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Message to a Friend. [FAP|SC Training]

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Message to a Friend. [FAP|SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: Message to a Friend. [FAP|SC Training] Message to a Friend. [FAP|SC Training] EmptyWed 01 Oct 2014, 1:34 am

A large sigh escaped the young man's mouth as he sat down in a wooden chair as his hands effortless rested along the wooden table. Two papers were sitting there; one was crumbled up into a ball while the other had a few writings from his part. He did not remember actually announcing his leave to his closest friends so it would be best if he took the time to at least write something to Shinjin. 'This should be fine....' Tatsu said to himself as he dropped the pencil after re-reading through the brief letter he had written to his closest friend.

Quote :
To Shinjin

I did not have the time to actually talk to you lately, so I could not tell you about my departure to the Fire Country's Leaf village. I will be staying for quite some time but I will make sure to send a letter now and then to provide some information of my current status at the time.If I don't then take it as if there is something wrong. I do not know the village as well as you do, but I will try to learn as much as I can on my own.

Your niqqa,


It was clear what Tatsu had written to Shinjin. Their plan had more or less worked but Shinjin was different now. Perhaps he noticed just how much of a stretch this whole plan was from actually working. As planned out, Seika and the Nukenin had made their way towards Kumogakure while Shinjin simply stepped down possibly because he had his doubts. Either way Tatsuo's plan to help him get this information on Konoha was still on due process, at least for Tatsuo. If there was one thing he would actually agree with about this order was the fact that Kirigakure needed to know what was out there. What they were up against? and what were the weakness of the visited villages.

Tatsuo went ahead and folded the paper into a small scroll tied with a red rubber band as he walked just outside of his wooden cabin

A small man stood blatantly just outside of the cabin as he turned to face Tatsuo. The man’s name was Irusei, the owner of the cabin which had actually allowed Tatsu to sleep as many nights as he could on the cabin.

”Hello Tatsuo, it is nice to see you again. I couldn’t tell you this before, but judging by your personality and the way you handle yourself I can tell you are a very responsible person.” The man smiled softly to Tatsuo as he scratched the back of his head looking for a way of telling Tatsuo something. Tatsuo remained quiet waiting for the man’s response.

”So, I am letting you stay here whenever you come around to the Fire Country. Don’t be afraid and just step right in whenever you need to. I don’t use this cabin any more ever since me and my wife moved in together after we got married so the cabin it’s pretty much gathering dust.” He said as he walked towards a cage full of messenger pigeons.

”These birds are very useful; they can deliver any message you need delivered to someone outside of the village. They are very well trained, though I may say that they are a little weird; is as if they all have their own personalities. I feed them once or twice a day so they are also very healthy. The only thing I ask you for being here is to look over them when I can’t or am not around.”

Tatsuo smiled and thanked the man. Politely giving him a hand gesture as he stretched his hand forward and shook the man’s hand. ”I will make sure they are being looked at properly. I also thank you for letting me stay here while I am in the Fire Country.” He said before the man took off and proceeded to go to his home.

 Tatsuo stepped to where a cage filled with messenger pigeons. This would be his go to method of actually keeping in contact with his village. The young man would watch with enthusiasm at the flock of birds that stood there, almost as if they all were miserable. All were black, some were black and gray while one that stood out the most was fully white. It was a no-brainer as to who Tatsuo would pick to deliver the message to Shinjin.

"Oooh noooeess.....he is looking at me? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh please tell him not to pick me. I don't want to mess my feathers with the dirty atmosphere of the Fire Country guys. Pleeeease tell him I am a sensitive pigeon. I’m not cut out to travel." The pigeon hilariously said as he dramatically lifted his right white wings over his face and formed a whole theatrical act.

"Hey dude, pick me! I want to go! Pick me please!." Another said as he pushed the white pigeon out of the way knocking him on his tail of feathers.

"Ouuuuuch......rude..." The white pigeon said as he stood behind the group of gray pigeons.

"He will be alright, he just get a little fruity sometimes. ANYWAYS! Are you picking me?" His eyes glittered with belief and trust. He WAS a little hyper active but it was definitely better than sending a confused pigeon to Shinjin. Tatsuo watched to the side as he noticed that the pigeons in the cage did not put any interest to him so ended up choosing him after giving him a warm smile.

"YES I will make you soooooo proud..Strap it in my leg that I am ready to take off!" The pigeon shook its tail with a lot of enthusiasm to go off.

"This is important. I need you to deliver this message to Shinjin Shikyo in the village hidden in the Mist. He is always walking around with his two wives so it will be easy to pick even from a crowd. Like I said this is important, I would assume you will perform this job like a professional bird you are." Tatsuo smiled as he tied the small letter folded into a scroll to his leg. Pushing his hand forward as he threw the pigeon in the air and it began to flap its wings to take off towards Mizu no Kuni.

"Be careful booo!" The white feathered fruit-basket waved as the pigeon made its way towards the Mist village. After doing so he continued his entrance to the wooden cabin to actually get some rest before actually heading towards the Hidden Leaf village at night.

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