, Inoshi puts his opponents through a long series of tests, getting them right where he wants them before he can move in with his death strike. Inoshi has no qualms about bloodshed, and is ruled by his own, twisted and malicious laws of when it is and is not right to dispose of someone. Normally, should he deem them useless, or without a purpose, as well as hostile or unintelligent enough to do battle with himself, he will not have a kind of second thought about destroying any last trace of the enemy. However, Inoshi is not so wild to get himself caught up in a lawful situation. Wit, tact, strategy, and bent loyalty places him in the throne, and gives him the scepter with which he can dictate what he wants, when he wants, and how it is to be delivered. And he gets it.

When around other individuals, Inoshi can act in a multitude of ways, depending on the kind of person that he is with. Each of these differences are very different, and leave him extremely hard to predict. Around most people, however, Inoshi is automatically put into a place of scanning, and judging. In a way, Inoshi does what he does through pain of boredom with his own life, wanting to know and understand just how it is that others work, and why they cling to such small desire - why they are led by such whimsical emotions, and unruly, not yet calculated choices. Inoshi, as such, is critical, and without a filter, telling just what he wants to tell without any regard for someone's feelings. In fact, should Inoshi, in any way, provide a filter is a great honor - or a way for him to manipulate his way into or out of a situation that he wants or does not want. Because of this, he has created himself to be a very powerful silver tongue, and allied himself with all of the right active forces to enable his getting what he wants. Around other individuals, however, he can act completely different. Secretly, Inoshi searches for compassion, and a love that was promised by his own mother upon death. He refused that this kind of love could exist until he found it himself - a love and caring for an individual as a friend, teammate, and companion. Inoshi's presence is always full of wit, and one can almost feel the harsh intellect that steams off of his person, however how he chooses to use this intellect is completely versatile. Through passing numerous repeated IQ tests, with the average IQ score of around one hundred and ninety six, sometimes higher, but rarely lower, Inoshi's powerful mind is justified. This just goes to show that Inoshi is above and beyond most of his peers.

Virtue is moral excellence. A virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness. The opposite of virtue is vice. Vice is a practice or a behavior or habit considered immoral, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a negative character trait, a defect, an infirmity, or merely a bad habit. Synonyms for vice include fault, depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption. Inoshi is much to complicated to talk about with the simple, one sided definition of virtue, or vice. Instead, most all of his actions are depicted as an acidic mixture of both. Inoshi holds very few things near and dear to himself, and does not care for much. He does not care about moral conduct, and would much rather act on personal interest, than the interest of others. This is, in part, forced into his list of vices and virtues simply because of the way he views himself - beautiful, untouchable, beyond the mortal level, and without flaw. Because of this, Inoshi thinks that others should not have a say against his word, unless those other individuals are individuals that he has come to respect, in the rare case that this respect is real and genuine. Inoshi does not consider himself loyal to anything, not even his own hidden village, despite his leadership positions that have come and gone in numerous forms. He only sees the village as a way to obtain what he wants, and conduct individuals as he sees fit. As such, he would never actively take up arms against the village, or wish for its down fall, but only because of selfish reasons.

There is an exception to all of this. Beyond all of the cleverly placed lies, and all of the sought out mental torture, Inoshi has one part of him that is completely dedicated and loyal. Upon his mother's death, when Inoshi was young, she told him to find love and someone that can hold that love. She told him that this was the most important thing. Inoshi's pride was a fully ironic character trait to take on, seeing as this made finding others and love that much harder. However over time, he shoved those words into the back of his heart, where they only acted through subconsciousness. Without knowing it, Inoshi spent every waking second of his days trying to find what it was that he would love in someone. These extremely rare things completely change Inoshi's way of being, and allow him to bring what little, pure innocence is within him to the exterior, and to be shown properly. One such example, and the only truly accurate example is that of the young boy named Hisoka, who Inoshi claimed as one of the rare things he could truly hold admiration for. His reasons are without logic, and his logic is without form. Instead, Inoshi has become completely dedicated to this boy, without disregarding himself, or his selfish pride. Because of this, Inoshi becomes even more unpredictable, seeing as he has extremely mixed feelings about his own priority, when compared to the priority of others.

Inoshi leads a lonely life style, full of wondering and full of studying. Inoshi does not go about making friends, or even caring about social interactions beyond those superficial enough to be actually important. Instead, Inoshi spends his time memorizing anything and everything that he can in order to be able to defend in almost any situation. Because of this, Inoshi has read hundreds of books on the architecture of every building within Kirigakure's walls, weather details, numerous sciences, numerous math subjects, geography, and ninja information. He spends his time flipping through book after book, quickly memorizing everything that it has to say with his perfect recall abilities, and photographic memory type. Because of this, he can either be found in the libraries, in the more secret and confidential archives of the Kirigakure ANBU, or actually out at the building's locations, checking out the architecture that caught his interest, instantly forming strategies should he be attacked right in this destination. It is not unheard of for Inoshi to remove himself from these duties and train in the ninja arts, but he is much more content tucked away where no kind of data could be gathered on him, working on developing different meridian confrontations in order to create powerful jutsu - or even jutsu jutsu that are tactical, and serve a specific purpose.

Recently, however, there has been an obsession that has kept Inoshi busy in other areas as well. This area of Inoshi's life is controlled by another boy, a best friend, a teammate, and a companion. This boy's name is Hisoka, a shinobi that has caught Inoshi's interest for whatever reason. This boy now has created a small rift in Inoshi's time frame, and now demands his presence. However, this is not a bad thing, and simply seen as another thing for Inoshi to do in the time that may have been blank before. Over the years, however, this friendship grew into a very meaningful companionship, in which both parties actively support each other emotionally, and live off of each other in a sense. Having gone through so much, and seen many things together, they are inseparable friends and teammates.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] The_fa13

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] The_v_10

Birthday: Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Astrological_Sign_Libra.svgOctober 27.
Gender: Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Gender_Male.svgMale.
Age: 34.
Height: 182.9 cm.
Weight: 86.2 kg.
Blood Type: AB.
Eye Color: Deep Blue.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Body Type: Athletic.

Classification: S Rank.

Affiliation: Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Kirigakure_Symbol.svgKirigakure.

Team: Kirigakure Council.
..........Twin Assassins.

Clan: Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Yamanaka_Symbol.svgYamanaka Clan.

Ninja Rank: Kage.

Nature Type:

Suiton Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Water.svg
Raiton Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Lightning.svg
Fuuton Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Wind.svg
Tōton Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Icesvg

Academy Grad. Age: 6


  • Inosa Yamanaka (Mother)
  • Shizu Yamanaka (Father)

Personal Nindōs: First. Strive, reach, and grasp for perfection, but never actually grab it, for achieving perfection is the one, immortal flaw.
Second. Every large step forward crushes numerous, small "insects" below. This does not mean, however, that one should never take steps forward.

Trivia: 'Ino' (イノ) comes from inoshishi (猪), meaning 'boar' and coming from the twelfth zodiac sign; ironic, seeing as Inoshi is not a bore on the zodiac. 'Shi' (死) means 'death,' and 'poem'. 'Yamanaka' (山中) means 'among the mountains'. Wild boar are heavily associated with mountains in Japan and are even called the 'whales of the mountains' (山鯨, yamakujira), because of the amount of meat they produce.

Inoshi's family used to own a flower shop, ran by his mother, which cultivated and raised numerous kinds of plants; some of which were exclusive to Yamanaka Clan gardens, and therefore highly valuable. Because of this, Inoshi received botanical teachings from a young age, generally able to define a plant and its properties on command.

Favorite Vegetables:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Crimini/Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Olives
  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • Chard
  • Squash
  • Yams

Favorite Seafood/Seafood Dishes:

  • Sashimi
  • Nigiri Sushi
  • Civiche
  • Tara
  • Ohyo
  • Sake
  • Sardines
  • Scallops
  • Prawns
  • Maguro

Favorite Fruits:

  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Grapefruit
  • Grapes
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Oranges
  • Peaches

Favorite Beans/Legumes:

  • Black Beans
  • Dried Peas
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lentils
  • Lima Beans
  • Miso
  • Tofu/Tempeh
  • Pinto Beans
  • Soy Beans

Favorite Grains:

  • Barley
  • Brown rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Rye
  • Spelt
  • Whole wheat

Favorite Herbs:

  • Basil
  • Black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chili pepper, dried
  • Cilantro/Coriander seeds
  • Cinnamon, ground
  • Cloves
  • Cumin seeds
  • Dill
  • Ginger

Favorite Sweeteners:

  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup


  • Green tea
  • Soy sauce

Known Aliases:

  • Yotō kokoro (与党心; Literally meaning "Rule of the Mind") is a nickname that is commonly paired with Inoshi of the Yamanaka clan due to many reasons. The first, of course, being the blatant fact that he is the ruler of the Yamanaka clan, and one of the most famed and powerful rulers that the clan has ever seen. Because of this, he has been dubbed by his adversaries as the mater of the mind, or the mind's ruler, seeing as his jutsu easily allow him to do just that; rule the mind of himself and others. Word of this name has spread throughout the village of Kirigakure, and even beyond the walls and into further lands. Even when individuals do not understand the reason for the name, they have most likely heard of it whispered among the lips of those that would wish to remain tucked away from governmental affairs.
  • Misuto no Kōtei (ミストの皇帝; Literally meaning "Emporer of the Mist") is a name that is common among any and all shinobi that know of Kirigakure. This name was given to him by few before he was even recognized officially as the Mizukage of the mist village, and has only become much more common as this recognition became official. This name is used in a similar way to the Mizukage, and it is a name that brings forth an auspicious aura, which is added to the interesting and some what deadly aura that the kage already carries around himself. This nickname is as common as simply calling him the Mizukage of the Bloody Mist.
  • Ketsueki o Hakobu Kare (血液を運ぶ彼; Literally meaning "He Who Carries The Blood") is a name given to Inoshi out of both fear and respect by many in and out of his village. This nickname was given to Inoshi before he became officially elected as the Mizukage, seeing as it was clear that he was the political force within the walls, as opposed to the previous kage. This name is testiment to his will in the government, and his political ways with passing numerous legislature, or letting others fall through. While he runs the perfect government, he does not let Kirigakure's name fall, and upholds the "Bloody Mist" title that has been given to the Mist Village by numerous neighboring lands.
  • Yuki no Seirei (雪の精霊; Literally meaning "The Snow Spirit") is actually a rather humorous nickname that Inoshi has - although it is not actually his nickname, or at least people dont know that it is his nickname. Allow me to explain: when Inoshi is around snow, his normal, twisted, dark, cruel, strategical, and logical side is thrown away temporarily and the polar opposite becomes the case. In this way, he becomes extremely child like, hyper, acts on nothing more than his gut, and gains a very hyper edge. However, the nickname came from the fact that, when it is snowing, Inoshi drops into a prank mode, and pulls pranks across his village, and on anyone that is close to him and lucky/unlucky enough to experience it. However, to this date, it is unknown that Inoshi is the "snow spirit" of the Bloody Mist, and hardly anyone would ever glue the childish prankster identity to someone like Inoshi without having conclusive evidence. Inoshi often hides his appearance in some form or another, and acts like a young, hyper cat after sniffing a substantial amount of cat-nip while it is snowing.
  • Kinpatsu no Hito (金髪の人; Literally meaning "Blondie") is a name that is only mentioned by one person in the entire world safely. That one person is none other than Inoshi's best friend, rival, and teammate Hisoka of the Ryoku. Hisoka first called Inoshi this as an insult, following it up with comments on Inoshi's apparent feminine appearance (due to his long hair at the time, and beautiful features), however it slowly adapted into something more of a very casual nickname that Inoshi has even come to accept as nothing more than a passing comment and friendly gesture. What is more, he would not waste his time trying to get the rambunctious friend to stop calling him that, it simply wouldn't be worth it in the slightest.
  • Nyūōdākingu (ニューオーダーキング; Literally meaning "King of the New Order") is a name Inoshi has given to himself, in dealing with his new creation - the organization and/or group called the Nai'Ouza. However, there is a strong sense of irony present, seeing as the group's name literally means "No Throne" yet the Yamanaka names himself King - a title often paired with a throne. It is unknown to most whether he intends for there to be such irony present, and if it means something deeper than just shallow hypocrisy.

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Vide
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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Kunaicopy-1

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-35326675
The Basics:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-35326870
The Mind:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-35326977
The Original:

  • Academy Ninjutsu Combat Style - Inoshi is actually an avid user of Kirigakure's Academy Ninjutsu, having learned and mastered them long before the other students and already having incorporated them into an advanced style based on deception. Because of their basic nature, they are easy to use in fights that do not require his full potential, or as mere distractions while he conjures up a real, much more sturdy plan. Inoshi often uses the clones and henge ninjutsu to disguise himself, or hide himself among numbers in combat to throw off his opponents.
  • Yamanaka Clan Jutsu Combat Style - The heart of Inoshi's jutsu, the Yamanaka Clan techniques are what Inoshi centers himself around. He considered these jutsu the reason he is as powerful as he is, claiming that they have trained his mind and soul to rise in level and merge into something entirely above that of a human. Inoshi uses these jutsu for tactical, as well as blunt and straight forward attacks; though most of his jutsu are much more heavy and deeply rooted in planning. Even so, Inoshi makes use of the broad space of this clan's jutsu, as well as the overwhelming information abilities they have in order to secure victory in the political battle ground, as well as other battle fronts.
  • Non Elemental Ninjutsu Combat Style: - Although non elemental ninjutsu can be quite powerful and used as a main forefront in combat, Inoshi prefers to use it in a slightly different way - for various other purposes. Serving as his tactical and strategical aid, Inoshi will use non elemental ninjutsu for supplementary things such as communication, or the creation of clones of various types which he uses to accomplish different goals. It is also important to keep in mind that Yamanaka Clan ninjutsu is, at its core, simply non elemental ninjutsu. Because of this, Inoshi is an avid supporter of it, and all that it has to offer, calling the pure chakra derived jutsu "pure." When he needs to buy time, or use some of ninjutsu's more side job related tasks, he'll call on his knowledge of non elemental ninjutsu. It is important to note that, when Inoshi is in the process of creating jutsu (his hobby), his favorite kind of jutsu are non elemental ninjutsu, the only thing which comes before genjutsu.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] MimeStyle
Name: Mime's Mind | Pantomaimu no Ki
Specialty: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu
Emphasis: Controlled chakra projection & elemental infusion.
Requirements: Yamanaka Clan. Taught by someone who knows.
Description: Having long since mastered the Yamanaka clan's ability to project chakra from their bodies, Inoshi has gone above and beyond, changing the basic principles of the Yamanaka's jutsu in order to create a much more physical style of jutsu. Instead of sending passive waves of chakra from his body, Inoshi has learned to, instead, send solid, pure chakra from his body which acts as a sturdy force of nature. Due to the chakra's nature, it is hardly visible at all, and can only barely be seen as a slight glowing surface(s). Quickly it took the resemblance of a Mime's invisible wall, thus earning it the nickname of the Mime's Mind Technique. What is more, because of the complex nature of the style's techniques, Inoshi will often focus to the point of silence, furthering the likening to a silent mime. When using this technique, Inoshi will generate a surge of chakra through the meridian points along his body and create solid surfaces and objects. With this, he is able to generate walls, and other defenses, as well as attacks. It is said that the level of control needed to manipulate the raw chakra into a shield form is nearly unheard of, and Inoshi's Barrier Ninjutsu is said to be some of the finest in the village. The walls and objects created from this style just barely glow with a dull light, sometimes tinted with the heavy purple of Inoshi's chakra.

Specialty Jutsu:

    Name: Menimienai Gijutsu; Buki o Mohō - Mimic Weapon
    Rank: D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close (0m - 5m), Mid (5m - 10m)
    Element: None.
    Description: Releasing a small amount of chakra, and manipulating it into a more solid mass, Inoshi will create basic weapons, such as kunai, shuriken, or senbon which function as normal weapons. However, due to the small amount of chakra placed into these weapons, they will vanish after the reach about ten meters from the caster, thus limiting their range. Up to five projectiles are created upon activation.
    Chakra Cost: 2

    Name: Menimienai Gijutsu; Kabe o Mohō - Mimic Wall
    Rank: D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close (0m - 5m)
    Element: None.
    Description: Inoshi will send a rush of chakra through his body, causing it to project from around him in such a manner that a solid field is generated. A wall, if you will, wrapping around him with enough power to deflect incoming projectiles, or attack of such power. Though, after prolonged use, the shielding wall fades; instantly flickering out when a stronger attack meets its surface. The shield is not strong enough to stand up to attacks of the C, or higher.
    Chakra Cost: 3

    Name: Menimienai Gijutsu; Te o Mohō - Mimic Hands
    Rank: C
    Type: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu
    Range: Close (0m - 5m), Mid (5m - 10m)
    Element: None.
    Description: A jutsu in which Inoshi projects solid chakra in the form of stretched arms and hands from his own arms. This, essentially, allows him to launch longer ranged arms at his opponents in order to attack them, grabbing them, or perform some other use. The arms fade if they are not kept up by chakra, but are able to stretch quite far, and quite fast; about the speed of a thrown kunai or shuriken. A solid and powerful enough attack will tear through these arms, causing them to undergo a state of reformation before continued use. These generated arms are no stronger than Inoshi's own, but can be launched with such force to create small craters upon shooting a punch in this way.
    Chakra Cost: 4 (2 per post)

    Name: Menimienai Gijutsu; Shōheki o Mohō - Mimic Barrier
    Rank: C-A
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close (0m - 5m), Mid (5m - 10m)
    Element: None.
    Description: Inoshi will create a barrier of chakra with differing levels of strength, depending on how much chakra he pours into the jutsu. The barrier also grows in size, depending on its rank, growing more and more massive. In the heat of battle, Inoshi is able to cast the jutsu with a single, outstretched hand, the large, invisible barrier able to deflect most attacks. Inoshi is able to apply chakra affinities to this wall, allowing it to have the advantage over some jutsu, and thus giving it a further resistance to jutsu even a rank higher than the casting of the wall. The created barrier looks similar to this in action.
    Chakra Cost: C: 6; B: 11; A: 21; S: 36

History: Always wanting to push himself beyond what is expected, and achieve new things, Inoshi created a new way of thinking about his acquired skills. Starting to debunk and deconstruct his jutsu, he figured a way to use his ability to project chakra form his body as a more solid means of combat. As soon as he had the thought, he began figuring out the logistics of the jutsu involved, creating a way to manipulate just how much chakra he released, and how to form it into a solid field before projecting it, as was and is done with many other jutsu in the shinobi world. Because of this, he was able to create a technique where he projected solid chakra. At first, the Mizukage had no name for this jutsu, dubbing it the "Silent Style" though it quickly earned the nickname of Mime's Mind Style. This was because, in the beginning, it was a very complex process in which Inoshi remained silent, like a mime. Then, the jutsu began to take the form of mime techniques, seeing as it allowed Inoshi to do things like generate nearly invisible walls.

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Vide
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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Water-1

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Watersvg Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_LightningsvgYamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 18px-Nature_Icon_Windsvg

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-20022969
The Water:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-200221087
The Thunder:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-200221198
The Winds:

  • Suiton Ninjutsu Combat Style: - Suiton is officially Inoshi's favorite element, and the element of choice when designing elemental jutsu - simply because it is so versatile and capable. Inoshi even loves suiton ninjutsu to the point of using its ninjutsu before the non elemental counter parts, with the prime example being Inoshi's loved jutsu "the water clone," perhaps his favorite ninjutsu of all time. In Inoshi's younger years, he was an avid user of the suiton element; at that time, only really having access to that elemental nature. Because it is so versatile, this is the kind of jutsu Inoshi uses most in physical combat with another ninja. What is more, because there can be such variation in the power of suiton techniques, he is able to use this kind of ninjutsu against his opponents no matter their level. As previously mentioned, the water clone is perhaps Inoshi's favorite ninjutsu, but it goes beyond that. When strategizing, Inoshi often uses water as a part of his plans, always counting on it to pull through and find a way to become useful.
  • Raiton Ninjutsu Combat Style: - As it may be, Raiton styled ninjutsu is perhaps Inoshi's weakest point among the numerous elements he possesses. Although he loves the element, and respects its power, his tendency to use this style in real combat is low. On top of that, when he does use Raiton style ninjutsu, they often are only used as distractions, or superficial attacks added to others for a mere power boost. Even so, he is a master with the element, and is capable of doing many things with it, it is just the element he uses the least. Possible thought would lead to it being simply based on the flashy nature of the jutsu clashing with his natural secretive personality. And even beyond personality, his over all combat style is very sleek, and generally not obvious or bright. Because of this, he uses these techniques as side techniques. It is uncommon to see Inoshi use raiton in combat, but it certainly has happened, and it can be very deadly.
  • Fuuton Ninjutsu Combat Style: - Fuuton is the newest element to Inoshi's list, discovering its nature within himself later than the other elements; though this does not mean he is any less a master with the element. In fact, it is arguable that he's had more experience with fuuton than with the raiton element. Inoshi loves the fuuton element due to its invisible qualities - which are also sharp. As an inventor of jutsu, Inoshi respects the properties of wind, and is astonished by wind's power. It is common, and almost definite that Inoshi uses a heavy dose of fuuton style ninjutsu when doing combat with those of the lower ranks. If suiton ninjutsu had not been so much a part of his original fighting style, and thus having gained such a familiarity with it, it is plausible that fuuton would be Inoshi's element of choice in combat. It goes perfectly with his silent, manipulative way of dealing in death, and is incredibly powerful. It is important to note that when Inoshi gets serious, he falls back onto the power of fuuton ninjutsu, as seen in his taking of Kirigakure's Daimyo.

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Advancedelement-1

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-169792837
The Continuation:

  • Tōton Ninjutsu Combat Style: - Inoshi came across the Tōton element, or Freeze element as an act of capping any kind of elemental weakness. Before this element's creation, he concluded that he still lacked elements which were stronger than that of suiton and fuuton, while he had the superior elements to every other element in the basic table. Using the fuuton chakra and suiton chakra, he created the ice release so that he could combat both suiton and fuuton, binding the ice to the point that it could not be cut or blown away by wind element techniques, and having the obvious dominance over water due to its ability to freeze liquids at will. Inoshi's Freeze release, however, is much more mutable than normal ice users, making numerous creations from the ice which may not be controlled otherwise, such as snow, black ice, normal ice, arctic winds, and frost.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] AmorphousGlass

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] AmorphousGlassLogo
Amorphous Glass:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-138459667
Amorphous Diamond:

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Genjutsu

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-3192022
The Trickery:

  • Genjutsu Combat Style: - Genjutsu is Inoshi's favorite form of shinobi art to use in combat, and he considered it his most powerful tool; the power of the mind. Similar to his interest in the jutsu of his clan, he is drawn to genjutsu simply because it is a derivative of the mind, and works in combat with emotions and thoughts, instead of with blades and kicks. Inoshi has an extremely wide selection of genjutsu, and he is more than likely to use genjutsu in combat against another shinobi that poses any kind of challenge. Normally, due to the cruel nature of his genjutsu, he does not often use them against shinobi of the lower ranks; this is also, and perhaps more heavily due to the fact that he would consider combat with a lower level ninja in which he used genjutsu completely boring and a waste of time. Because of this, he tends to only use genjutsu in serious combat, though there are exceptions for sure. The mind obsessed Inoshi loves thinking of new jutsu ideas, and exciting visuals to create with genjutsu all of the time, forming various ideas and creating them in jutsu form.

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Body

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-17780415
The Foundation:

  • Taijutsu Combat Style: - To Inoshi, physical combat represents two huge and important things in his life. The first, and the reason he delved into physical martial arts in the first place was in order to complete his knowledge of the Yamanaka Clan, becoming the more complete member. The reason for this thought simply being because each Yamanaka jutsu has the prefix words of "Mind body." Because of this, he concluded that a true ninja of the Yamanaka must master both the mind, and their own body in order to rise above and beyond their peers. Because of this, Inoshi puts a lot of effort, creativity, and thought into his martial arts, wanting to perfect them in order to progress with his overall potential power. The second thing, one perhaps not as official, but just as important, is simply the fact that it represents a wild fun to him. In Inoshi's past, he has been animated by rather rebellious acts, and to him, this is his way to vent this pent up physical aggression and energy. When Inoshi engages in physical combat with an enemy or opponent, he is almost always happy, or at least entertained. It can be said that, while it's not his strongest specialty, it is the one he has the most fun practicing and placing into real life scenarios.

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Shuriken

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-93833211

The Energetic:

The Physicality:

The Socialiality:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-16546537

Jounin Kit:

Explosive Kit:

Kunai Kit:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-45791457

Akarui Te:

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-177742514

Origin: Mizu no Kuni
Affiliation: Kirigakure no Sato
Rank: Mizukage [S Rank]
[Primary] Genjutsu
[Secondary] Ninjutsu
[Tertiary] Taijutsu

Elemental Affinities:
[First] Suiton
[Second] Fuuton
[Third] Raiton

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-319193587

Character Claim: M-21.
Source: Noblesse.
Image URL: Here.

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Vide
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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Scroll

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-93831415

    Crushing, pressing pain. Each push was only left in the confusion that had been brought on without the permission of the body. The squeaking of wheals screeched as the moaning woman rounded each bend in the white walled building. Each passing moment seemed to scream at her in different colors, first black and white, and then neon. Flashing, beeping, rushed communication in a dialect of English that was hardly human, filled with acronyms, symbols, codes, and medical terms, effectively leaving the most important person in the dark, despite her will to know. Her body swung with the bend of each turn in the white halls, only small noises able to escape her lips as the pressure started again. Pressure like a giant fist had taken hold of her weak body, unable to summon an adequate defense against the fist's power, only to fall victim to the crushing pressure once more. Each moment that passed was filled with the constant fight that she had been plagued with for three days. Contraction, after contraction threw her body about, and sucked the air out of her lungs before she was able to use it, leaving her fighting a war for numerous reasons with numerous enemies.

    It had been three days now. Three days since the first shot had been pumped into to the woman's thin arms, each shot with the assurance that it was being pushed in for the child's best interest. Three days since her body had been beaten and battered by the obvious force of itself. Three days since she had been able to close her eyes and gather energy to fight the largest battle of all, a battle that had been left for the future to decide the victor. It had been three days since the monotone voice had told her that what was being done was needed for the baby's safety and better development. Three days, seventy two hours, four thousand three hundred and twenty minutes since the doctors had told her that the baby within her stomach, a baby that had tried numerous time to push free of the restrictive and possibly damaging cage that was assumed to be protective, was going to be held in with the use of the synthesized liquid that invaded her body and broke the rules of nature. And three days since she had begrudgingly accepted this odd treatment. But today nothing went as planned.

    Each child serves nine months within the comfortable prison, fully spoiled and left to develop – however this child had a different story to tell. Another needle was to be forced into the soft but thin skin of the blonde haired, bedraggled woman. This time, the needle shared promise of finding why the child had been trying to push itself through without serving its full time inside, and why the doctors were still needing to push it back. Six weeks early, and trying to relieve itself, and yet only to find an artificial barrier that blocked its way. That was what separated this infant from most others. Correction, this was only one of the things that separated this child's story from that of the others that he would later grow up with and develop his own life with. This is the story of a miracle:

    Each second caused another beep, each half second pushed another high pitched noise from somewhere else in the room. Each movement that the blonde, beautiful woman made caused some waving line to pass another mark, and dictate something. Each breath she took caused a toxic colored, glowing pair of numbers to fluctuate in value. The woman's name was Inosa. Her head moved from one side of the room to the other, trying to find anything to look at, anything to grab, anything to distract her from the process. A gel, cold and translucent, was smeared on her enlarged stomach, preparing her for the ultrasound that was to provide a location of the troublesome infant inside of her in order to avoid damage with the next intruding needle that the white clothed, masked individuals were going to shove at her. At six weeks early, the contractions had started, but the doctors had told her that she needed to stall the birth in order to provide more time for the baby boy's lungs to fully develop. This stalling time was brought on by a system of shots designed to keep the body from pushing hard enough to send the child through, as it normally would – however it did not stop the pushing altogether. Machinery blinked to life, activating the large, humming machine that was able to penetrate her body and create images based on whatever technology allowed ultrasounds to work.

    It was then that the masked, white cloaked, and baffled humans that hovered about the room turned and saw what had been causing the child to try and fight for its life with such intensity. They saw the cause for the child's need to leave as early as possible. There, in the stomach, where the intestines would normally be, was a large, blank blot. A cyst. A sure tell sign that the infant had been ingesting some kind of poisonous material, given to the mother without her knowing. However the small baby's body had done something peculiar, and fought the poisonous materials off by itself. The result was a large compilation of fluids and solids that had been condensed by the child's already active protective system into a guarded barrier. Each doctor blurted out a different word, each other doctor in the room instantly being able to solve for x without problem while Inosa could only draw a blank, her pain only increasing with the sudden buzz of excitement and activity around her. Each question of what could be going on tore through her mind, but soon she was answered; answered by action. No more shots were administered to keep the male infant from coming out – just the opposite now. Everything was done to speed the process of getting him out as soon as humanly possible.

    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 200px-Medical_Teams_Symbolsvg

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-93831277

    A tall, blank faced man, also endowed with long hair skidded and shuffled behind the woman, remaining silent and wide eyed in seeming disbelief. The hectic noise of the otherwise silent rooms became constantly louder and louder. It was exponential increase. Chemicals released, triggers fired, and the woman was put under the influence of her own body's panic systems, all consecutively firing in order to act as the first line of defense from the unfortunately professional act that the uncaring, and hidden doctors put on. Soon, movement struck at the woman, and she was pushed, grabbed, and lane down on a hardened, bed. A pathetic excuse for cushions allowed for some kind of false comfort, which was, in all seriousness, a futile thing to even consider. The fist was back, but stronger. This time it beat down on the woman. This time it pounded on the woman. This time it wailed at her defenses, and worked in unison, not against them. Squeezing at the metal bars that locked her into the frame of hardened bed like material, she pushed. Training did not matter in the moment, breaths came and left as they could. The stomach was not given a break, and neither was the woman. Her hands lost their grip on the metal as feeling receded from them. Her grip grew weak, and her breaths grew staggered. What seemed like hours passed as the female pushed, and contorted herself in order to cope with the pain. It was her will against the fist that beat down on her – fully loaded with pent up intention to help her, but with what measure of gentleness?

    Finally, the brutal combination of sharp and dull pains clawed at the woman with more lethal claws than what had been used before, and the fist slammed down one last time, this time so hard that the result was finalized. Only something was wrong. The beeping, buzzing, whirring, screeching, zooming, noises were drowned out by silence. The silence held the slot for one noise that did not sound. The shifting, moving, transposing, fluctuating, and hurried lights suddenly did not shine in the same way. Something was, in fact, wrong. In the short time that a mother would have to wait to be able to hold their healthy, new born baby, the cloaked and heartless operators slung it mercilessly from her body, and clipped the small cord that symbolized the quickly dying bond that the infant shared between its own dwindling soul, and the mother's own nurturing, beneficial creation driven prowess. Once severed from the silent child, looking lifeless at the ceiling of the new world, shocked, and disturbed by the cruel and disgusting nature of the race that he was being born into as he was whipped back and forth between careless hands and dropped on a plate. Quicker than the small, fighting male could adapt to the environmental cacophony of electronic turmoil, slivers of metal were shoved into his body. It did not matter that it hurt. It did not matter that this child was fresh from the dark, wetness that had hugged him into existence. Similar needles that had been poked at Inosa, only threatening of different toxic liquids, were stabbed and bayoneted into the raw skin of the male. Quickly the lights and sounds that bounced off the walls hundreds of times before finally resting in silence – only to be replaced by another set of boisterous noises – began to dissipate. Each swirling vortex of mystery that hung in the small boy's vision blurred, and fell into blackness. Five hours of digging, cutting, cleaving and carving into the innocent and undeserving flesh entailed, the first of numerous sessions, leaving the child to look like something much more machine than human. Metal needles porcupined from all over the suckling's body. Two in each feet, two more in each leg. Three in each arm. Plastic dug through the body, feeding what it could in the form of crude and busily placed tubes. The infant's eyes looked glazed over, not moving, not crying, not even observing the cruel world that it had been brought into without a second opinion. However the woman's day was not over. Inosa was wheeled back into another room, expecting to find the loving, albeit gentle, embrace of her loved one – only to find the corner that he had pushed himself into to be empty. He had gone, overwhelmed by what he had seen, and unable to push enough affection from his persona to override his own selfishness. What was more, the quickly spoken words of the pale faced, and colorless doctors revealed another thought-to-be truth. The cyst that had formed was absolutely the sign of permanent poisoning, which meant that the woman would have to be force fed lessons on how to keep her suffering baby boy alive until he choked on his own body's mucus, and fell dead. Days passed, weeks passed. Each day the caring and concerned mother would bore through the shield of paper work and needless questions to see the boy, confined once again in a damaging ambiance. Each time she would watch as other loving parents came in to see their own children within the problematic room. Some children were small, disfigured, or covered in needles just as Inosa's was. It did not matter the cause of being placed in the room – each visit only ended in tears and the same two questions to be asked to whatever was listening anywhere: “why me?” and “why my baby?”

    However, this is the story of a miracle. Miracle, noun; an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. Some call the life cycle itself a miracle, others doubt it and claim to blame it only on science and facts. Days later, another test was done. The boy's body had disposed of the poisonous threat, and in fact, had returned itself to a healthy state. It was on that day that the caring mother, a woman who had created signs to keep those ugly noises and people away from her baby while he tried to rest and heal, and a woman that had shared unconditional motivation to come out on top and not allow the sick tendencies that life sometimes had to emerge victorious in this battle, was able to walk free, holding her battle prize in her hands. This is the story of Inosa. This is the story of a miracle. This is the story of a boy that grew up healthy and strong despite the odds, and remains that way today. This is the story of a boy named Inoshi.

    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 200px-Medical_Teams_Symbolsvg

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-16546312

    A kiss on the forehead caused the tiny four year old's face to light up in a smile, and sent him running across the room to jump onto his bed. The blond hair on his head bobbed up and down as he ran, his miniscule body covered by nothing but an oversized and baggy short sleeve shirt that would be too large even for the average adult Yamanaka. A large v neck sliced down the front, which carved a path down most of Inoshi's small and underdeveloped chest, explosing one full side of his small chest at a time, or both when sitting. Nothing else covered his body, causing the doting mother to laugh as the shirt flung up over his body, laying on his face, as he leaped onto the bed. Instantly spinning around, Inoshi did not mind or notice that his shirt was covering nothing that it was supposed to be covers, as was such for a small four year old child. Clapping his hands together, Inoshi bounced without much movement on the large bed. It was where he and his mother both slept when his father was out on missions.

    “Mommy, mommy! Tell me a story! Finish the one you told me yesterday!”
    “Inoshi, darling, I have tried to tell you that story three times now. You always fall asleep during it.”
    “Mom! That's because there is a boring part! Make it more fun!”
    “I have tried, but you always get mad at the main character.”
    “No! I am not mad. I am... I am not mad!”

    The mother chuckled and scurried over, her hands instantly grabbing the shirt and pulling it down over Inoshi's knees. As if he did not notice or mind at all, Inoshi studied his mother's, waiting for her answer. Would she tell that story, or come up with another one. The story was about another ninja that was known throughout the Yamanaka clan for being extremely powerful. He was able to accomplish anything that he put his mind to. The man found a mistress from the clan, and fell in love with her. They each grew in love, however, at one point, the clan started to turn into something that it did nto used to be. The maiden wanted to the man to stop bending with the clan, telling him that she did not want it, and that she just wanted to live in peace. But the man did not listen, and followed the will of the clan, searching and doing bad things. Inosa never said what it was that they were doing, but said that some saw them as the bad guys. Inoshi understood that well enough. Bad guys were people that did horrible things for their own good. He always wanted to be a good guy that could run and chase after the bad guys. That way he could someday have a story about himself that a mother would tell their child. But he never understood why the man in the story did not just settle down, and love his lover. He never got passed that part in the story before he would complain about it, and then, shortly after, fall asleep. His mother always just said that it was the way the story went, and you could not just change it because you wanted to. Inoshi didn't agree, but no one oculd argue with their mothers. That was against the rules.

    “What's on your mind, sweety?”
    “I was just thinking about the story.”
    “What about it, hun?”
    “... Why can you not tell it differently? Why can't you just change the story? Why can he be a good guy?”
    “Because that isn't the story, Inoshi.”

    As Inosa spoke, she patted Inoshi's hair, and calmed some of the sporatic oddities about it, that flung around his face. He had gotten it wet on that day, soaked in the ocean that was not far from his home. His hair, as such, was bent and dirty from the salt water. Inosa had already asked him to bathe, but he had refused, and she accepted the refusal. Normally, she would make him, but earlier she had said 'this day is all about you.' Inoshi used that to its fullest extent, and she did not mind.

    “I love you, you know that right, Inoshi. You're my little hero!”
    “I love you too mommy!”

    Inoshi spoke with an excited tone, completely thrilled that he was compared to the clan legends that he heard about. It was always the leader of the clan, the most powerful ninja of the clan, which, at the moment was his own father. He was always cautious around his father, always wanting to show him how good he was at what he was doing, always giving him small drawings, and findings that he would pick up along the beach. Even on the rare occasion that he would find a sand dollar, he would give it to his father with a cute, adoring, and respectful smile. He did not see nearly as much of his father as he did his mother, however, since he was always gone on missions as one of the leading members of the village's military system. Inoshi knew only minimul information on all of it, and could hardly care less as long as he had his mother with him. Of course he wanted to see his dad, but every time that he got sad that he was not here, with him, he would replace the emotion with being so proud of his dad. Sometimes, upon request, Inosa would tell Inoshi stories about his own father, but most were of when he was younger. Those seemed to be more popular.

    “Let's get you off to sleep honey. It's been a long day, and you want to have all the energy you can for when daddy gets home tomorrow, right?”

    There was a slightly pause. Inoshi's smile faded, and then returned with two times as much power. His round cheeks pushed up with an innocence that was polar opposite from what he would grow into. Huge, blue eyes started at his own mother in excited disbelief.

    “Is he really coming back home tomorrow? Or are you kidding with me...”

    Inoshi bent forward, leaning on his front two hands, and looking close at his mother. One eye brow rose in a joking disbelief, scanning her for a smile anywhere. Of course it came, and Inoshi instantly shot her with a smile of his own. She nodded, and Inoshi squeeled with extreme enthusiasm. The shirt's v neck lowered, so that he was no longer hiding himself anylonger, again. Inosa rolled her eyes in a loving fashion and poked his stomach, feeling the cute and squishy substance of a youthful abdomen.

    “You need to start watching where you...”
    “If he is coming home tomorrow, then we need to wake up early and clean the whole house! That'll make him happy! And then he'll laugh more! Can we, can we, can we?”
    “If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were an angel. A little angel, but an angel none the less. Yes. If you want, you can help me clean up for his arrival tomorrow. You can help me dust the wooden furniture, sound good? But first you need to bathe tomorrow. That'll make him really happy!”
    “Mommy, I think that you're just saying that to get me to bathe. Are you?”
    “There is no fooling you, my little blue eyed angel.”
    “So then you were lying to me?”
    “Then... what were you doing?”
    “I think you're over thinking this, sweety.”
    “I trapped you! I caught you mommy! Now you have to give me a sweet!”
    “Since when is that a rule?”
    “Since I made it just now. When I catch you doing something you're not supposed to be doing, you owe me a sweet candy! Yummy!”
    “I am not doing anything wrong, sweety.”
    “Fine. But in the future.”
    “Fine. Now go to sleep. We have to get up early and clean for your father.”
    “Okay mommy! Night!”
    “... Mommy?”
    “... Yeah?”
    “... Will you turn out the light.”
    “... I was hoping you would want to do it. I all comfortable.”
    “... Ooh! Laziness is a sin for a shinobi! You owe me a sweet!”
    “... Ill get the lights.”
    “Okay. But you still owe me a...”
    “Night, Inoshi.”
    “Gah! Night mommy.”
    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 28-1

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-16555104

    Stepping out into the unknown world of dreams, Inoshi looked curiously at the swirling colors. Everything was so numbing here. There was no pain, no pleasure. No sadness, and no happiness. There just was you. Alone. Each foot step left a foot print in the nothingness that held Inoshi's tiny body. Although a smile polluted his fragile face, he felt nothing in this world, other than the need to explore. Each dream created world was so vast, and yet you only had one night to explore all of its secrets. It was unfair, but left everything to be more fun. That was often the case. But this night was different. Everything was going to be different. The foot prints that he left looked as though they were in sand, and felt like he was walking on a gel like water. Dreams were always so odd in this boy's head. Each bare leg stretched until the single v necked shirt hid it. It was all he ever wore to bed – the shirt of his father. A small scent of smoke filtered across Inoshi's nose, causing his head to turn, hoping that he could find the source. Instead, he found nothing. Only another continuous pathway. Things started to shift, and when he looked back at where he was originally looking, he saw something different. Two large paths reached out in front of him, each wanting him to come, and each reaching out with a different thrill. Inoshi's smile flickered across his face, and he looked down both paths. At the end of one, his mother sat, kneeling with arms out stretched at him, a sad smile across her face that did not match Inoshi's. At the other, his father stood, tall, and handsome, the same fierce look spread across his face. He was in his shinobi attire, and looked very demanding, and powerful. Although the man said nothing, Inoshi heard his voice telling him to come to him. It got louder and louder. Inoshi looked over at his mother, and then back at his father. Only, when he looked back at where his father was, there was no one there, and instead he was looking at a large torrent of fire. The same powerful smell of smoke stung at his nose, and caused his eyes to tear up. The same kind of voice rang from his mother's lips, however no noise came from her, just sounded in his head. She also beckoned for him to come towards her – only her voice was not a request, it was something much more urgent. Inoshi's foot automatically bent and took a step in that direction.

    Inoshi would be five as soon as he awoke the next day, and had gone to sleep trying to stay up for his birthday the next day, telling himself that he would hear the preparations for his surprise party that he was sure to have if he was able to stay up. Of course, he had fallen asleep. His body was not much bigger than it had been at four, and the same shirt fit in the same way. Dropping down to near his knees, the shirt's v exposed a majority of the small boy's youthful chest, not yet containing anything more than the most basic muscle structure. Inoshi's eyes had only increased in size, and now held a much more deep blue color. Another step was taken towards his mother before he heard the shout of his father, screaming at him to come with him. He sounded desperate also. The shout was automatically and instantly retorted by the mother, shouting for him to come. And now. The smell of smoke became more and more intense, and Inoshi started to feel hot, grimy, and hear the crackling of fire around him. When he looked, there was no fire. There was no smoke. Everything was back to the blank nature that it had once been just seconds before all of the hectic commotion. He did not fully understand what it was that was happening, nor did he want to. He wished that it had not happened.

    A strong wind started to push at him, causing the shirt to ruffle and lift. Inoshi was not concerned with it, and he took a step in order to see if the wind would stop, or start to push harder. Then bam. The voices were back. No. One of the voices were back. It sounded so desperate. Sounding in his head like a cracking, and brutal alarm, the voice of his mother shook at him, whispering through her teeth.

    “Inoshi, my darling. Wake up. You need to wake up now.”

    As if the command's spell had instantly taken effect, Inoshi's eyes shot up, his body still wrapped in the covers that his mother was quickly untangling from around him. His eyes remained wide open, stretched and sitting in place as he looked around the room. Heat was present. Smoke was present. Fire was present. Each tore at the structure of his room. Lights flashed from the other rooms, and cast dancing pictures on his wall. It all sounded like one giant breath, and then one giant exhale of flame. Jerking into motion, he swung into his mother's arms. She was dressed differently than she normally was, her chest guarded by the chuunin vest that she and her father both had. But Inoshi had been explained the difference in their rank, and how they differed as shinobi. Her legs were no longer covered with the normal purple dress that she wore, but instead with black pants that also matched the pants she wore. Urgency was spitting from her voice, and Inoshi understood that he had to move, and fast.

    “Mommy! What is happening?”
    “No time to explain. No time to grab anything! Do you understand? We have to go now!”
    “But mo-”
    “No buts this time, my sweet heart. We have to go now, love. Okay?”
    “Y-yes mommy.”
    “Good, now get in my arms sweety.”

    Inoshi leaped out of the bed, and into his mother's arms. As he did so, he caught one last glance at his room. His toys, his drawings that were hung up on the wall, his favorite – oh my god. Inoshi's eyes suddenly scrambled into something of a dire need. Wriggling, he dropped from his mother's arms, and her face resembled that of complete desperation as he did so. Turning, and hissing at him, she started to run after him, back into the room just in time to see the innocent, and tiny little boy grab at his favorite stuffed animal – a small cat stuffed animal that he had been given by his father from another village. It's name was Kami. Paper. This had been because of the cat's white color. Inosa quickly scooped Inoshi up once more, and began to run from the room a second time. Inoshi's tears started to slide down his face. What was happening, and why was it happening? Who did this, or did anyone? Inosa's own tears were also present as dried salt trails on her face. Her eyes looked tired, but pried open with adrenaline.

    As soon as they cleared through the kitchen, a powerful explosion erupted from back in the direction of Inoshi's room. Inosa stumbled forward, still holding the small, confused, and disturbed blonde child in her arms. Catching her footing, she continued running forward until she was able to burst through the door. But she did not stop running.

    “Mommy! We are outside of the house! Stop running!”

    The answer he received was sharp, painful, and scary.

    “We're not running from the house, Inoshi. Please understand.”

    Another explosion caused the house to erupt in a powerful bomb like boom. Pieces of wood planks flew in every direction, and flaming sections fell into the garden, smothering the flowers that rested there in smoke.

    “Mom! What about daddy! We have to go save dad! He's still in there!”
    “Inoshi stop yelling. Your dad will be fine, he always is.”
    “But mo-”
    “Inoshi! I told you no buts!”

    Inoshi's movements became frantic, and his crying started to wrestle with his body. The confusion tore at his very being, and his inner torment hatched. This was the prerequisite for what was to come later in his life. The whizzing sound of something flung by and stopped abruptly. A pain staking gasp came from Inosa's mouth, and her back arched, arms releasing Inoshi to fall to the ground below. Inoshi quickly looked back, his shirt's position literally the least of his concerns at the moment. Looking at his mother's back he saw a knife protruding from it. Instantly he bent over and grabbed at it, and yanked it out.

    "Come here, my boy!" A voice said.

    Inoshi's body froze, and his eyes widened. Turning around, he watched as his father stepped through the fire and through the door of his burning house frame, now nothing more than a collapsed instrument of wood. His first thought invaded the others, and took over, despite common logic. He was five. His lips moved as if to say daddy, but they did not actually get to saying it before he took a running step forward, wanting to run into his father's arms and tell him to help mommy. But as he turned to run, his mother's soft hand grabbed at his arm, and stopped his movement.

    "Don't you dare come close to us, Shizu!"

    The severity that he heard coming from her voice was unlike anything that he had ever heard before. Inoshi halted, and stepped back, watching as his mother stood up, staggering to position. Her own hand grabbed and searched through the pouch that was tied to her leg with bandages until she pulled out a kunai knife, not unlike the one that had been thrown at her back. Grabbing it backwards, she held it up to her face, in front of her, facing the father - Shizu.

    "It is not unlike a boy to blindly follow his mother, but Inoshi my boy, you are smarter than that. I have raised you to be smarter than that. Do not follow in the foot steps of something so below your level. Come to me, son."

    As he spoke, he rose his hands in order to form an odd looking circle, with his fingers outspread on either end. His smile was criminal, and his mother's face dropped. Instantly, Inosa threw the kunai knife, but it was too late. Inoshi's body moved on its own accord, throwing the kunai that he had in his hands with perfect aim, knocking his mother's kunai out of its perfect line of trajectory, and causing it to thud to the ground with Inoshi's. His body had moved by itself. A small pain flooded through him, like his brain did not belong to him anymore.

    "M-mommy! Mommy! What is happening to me?"

    Her look shot at Inoshi's father with more potency than the kunai knife. He had used his jutsu on his own son, and now Inoshi was forced to do what Shizu's mind wanted him to do. Inosa watched as Inoshi took a forced step in his father's direction. Tears fell from his eyes, and he tried to reach for his mother's leg, but it was to no effect, and his body did not respond. Instantly, Inosa raised her own hands, more kunai knives flinging at Shizu's direction, breaking the jutsu. She did not wait, and grabbed the sobbing Inoshi up, broken with confusion, and sudden dramatic choices. Four explosions came from Shizu's area as Inosa turned them around and jumped off into the forest that lay behind their house. She had used explosive bombs at her own husband. Inoshi's tears rendered him useless and silent, crying into his mother's shoulder from her sloppy hold on him.

    Things were about to change.
    Things were going to get very different.

    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] 169627

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Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Scroll

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-93831929

    The day was a beautiful one. Sun shown over the mountains in the distance. The mist was no longer casting its shadow on the land. They had made it out. Three months had passed since their escape from the mist, and their constant moving had begun. Each two weeks, Inoshi was forced to drag along only what he thought was the most precious, and most of that was even left behind in the end. Only the cat stuffed animal that he had grabbed from his original house stayed, along with the v necked shirt that he had worn all of his life on and off. That same v necked shirt was swinging on his body now, however, a small pair of young and small boxers was now also present on the boy. Despite their small size, they were too big for him, and acted as a constant need to pull up something before bending over. If he was unable to remember to do so, his mother would always remind him, beginning to shape him into a capable individual. Inoshi almost loved the game of 'would she or would she not notice' too much to really listen, often bending over, pretending to pick up something like a sea shell only to see if she would catch the fact that his boxers had all but fallen off, and the shirt also lifted. A small, loving slap on the butt caused Inoshi to squeal and jump up in expecting surprise, laughing, and giggling with his mother. She was aware of the game that he had created, and was also fond of it. But Inosa's eyes were not ever happy anymore. Although she made them look as happy as they could look, they never compared to what they used to be. She was worried, extended, and stretched thin. As if always having to multitask at a vital level, she was tired, strained, and without the ability to completely relax. Sometimes, when Inoshi would tell her a story, he would notice her looking off into the distance, only to call her attention back. Tears had come down his own cheeks before as he started to be able to see the half of his mother that was brutally torn out and left back at the burning house, with Shizu – her love. She never told the story about the man that had begun to choose the clan over his lover.

    But the day was beautiful none the less, and the shore brushed up with the tide, leaving all kinds of special and fun rocks, shells, and plants. Inoshi would scurry off and play throughout the entire day, studying everything, and learning about them through observation. He was the kind of boy that would be able to observe any kind of little creature, and learn their ways to the point that he would be able to come close to them, knowing what would scare them, and what made them them. Inosa also went through a slight change in her days, picking up her shinobi training once more. Inoshi would spend hours watching his dedicated mother throw the ninja tools, sharpen the ninja tools, and throw them again. Once he had wanted to try when she was not around, and tried to mimic the way that he had seen her doing it, flipping the kunai knife around and around with the loop on the end until she clamped with her fingers, and threw it suddenly. However the kunai knife had only slipped from his fingers on the first twirl and fell onto his leg, cutting it slightly. He never told his mother about this occasion, however, and blamed the cut on falling when climbing a rock. When asked where the rock was, he lied of its location quickly, and luckily found a rock that would uphold the lie should she ever ask about it again. She didn't.

    What was more, as time started to go by, Inosa started referring shinobi techniques to Inoshi. She told him that the more advanced jutsu would come later. Inoshi refused to become a shinobi, and said that he did not want to cause others pain ever. Inosa recoiled by saying that you can also help fight for those people you want to protect – but that her teachings were purely for his own self defense, and he would not teach him anything that could be used to hurt. Inoshi picked up the jutsu easily, mastering the bunshin ninjutsu and the henge ninjutsu at the age of just past five years of age. He was instructed to use them both should anything ever happen, and get away from danger at all costs. Despite his resentment to the shinobi world, Inoshi loved using the jutsu, and found it all the more easy to fit in with numerous animals if he could transform into them with the use of a jutsu. Of course this meant coming home completely exhausted on some days, or being found laying on the beach, passed out from too much chakra use for the day. When asked about it later, Inoshi would talk about making clone armies that he would play with and fool other animals with.

    Each cloud rose and fell in a series of humps and crevices. Each cloud moved slowly, and each cloud look down upon Inoshi, and the devoted mother with a kind smile that warned them to run. No one would ever know, even though Inosa spent much of her time looking up at the clouds and following them.

    “Sweety, you run and play. I am going to go back to house and start making dinner, okay?”
    “Okay, mommy. Do you wanna make a bet on how many sand dollars I can find on this beach?”
    “I have not seen many at all, hun. You'd be hard pressed to find any at all, but I don't think anything is impossible for you. I bet you can find one.”
    “One? Only one? I bet at least fifty!”

    As Inoshi said that, he waved his hands in a giant arc above his head, as if carrying thousands of his favorite sand dollars. The motion ended in Inosa poking Inoshi in the tummy, and sending him into a eruption of small little giggles that sent him stumbling backwards. As he did so, his little boxers fell from beneath the shirt, and the giggles instantly stopped. Looking down at the boxers, and then back up at his mother to see if he noticed, he offered a guilty smile when he saw that she had seen, of course. However, after the moment of awkward silence, Inoshi erupted into another trill of laughter as he pulled up his boxers, polka-dotted with blue dots on lighter blue fabric.

    “Okay, then don't let me down!”

    She said, offering a high five. It was instantly returned, and she off put a smile that was contagious. After a small hug, they stood back and looked at each other, as if counting to ten before they would move in their heads. The challenge was on.

    “I never will, mommy!”


    Grabbing the kitty toy from his mother's arms, Inoshi ran further in towards the water while Inosa retreated to the house. Inoshi searched the beach for the sand dollars, but found none. It was not until about an hour and half later that he found a whopping six sand dollars, and three extras that were broken in certain places. He knew that they may not count, but he still brought them. Walking back from the beach, the sun had started to go back down behind the trees that looked like unshaven hair on the rising mountains. Skipping up the small path that led to house, Inoshi spoke to himself, and kitty, attempting to have the kitty hold the sand dollars that were broken, not worried if they fell since they had cracks already. Excited that he beat his mother's bet, and completely forgetting and not caring that he had not caught fifty of the valuable rock like things, Inoshi continued to skip until he could see the house. Then it happened.


    The shingles atop the house lifted and exploded, burning and flying towards the small blonde boy. Inoshi's eyes widened, and he jerked backwards in order to avoid the debris as they fell from the sky near him. Although small, they were still scary. Inoshi let a haphazard shout from his mouth, screaming his mother's name. Standing motionless, and terrified that he was going to have to see something that he did not want to see again, Inoshi dropped all of the sand dollars aside from his favorite one that remained in his hand, his kitty toy in the other hand. Picking up his pace, he started to run towards the house, parts still flaming from the explosive reaction. When Inoshi got to the door, he noticed that it was open slightly. Kicking the it the rest of the way open with his butt, and pushing inwards, he looked onto the situation. There, in the center of the room, was something so horrible that he could not bare it. Instantly tears fell from his eyes as he started into the eyes of his father and his mother at the same time. Each one was different. One set was cruel, and the other was panicked. Shizu held his mother, one arm wrapped around her waist, holding her arms there as well. The other held a sharpened knife to her throat. Her eyes looked huge, and frightened – but not for herself – for Inoshi's life.

    “Mommy!? D-daddy? W-w-what... what is...?”

    Before he could finish the sentence, Inosa started to speak, her voice shaky, and more sad than he had ever heard it before. As if she was saying something for the last time, and to someone for the last time, she whispered “Inoshi, use what I taught you, and get away from here. Run, my little prince! I lo-”

    But she would never be able to finish the sentence. In one swift motion her body was kicked forward, causing her back to arch forwards unnaturally, before the cruel man threw the knife, causing it to slice into her back, deep. The cutting noise was followed by three more, and then another. Falling to her face, and letting a shrill scream come from her lips, Inosa landed on the wood, bouncing before coming to a halt. Her back was covered in blood, and burnt. Her dress was ripped down the back, and all of the knives stuck out at unnatural angles. Inoshi also let out a sudden scream and ran in to catch his falling mother but failed to get there in time. Turning to face his dad, fluctuating emotions rumbling from within, Inoshi dropped the kitty and sand dollar next to his mother's head. Her moans meant that she was still alive, her voice cracking as she tried to push herself up. Instantly Shizu burst into a cloud of smoke that fell to the floor as if weighted.

    Inoshi did not waste any time trying to find him, and turned back to his mother, grabbing the knives from her back, and pulling them out slowly before flipping her over onto his lap. Holding his dying mother, they locked eyes. Inoshi's full of tears. Each looked at each other over shaky breaths, Inosa admiring Inoshi, and Inoshi loving his Inosa. Reaching up to brush Inoshi's hair from his face, Inosa spoke. Her voice sounded dry, and damaged. Her breath smelled of something odd that he had never smelled before.

    “Mommy! What are you doing!? Get up! Mommy!”
    “Inoshi, my little prince, I am not getting back up this ti-”
    “Mommy! I... I... I... I found the sand dollars. I found nine of them! I... I told you!”
    “I never doubted that you would, Inoshi. Anything is possible for you. Anything. You understand that?”
    “Y-yeah. Mommy... stop bleeding. Please mommy. Get back up! Please!”

    Tears boiled out of his eyes, and started falling in huge droplets across his mother's chest. Blocked vision caused images to appear in swirls. Inosa's tears finally came, staring at Inoshi, counting her last breaths and trying to make them last as long as they each could. It was a cruel world, and it would only get more and more cruel.

    “Inoshi, sweety, you have listen to me okay?”
    “Y-y-yes, mommy! Anything you say!”
    “I am sorry that you had to see this. I wanted to live with you, and watch you grow up. I wanted that more than anything. I am so sorry that I have failed you. Can you forgive me?”
    “Mommy! You didn't fail me! I love you mommy! Please stop bleeding! W-we we can run away again, and find a more hidden place! Mo-”

    A cough of blood caused the red liquid to splatter down Inosa's face, and start to drip down by her collar bones. Her face looked as though she were in pain, the Yamanaka flower's poison drilling through her system, planted on the first knife.

    “You listen to me, Inoshi. I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now, and I am so sorry for that. Live your life. Find someone that you can love, like in the stories. Not all stories end like this. Most don't. Write your story as you want to write it, and find someone special that can love, accept, and appreciate that story without judgment, understand? Finding that person is the most important thing you can ever do, and it is much more fulfilling than anything else you could ever hope of doing. I trust you, Inoshi. I love you, and I know that you will become the best individual that you can be. Just... When you find that person, you'll know why I told you too. Go... and... f-find... h-happiness... my little... p-prince...”

    Looking down at his mother, her eyes rolled back, and her grip on Inoshi's tiny hand loosened. Inoshi's grip tightened, and he started to shake without control. Everything swelled up inside of his throat. He was unable to think straight, unable to focus, unable to hear what she said. Her words slid into his soul, where it listened, separate from his body. Grabbing the sand dollar, and the cat stuffed animal, Inoshi pushed them into his mothers arms, each tear coming from his eye bigger than the last. Wrapping her arms around the kitten toy, Inoshi kissed his mother on the cheek, and then the forehead. Each sob became more and more destructive to body, and pulled him around. Mouth bent with a sad frown, clenching his teeth and trying to keep back the tears Inoshi sat looking at his mother.

    "H-here. Now you'll never be alone, mommy. H-here. This is... this is to... this is here. J-just this is here."

    Each passing breath left him more frantic than before. His body rocking back and forth, her motionless body still resting in the poor boy's lap. Blood spilled from her mouth, and from her back. A small pool of the blood lay in waste around her. Inoshi's words became louder, and more desperate.


    Ending his yelling with a horrifying scream, Inoshi jerked back and picked up one of the kunai knives, grabbing it how his mother used to grab it before throwing it, and tossing it with all of his might into the wall opposite him. The burnt wood cracked under the massive power of the throw. Sniffing, and wiping his eyes with his arm, Inoshi grabbed the other knife and started carving in the ground around. Hours later was a picture of his mother and father carved into what looked like a bed. Each lay on each side of the bed, and Inoshi collapsed in the middle, his tears filling the grooves that were carved for Inosa's eyes, and the blood from her body filling the rest of the grooves, allowing the outline of the couple to be made permanent in the blood. Smearing it across the floor, Inoshi fell asleep, passing out from sheer exhaustion. His mind told him that if he went to sleep, he would wake up in the real world, and this nightmare would end.

    Upon awakening, that night, Inoshi could barely open his swollen eyes. His finger tips were cut open and raw from slipping with the knife, and large splinters from the drawing. His entire body was covered in the charcoal and soot of the house. His hair hung low, dirty, and blackened. His eyes were red, pupils dilated. His arms were tired, and sore. His legs were cut, and his feet had splinters in them. The nightmare had not ended. In fact, it had only gotten worse. Anger consumed the child, not wanting to look back behind him at his mother's corpse, cold, and beginning to become stiff. Instead, Inoshi took hold of the odd knife that was used to kill and poison his mother. Forcing himself to look at his mother, Inoshi took the leather cord that tied the dress up her back, and strung it into a small belt. Sticking the knife into the belt, his long, filthy v necked shirt looking like a small tunic, Inoshi grabbed the other two kunai as well, holding one in each hand. Facing his mother once more, Inoshi spoke. His innocence was gone. Even though he was still within the frame of the small five year old, everything about him had changed. Vengeance, sadness, anger, and filthy thirst for blood had carved itself into him. His eyes already looked more and more slender and like his father's. His lips were pressed together, and his teeth were clenched.

    "Mommy... you were the best mom. Thank you for what you have given me. Now it is time to return the favor - at least as best I can. I will show you just how great I can become, mommy. I'll prove to you that you raised the best son you could have possibly raised. I'll... I'll prove it..."

    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Fire2

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-93832016

    Each foot step was silent. Each movement was no louder than a passing wind. Inoshi's eyes scanned the surrounding area, searching for his target. His small frame wore the same shirt, a shirt that he had taken off until this day. The mist hung heavily over the surrounding area, blocking his vision – but only as much as it blocked anyone else's vision. The knife that had been used years ago for one brutal killing was ready for another. Inoshi was now eight years old. His teeth were clenched, and his lips were stretched thin across his face. Every primal instinct of his body had kicked into motion. Years of specific training in one way had prepared him for this – destroying the one thing that caused him shame, and pain in life. The knife's blade no longer glinted since there was no sun. The day was almost over, and snow fell from within the mist, allowing Inoshi to see his breath spread out in front of him. Tree after tree passed, stone after familiar stone. He used to play here when he was small. He recognized the snow, and the area. He knew each tree, and could even spot his markings on them from small carved away sections of no bark that had arrows, and what not that he used to use in playing hide'n'seek.

    Any movement could be danger, and any kind of attack could easily be fatal. He watched what had happened to his mother. He hated that he was being forced to do this. But he was. He was only five minutes from where his destination was. He had no plan, and not nearly enough real training to get him through a fight with the jounin clan leader that was his father. Inoshi was going into this raw. He had only seen certain jutsu used by his father, and had only seen his shuriken training twice, and for short periods back years ago. He knew nothing about what was real anymore, but he didn't care. He knew that he would win. He was the strongest among any Yamanaka here. He had to be. He had promised his mother. The v neck no longer hung down to his knees, and instead hung down to his mid thighs, still too big, but no longer a dress. The cord of leather hung around his neck, and one of the two kunai he had brought from that day were with him, shredded away from clumsy sharpening and wearing down over the years. He had only trained in the basics, and could only accomplish some jutsu with one hundred percent success. But none of this mattered. He had things that he needed to do.

    After the five minutes passed, Inoshi saw a house – the house that he would stay in while he was needing to be by himself, or train in jutsu. It was his preferred place anyway, and he slept there some nights when he was home as well. His mother had never argued it because Inoshi loved the opportunity to sleep in the larger and more comfortable bed. As such, over the years, Shizu had made the small shack into a fully functional home for himself, and built it until it was as large as the main house – or at least plenty large for one person. Others were no allowed in the personal house for fear of messing with his personal files in the village's military. Inoshi had stalked him back to his home for the previous five days, waiting until he would be coming home from a mission, tired, and already ready to lose a fight. This night was that time.

    Inoshi jumped onto the deck, and reached for a single explosive tag. He had six with him in total, each meant to cause the house to cave in on him while he was inside. He had observed that his father often bathed when he came home from his missions, and it took him about ten minutes to get into the shower or bath. No longer no less. Pressing his ear up to the wall, Inoshi already heard the shower running. That meant that it was his time to act. Pressing the first explosive seal up against the wall, Inoshi moved quickly. He wanted to get this over with, and start over with his life as someone different. The heir to what he really was. The first explosive seal was set up against the wall, and he moved three steps to the right, taking out another one. Each seal was proof of how far he'd come, memorizing the previous seals that he had seen, and being able to copy the fuuinjutsu onto thick and durable, adhesive paper, thus allowing them to maintain the same explosive power as the originals.

    “So you came back, huh?”

    Inoshi froze, his second seal only half stuck onto the building. Looking quickly over, he saw his father, standing on the same porch as he was, still in his shinobi gear. His eyes looked tired, but Inoshi was counting on his strategical advancement when trying to combat someone of his level. Pulling back, Inoshi finished the explosive seal sticking, and stood facing Shizu. Each of their eyes had a cruel pleasure about them. Each of their sharp features held a distinct, attractive glare to them. Shizu's was almost like a toying glare to someone so far below him, he thought it funny. Inoshi did not see the situation as funny. A torrent of fear grabbed at him, and made him hyper aware.

    “Dad, I am here to repay what you did to mom, and me.”
    “Oh? Is that why you have come? Good, good. I'll get to see what my son can do after all.”

    Inoshi's face scrunched. Seeing his father reminded him of all of the good times that he had had with him. Before he turned into what he turned into, so suddenly. Fishing, numerous competitions. It all amounted to more than it actually was in his mind, but this was his father none the less. Fine. He had to set aside all of these emotions should he wish to attack his father. After all, this was not something he was not capable of.

    “I'll let you have the first attack. Think of it as a... welcome home present.”

    Inoshi did not wait, and instantly grabbed one of the two kunai that he had brought with him, and swung it in his father's direction. The kunai was slung with surprising speed and accuracy for someone that taught themselves. Shizu instinctively moved out of the way with a movement of his head, and jumped into the air, pulling out three shuriken and throwing them at Inoshi's general direction. Inoshi could tell that he was toying with him, and not aiming to kill since his attacks were as off as they were. Jumping back, Inoshi raised his hand in a single seal, and caused the two paper bombs to erupt, sending debris flying from the blown up wall. The huge dust field was more than enough to hide the small boy's movements as he leaped behind a tree, grabbing the second kunai knife, and breathing hard. His heart pounded. This was real combat – at least more real than anything he had been in. His hands gripped on the kunai knife as he rounded the tree and ran into the open, swinging the kunai into a throwing position. Instantly he caught sight of his father landing, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly. Odd.

    “Got you!”

    Inoshi hollered as he threw his second kunai knife at the man. It was, of course blocked by his quickly drawn shuriken throw, and Inoshi watched as his knife was sent spiraling into a tree, only to fall down to its base. He was without any more kunai, and only had explosive seals – but those could not be used as easily in real combat. Not what he had. And not with his experience level. Shizu started to run in his direction, his voice coarse as he said:

    “Run, boy. You are useless here, and I will treat you as such from here on in!”;

    Inoshi's hands quickly flew into a frenzied formation, and he shouted the name of his jutsu, the mind transfer. His father did not stop running, and the jutsu fired when he was in close enough proximity. Inoshi's eyes rolled into the back of his head slightly, and he fell into the snow. Shizu, now under the impression of the jutsu, struggled with his movement, and looked odd, like he was being strangled by some inner force. However, it was not over. Stepping out from behind Inoshi came another Shizu, the real Shizu. Leaping in between the small boy, and clone that he had created, Shizu stared at his son, no compassion in his eyes. The clone frantically twisted, and then looked as if it had caught a head rush.

    “You see, Inoshi, my son, those kinds of jutsu are not to be thrown around in combat. You would have never been a great shinobi. You need more than the jutsu to become great. That is what you lacked, I suppose. And here I was thinking you h-”

    As he had been talking, he neared the body of his little eight year old son, leaning over him, looking at his silent face. However before he was able to finish his sentence, Inoshi shot back into position, pushing the different knife into his father's chest. A hiss of pain released from his father's lips as he looked onto his son in shock. How had he done what he had done? Looking back slightly, he saw that the clone was still under the rule of some oddity that ruled him.


    “I noticed your clone from the moment you used it. When I came out from hiding, and threw my second kunai knife, I noticed you landing. I knew how long it took to approximately fall from that roof, and you were even higher than that. So I knew that the timing of your jump was off. Second, I needed to lose my weapons so that you would come closer to me without any kind of fear. Lastly, I used a different jutsu than I mentioned, and I knew that you would be located behind me, in my blind spot, which also meant that you would not be able to see the hand seal that I used. That means that any jutsu I announced would be the jutsu that you would think I used. I did not use the mind transfer jutsu, I used the mind disturbance ninjutsu – meaning I never left my body, and I waited for you to draw near me so that I could attack. And now you will suffer the same fate that you made mom suffer with this knife.”

    Inoshi wrestled the knife further into Shizu's upper, left chest, piercing his heart with the toxic poisonous knife. He instantly coughed up blood. A sick smile covered his lips as he spoke his last words.

    “No. I will never suffer the same fate as your poor mother. That bitch would not shut up about you, even when her life was all that should have mattered in the moment. It was sickening, and I got sick of her talking, so I made her do me one last favor before I killed her. Actually two favors. I let her pleasure me, and I let her see you once more.”

    He took a pause, Inoshi's eyes widening into a serious disgust. He did not know what his father meant by pleasure, but he did not like the sound of it. His innocence was not yet broken or even worn down in that area yet. Punching the knife further into his father's chest, Inoshi scrambled to his feet, and stepped back, leaving his father hunched over on all fours.

    “Do you know what I mean, Inoshi? Pleasure? It means I made her suck my c*** until I came all over her face. I slapped her around, and listened to her hushed screams before I had my way with her. I could tell she was enjoying it as well, sucking the c*** of her killer, and her husband at the same time. I told her that she would do what I asked or she would never see you again, other than in the after life. So she shut up and did what I wanted of her. Then I bent her over on the stove. You know she was making dinner for you? Yeah. And I had my way with her there, with her bare back being the only thing pressed against the stove turned on stove top! And damn she was go-”

    Inoshi slammed his foot into his father's jaw, grabbing the knife from his chest, an pulling it out, despite the serrated top that it had, wrenching his flesh apart as it came out, and sending him into a serious of gasping breaths. Kicking him once more, Inoshi slammed the knife down into his father's shoulder, and then again further down, letting it slide down his arm, and cut Shizu's shirt, and muscle. Blood splattered all over Inoshi's face, and body. Again, and again, until Shizu stopped breathing, and then still more. Tears flooded down over the boy's face, and his arms grew tired. Hours passed, and Inoshi simply sat atop his father's dead body, shredding it, and stabbing the knife in and out of it until he was nothing more than a bloody, disfigured mess. Screaming curse words as he continued, Inoshi's tiny, young body finally collapsed atop his father's own, only tears finding enough energy to come forth. Finally he had done something that would make his mother proud.


    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Blood-splatter-1

Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Coollogo_com-45791034

    "From then on, things changed." He said. His voice sounded absolute and without exaggeration. "Every waking moment was focused on survival. I had to learn all of the skills which took others years, and apply it to life without half of the things most others had. I hid away and slept wherever I could find - provided it was warm enough. During the day, it was all about becoming stronger and stronger. I trained jutsu, entered the academy, passed the test, officially entered the shinobi system. Within months, I was in close proximity to my clan, something which had been taken over almost completely by the villages corrupt government." Inoshi placed the clean glass down onto the granite and silver lined table. "I became more powerful. Gained notability, and took back my clan. Of course, there were powerful forces out to stop me, but most only posed a threat because of their political backing; to a certain extent, it is impossible to argue with the law once something has been passed. So I became a political figure, as well as an acting shinobi, beginning to bring my clan out of its dark ages. Stopping it from being used." He looked up and smiled, as if proud of his accomplishments.

    "It was not hard to gain popularity. I underwent the chuunin exams with a boy I had just met. Hisoka. Hisoka Ryoku. While he was next to useless in the exams, we made it through. Him and I became friends, which quickly turned into rivalry. My performance in the exams earned me a place in the Kirigakure ANBU, but there was something much more special. The current Mizukage himself took me under his wing. It was the first taste of such incredible power, but I always knew it was nothing I could not trump." He looked up with an honest, serious face. "The war was still raging within Kirigakure's walls. People were dying everyday. I knew that had to be my first goal. You see, it was all a game of manipulation. You can solve a war, the people will elect you into whatever office you wish to be in. You have enough power to back it, and you can even step into the Mizukage's office and join the ranks. I just had to get there. I knew that the system was flawed. I tore down the old governmental structure bit by bit, and replaced it with my own. Turned a monarch into a democracy. Established the council, and even controlled the election so that I got who I wanted in as the next Mizukage. She was gullible and easy to bend and twist. As such, her rulings came directly from me - she just acted as a public icon." He took another drink from the crystal clear water.

    "Before long, I had amassed enough fame to actually become the Mizukage myself. But I already knew this was not going to be enough. I started everything early on, knowing that it would be more effective later. Instantly, I began controlling the black market, the lies, the rumors, the news, the law. Everything. I made it all exactly what I wanted it to be. Built myself up without actually showing my abilities, and thus gaining weakness. Controlled the influx of shinobi in and out of the Daimyo's courts. Always had my eye on him. In the end, I was even able to rid the Water Country of that man, and gain complete control in his place. But even that's not big enough. I have the next step planned out, it's just a matter of taking the step at this point. All that I have to do before that is check my footing, really."

    Yamanaka, Inoshi [Sandaime Mizukage] Df7f87be-b80a-4792-b2e1-7df8893044f6
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Reserved post.
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This App Update Is Ready;
What Changed:

  • Major coding redo.
  • Added to appearance.
  • Added a history arc.
  • Added misc information in side bar.
  • Everything else (important) is untouched.
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Compared both apps, and nothing really was changed that was important. The app looks pretty well put together, and the history is caught up.

1/2 approved.
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2/2 approved.

Don't forget to make your account ... just kidding you bitch. <3 x)
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"Archived to character 'death', any past plans or relations should be considered null beyond the established 'canon' of the current Kirigakure history. Discuss with me or wait for the pending history update on the mist village for more information."
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