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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel]

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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] EmptyWed 13 Aug 2014, 9:51 pm

Mari and Okoki insisted several times that they escort him to the Fire Country. Even with Kyu's strength, he was still subject to the randomness of nature itself. They saw him as till a young boy even though he was beyond the rank of Chuunin now, as if Kyu's body released hormones of strength. In his training and travel he had grown and was continuing to grow at an alarming rate. With that growth came the responsible, mature Shinjin that gave orders and did not receive them. The only person he was following now was Kyu. He instructed both of them to return to Kiri at once to furnish everything to their liking. With their money would no longer need a home provided by Kyu and could afford his own by simply being head of the household. Plus, if the young boy kept growing so fast, he would step foot on Kiri soil being equal with Kyu.

That was truly scary. Kyu'd probably have enough money to write a book about it or sell himself to Academy. Truthfully, Kyu's training had been the best type for Shinjin. Unbridled freedom to do whatever he wanted. No morning runs, no sparring, no study on the science of ninjutsu. He trained slowly and meticulously, every step calculated and sure. Being smart mentally simply didn't cut it, accessing the brain of the body gave way to even more power. Shinjin thought about Seika and how she was moving up the ladder but he continued to snap at her heels. He thought about Tatsuo, whom he wanted to see again. And then the thought about Emi and his unofficial mother and his entire life in Kirigakure. Shinjin owed many apologies, but it had been worth it. If not for Kyu, he would still be an angry urchin in Kiri, under the Mizukage's thumb.

Hiroshi. Oh man. Hiroshi. Shinjin owed his biggest apology to Hiroshi. Though Kyu played an influential role in allowing his application to be accepted, Shinjin knew Hiroshi had played apart of it as well. At the end of the day it was Hiroshi who gave his seal of approval, the same Hiroshi whom he'd disrespected on the highest level. Shinjin owed him. Distrust in the Mizukage still lurked somewhere in deep waters of his heart, but he would show respect and man up. There was more than just growing as a ninja, Shinjin also had to grow into a man.

Just remembering the words he spoke, those childish emotions and feeble desires to be more than... he cringed. Shinjin was embarrassed of his past and the ugly moment he'd created. He looked out to Kyu who had shown nothing but respect and love. Shinjin imagined being young again and destroying a relationship on that level, forcing a person to never put trust in him again. But he was changed now, a responsible leader, spiritual guide, assassin and most of all, a ninja.

Shinjin walked behind Kyu trying to calm his mind. They hadn't talked about the meeting with his father and Shinjin had a ton of questions about it. The realm in which is father had placed him in, showing his memories and manipulating his physical form, he wanted to know exactly how it worked.

“Hey, Kyu. I know you know a lot about fuuinjutsu but what exactly are the limits?”

Instead of simply asking the question straightforward, he asked the opposite of what he'd meant.

“Like, you know how you can combine nin and tai to get a style of fighting that utilizes ninjutsu with physical attacks? Is it possible to create the same thing with Fuuinjutsu? I know fuuinjutsu are used as storage in the simplest form, but what if you could go beyond that? Isn't space-time ninjutsu less about ninjutsu and ore about the ability to open dimensions or pulling apart 'reality'? If that's the case then what about barrier ninjutsu, how does that work? Fuuinjutsu is like, the only type of jutsu that works mechanically. As long as you apply X you will always get Y. What if you were to combine that with something like genjutsu? Is it possible to open a 'realm' in the mind?”
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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] EmptyFri 15 Aug 2014, 1:26 am

"What? Bro, what are you talking about man? You trippin' nigga." His face was incredulous when Shinjin looked at his face. He had an expression that almost seem baffled had an all around serious expression when he looked at Shinjin. Was he joking? He had the expression that every black person gives whenever they heard something to ridiculous and so out there. He squinted his eyes and gave him a side eye look.

"Bruh, you talking about space-time ninjutsu and all that type of shit. Do you know what the hell I do man? I punch people. I punch and kick people to high hell. That's it. Fuck outta here with that sealin shit bruh. I couldn't even seal a pack of cheese right without it going spoiled the next day. You best ask some other dude cause I ain't the one who gonna know about that shit."

He kept walking. He didn't even stop to say he was joking. This man was so serious that he would be put into question as to whether he was really a skilled jounin or some has been guy who simply likes to punch people.

"I'll explain this as best I can." he said all of the sudden. His face remained serious so it was, again, hard to say whether he was still joking or he was actually going to explain. He cleared his throat "You know with ninjutsu that one expends the energy, or chakra, by gathering it up and then releasing it into the 'technique' so to speak. In essence, ninjutsu is the simplest to perform because of its simplistic way of conjuring the energy and 'transmuting' it into things like Kage Bunshin or a fireball. Things like barrier ninjutsu, space-time ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu require a delicate process that isn't as simple as gathering up chakra and releasing it. To understand things like barrier and space-time, you'll need to understand how fuuinjutsu works."

He reached in the back of his pocket and pulled out a small sheet of paper. It was a folded sheet of paper "Here" he said as he handed the paper to Shinjin. "On this paper are the specific formulas I had to learn as a child. Don't ask me why I keep it because I ain't gonna answer that. Just look at the formulas" When he would open the paper what Shinjin would find were a bunch of symbols seeming jumbled together into one. There was little rhyme or reason for some of the symbols to be conjoined together, whether it was because to a fuuinjutsu novice it didn't make any sense because they are not use to the symbols or it was because of Kyuseishu's writing. "My father gave me an entire week to learn the basic seal formulas before he taught me anymore fuuinjutsu."

"You see the symbols yes? You see how a lot of the basic seals contain words like 'contain', 'subdue', 'mark', and 'release'?" Now the words would look less jumbled to Shinjin as he would catch on to what he was saying. "If you look carefully, there are numbers surrounding a particular symbol" He pointed to one of the containment symbol and saw there was mathematic equation right beside it "See what I mean when I say it is mathematical? Not all containment seals are the same mind you. The more complex the containment, whether it is by what the nature of the material, organic or non-organic, or the amount of items being contained, the more complex the seal formula.

"Fuuinjutsu goes through a bunch changes over the centuries. Seals are not particular new to human history, rather it goes through particular eras. I won't go into full detail on those eras but essentially this era of the shinobi focuses more on the containment rather than release. Battle Seals are old on concept but are rarely used because of the usage of ninjutsu. Why find a particular formula to release a fireball when you can simply conjure up chakra, harness the natural element within yourself and release it? Makes no sense."
he smiles and raises a finger only to wiggle it as if he was showing him how awesome this stuff could be when it sounded as interesting as learning the process of paint drying "It may be a disadvantage to say a novice or low-time practioner of fuuin but to the experience and masters of fuuin, it is truly an art that is untouched. The potential is there. It's simply time consuming."

He taps his own forehead "There is a way to create a 'realm' in the mind so to speak, it's simply just gathering up the right formula. So, let's say I want to put a 'realm' in your head. I would identify you as 'organic' or a living being. That would be one of the base, or main, formula that I have to consider. It would also put the formula for containment but it would be a more complex seal. Seeing that I'm creating a realm where one mind could connect to yours, the containment seal combined with the formula of 'contain' and 'realm'. Those would be the three bases. Next, we would put an overlaying formula on top of that. So seeing that it is not a genjutsu per se, and yes there are genjutsu-like seals, we would create a formula seal that initially allows the seal to be placed in the head without it truly affecting your five senses. So we would putting in a 'Simple' and "Mind' formula and that would be the basis for the realm in your head. If we combined it with genjutsu, however, it would be more of a dream-like realm seal rather than having just your consciousness in there. Manipulation of reality and space requires extensive formulas which is why they are high ranking even forbidden to some people. On the other end of the spectrum, barriers are simple as the base for their formula is "Protect" ,or for village barriers the formula for 'Detect' is used. Depending on what you want to protect or sense depends on the person's skill level and the particular formula."

He slapped Shinjin on the back and laughed "Interesting shit Fuuinjutsu is really. Can you imagine if my first answer was my real answer? I would be called into question." he continued to laugh until tears came out of his eyes. "Ah shit man. The look on your face was so good.  I haven't felt so great since I placed habeneros into my brother's strawberry jam. Oh shit, dad made me regret doing that but gotdamn if it wasn't funny to see his all serious face go-" he made an screaming look "Bruh, I'm horrible. So does that answer your question or does that raise more questions?"
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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] EmptyFri 15 Aug 2014, 5:35 am

Shinjin turned his head looking for something or someone. Did anyone hear what he just said? What? Am I hallucinating? He tried to shake himself from the dream he might be in. Maybe this was all another joke. Kyu was like that, he loved being funny and stupid all at the same time. But really.. A jounin... Hand picked Council member. Shinjin thought about it for a second. Kyu's application had been personally signed by Hiroshi and Hiroshi had seen to it that Kyu be apart of Kirigakure's high class of ninja. Yet he couldn't seal cheese. Shinjin pulled his fingers down his face, eyes wide open shaking his head in disbelief. This this real life? Stop Kyu. Stop. Be serious for one moment.

“I'mma just pretend that didn't happen.” he said, muttering under his breath. “What is Hiroshi doing...” Hope for Kiri was looking bleak.

Finally, Kyu took one moment to stop being retarded. Shinjin felt like nature was watching, because the wind blew and the birds sung and the little creatures of the forest all trotted around or made pleasant noises. Good god! This was the man assigned to watch over him, train him and protect the village with his life. Kyu, for all intents and purposes was going to lay down his life for his fellow man if it came to that. Man Hiroshi, you've got one fucked up ninja. But Shinjin stopped and basked in the moment, because when Kyu stopped his eccentric nonsense, he was more wise than one would expect. Shinjin had never met someone that could hide intelligence so well.

Shinjin took the seal and studied it. Obviously the letterings were some type of pattern. It looked like unintelligible markings at first, but he knew there was some sort of language involved. He thought about the fuda on the normal explosive notes. Marks, a seal saying explode and then what happened? You'd simply activate a small amount of chakra towards the seal and boom. It blows up and anything around it. But what makes that happen exactly? The chakra had to be some sort of key to make the language respond. Was there communication? Not necessarily. It felt more like 'code'. Like the lettering did something to chakra to allow it to work. The fuuinjutsu is more powerful here, he thought. The power of the fuuinjutsu user lies in the language, not the chakra application. That it is only a means to make the river flow.

He listened to the rest of Kyu's speech but wasn't paying full attention. Shinjin was off thinking about how fuuinjutsu could be applied to his style of battle. Hmm. It took preparation yes, but to combine fuuinjutsu with ninjutsu was deadly. There were also ninjutsu that could close off movement or chakra, and those were used in hospitals to prevent patients from moving. Fuuinjutsu was definitely interesting. In Kyu's case, his fuuinjutsu had to be designed around non-combat use mainly. He could use it in combat, but as per his testimony, he preferred to kick and punch shit.

Kyu slapped him on the back but he still wasn't giving him attention yet. Maybe he could learn fuuinjutsu from Kyu. But he had the nagging feeling of it taking too long. There were no limits in fuuinjutsu, but the prep... His style was the opposite of preparation in that sense. Shinjin fought using ninjutsu to open up taijutsu. He used the two together, but as an assassin he knew how to execute without always using ninjutsu. Plus for him, the chakra costs were extremely taxing as he had not taken time to master it. Hmm. He needed to either focus his jounin years learning weaponry or the illusionary arts. He naturally wanted to favor weaponry over anything, since he could get access to more weapons and other types of jutsu. But were there any weaponry users he could learn from? Maybe Hiroshi would know someone. Maybe Kirima had learned a thing or two.

“Well cousin, you are fucken terrible. For now you're good I won't bother you. But we're almost to the fire country and I want to hurry up and get back home. Plus, I took a bunch of your money while you weren't looking, so you got like a couple grand checked out in your name... nigga.” He sprinted as fast as possible down the street.

“I mean, you owe me that much as your cousin right?” he shouted, screaming over his shoulder.

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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] EmptySun 17 Aug 2014, 2:23 am

His hand instinctively reached to the back where he set his wallet. When his finger touched the empty space where his wallet should be, he cursed to himself and watched as his little cousin was running away from him. 'That little…' He made a noise of annoyance. He could run after him, making the effort to actually sprint and grab him by the neck so he could straddle the life out of him, but the older Kyuseishu thought better of it. A taijutsu master he may be but a master knew when and where to use his skill. Seeing that he just taught Shinjin the theory and mechanics of fuuinjutsu, the next step of the lesson would be the application. He raised a hand up in one hand seal. He built just a tiny bit of energy so he could focus on the explosive tags within the bills. Within every other bill there were explosive tags of his design. Some were fatal enough to blast a hand off, others were the same as the standard explosive tag which would do just minor injuries to the person and some were just pictures of stick figures giving the thief the middle finger. A sinister smile rose on his lips as the tantalizing thought of getting his cousin with a lesson of humility. When karma reared her ass up to his face, it reminded him of days long gone where he would run away from the unsuspecting victim from his little pickpocket. He never needed the money. It was never desperation that made him steal the money from them. His family was the farthest thing from poor. No, he would only steal the money because he could steal the money.  Karma was telling him now that this is what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

"Jokes on you," he said aloud, "karma, your ass may be fat but I'll be damned if I don't learn my lesson after the first time you twerked in front of me." Like his father told him, learn it once and never forget it. He did just that.

As he activated the seal, he heard a small explosion coming from ahead. He activated the one the weakest tags he had lined within the bills. It would surprise him, maybe cause a bit of pain wherever he stashed the bills but nothing serious. He loved anyone who was family but he was still a harsh teacher.

He lowered his hand and moved them to his pocket. No rush, he thought. He didn’t want to meet up with an agitated fifteen year old yelling at him for blowing up the money. He'd rather enjoy the afternoon of Fire Country. The sun was kind today; its rays hitting his dark skin at the right temperature with the light brightening up his already good mood. It wasn’t every day he had a chance to travel to this country and it would be a good amount of time before he step foot on this land again. That was until his next operation. The walk was quiet enough. He kept in the shadows along the path, keeping to the shade of the trees so there would be little visibility from above. As he walked, he began to hear crunching behind him. It was faint at first, probably someone walking along the trail. No, it was too close to be from the path. The footsteps were behind him, just a few paces back. He was tempted to turn around and confront the individual. It was never a good feeling to be followed, especially in a territory where he was cautious due to past events he wasn’t going to share. This was a horrible shinobi if it was one and it would be good to teach the person a lesson.

“Alyasha…” A low voice spoke. His head twisted around to find a man in a hooded cloak standing a few feet from where he stood. It surprised Kyu to hear his real name whenever he wasn’t around Keiko or any of his family members. But the way the voice said his name had the heavy accent of his mother and father and it sounded as if he was familiar with Alyasha as opposed to a neutral introduction.

“Yes?” He said, pulling one hand out of his pocket slowly and pulling out the other hands where he already had one handseal ready to shoot a fireball at the man. He could feel the heat of the glyph as it slowly made its way down from his shoulder to his bicep.
The man was aware of the hand and raised a hand abiding him to stop.

Please,” he spoke in the ancient language of the Kuro clan which was uncommon among the fourth, fifth and eighth houses but was very common among the first, second, ninth and eleventh house. “There is no need to that. I only came here to deliver a message. Your brother, Dany’al, sent me."

The glyphs on his arm faded slowly from his arms. He could tell the man was someone high on the food chain among his house. His speech was proper and polite, not a single word that came out of his mouth had any slang or short sentences. He was more surprised to know that someone who sounded like royalty would deliver the message to Kyu. Take off the hood, brother,he said in the ancient language,it’s bad enough you were following me, even worse that you came to me in such garb. Such a guise would get you arrested here."

The man reached for hood and pulled it away from his face. The man had ebony black skin with the brightest green eyes Kyu had seen on a person. He could see every feature on his face as if his cheekbones, chin and jaw were cut from obsidian. "Ah, forgive me Lord Alyasha, I usually traverse at night and I must remain hidden for I am a courier you see."

"You're from the ninth house, yes?" They were the only house among the Kuro clan that had sharp emerald eyes.

"Yes." The man looked young, twenty or twenty-one perhaps. He hadn't reach the age where the 'immortality' would begin but he would be an extremely handsome man when he was older. What was the saying? Black don't crack? He had more than enough melanin on him to give to the pasty shinobi in Kirigakure or even Amegakure.

"I'm guessing he sent you as an envoy because he had a meeting or something of the like." He chuckled. "Ah, my brother is like that. So I'm guessing you are the contact. But you sound like you're from the upper trees of the clan."

The man nodded, "I am Samu'Al son of Nach. My father was the only remaining son from the Ninth brother clan until he had me. So technically I am of 'royal' descent." He bowed his head slightly, "It is an honor to finally meet you."

Kyu raised an eyebrow. Someone from the ninth house honored to meet him? That was - well, it wasn't the first time someone had said those words or something along those lines. He was mildly embarrassed as he turned his head away hoping Samu'al wouldn't see the mild blush. "Ah kid, you certainly known how to charm a guy." He said in universal basic. He caught himself reverting back to his 'Kyu' self. "Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine Lord Alyasha. I'm not offended. My father would surely scold you or me if I spoke in the universal basic. But seeing that we are alone," he smiled, "it's fine."

He smiled. He was starting to like Samu'Al already. Dany'al was good in sending him rather than an older messenger.

"Right then." Kyu clapped his hands together and gestured to Samu'Al, "On to business. I rather get this out of the way. Is the Four-Tail Jinchuuriki ready to leave?"

"Ah," Samu'al nodded, "as you were reported, we kept eye on the four tails, tracking his whereabouts in the village, watching his personality and mood swings, where he is loyal. Your spies did good work from what your brother reported. If you're wondering about Kyousuu then by now he should be getting the letter from the girl envoy."

Kyu grinned, "Excellent. Looks like I'll be bringing home a monkey for the Mizukage."

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Team Gone: See You Later Part 3[Travel] Vide
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