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Mugen Returns

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Mugen Kousen
Mugen Kousen

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Mugen Returns Vide
PostSubject: Mugen Returns Mugen Returns EmptySun 15 Feb 2015, 2:13 am

Hello old friends and new faces alike~

What feels like ages ago, I left the forum to pursue another RP. I had lots of fun there, but all good things must come to an end. With my Magi craving sated, I find myself with a strong desire to return to you all and continue Mugen's adventurous tale.

I've got some things to wrap up which will prevent me from returning to full activity here for a few more days. But consider this my declaration of intent. I'll be returning soon! I hope to re-activate Mugen's account once more and will get with mods about doing so when I'm ready. I hear from Locket that Kumo has grown much in my absence, perhaps even a bit too much. Something I am glad to hear~

Brothers and sisters of Kumogakure, whether you're a past ally or strangers I look forward to working with you all to advance the glory and honor of our village. I hope the new Raikage doesn't mind a Genin who practically worships him/her like a god!

Long Live Kumogakure! I guess I missed everyone else too
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