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Lazy Day [SC Training]

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Lazy Day [SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: Lazy Day [SC Training] Lazy Day [SC Training] EmptySat 28 Feb 2015, 6:25 pm

SC Training:

How long had it been since he had last found a town? Two? Three weeks? At this point he did not even know what country he was in right now. The ground had gotten rockier and the mountains were close. Perhaps the Lightning Country? Yawning, Aoi continued to float lazily between the trees. Since he had left that last town he had failed to encounter any other human, then again, that's what he gets for not using the roads. Floating off into a random set of trees was bound to get one lost fast. Although Aoi did not care too much about that. Of course, the long solitude did come with some downsides, namely loneliness. While most people were not that accommodating to a homeless child floating around town, there were the few kind souls who would take him in for a night or two, give him a meal, etc. Out here in the wilderness however, it was just him and his thoughts.

With loneliness came boredom. Aoi was always one to be content with his thoughts, but here, under the trees, he could not watch the clouds. He could spend hours alone just watching them roll across the bright blue sky, but here all he could see was green. His thoughts fell back onto the many harsh drills his 'family' had put him through over the years. Namely the memorization of hand seals for his jutsu. Rolling so his back faced the ground, Aoi took in a deep breath as his hands were brought up over his chest. "Ram, Monkey, Boar, Dog..." He mumbled to himself as he made his way through each of the seals one by one. No chakra was focused during this exercise, least he dispel the jutsu he already had active. It did take away from his concentration somewhat, forcing Aoi to slow his flight speed by about half.

Considering he was floating through a forest, the reduced speed was probably a good thing. It allowed him more time to turn and avoid ramming his head into a tree. Even if he were to, it would amount to little more than a light bump. After finishing the set of seals, Aoi started again from the beginning. Over and over he repeated the pattern. Occasionally thumping his head against the trunk of a tree or scraping through a brush. Each time he finished a set, the next one was attempted slightly faster. If he made a mistake, he'd start all over again. Faster and faster he went until his speed exceeded his ability. Unable to even string two seals together, Aoi sighed and pulled himself upwards into a sitting position. Trees still surrounded him to the point that he might as well have been floating in circles all day.

A branch was just within reach, pulling himself up, Aoi scaled the tree and emerged above most of the nearby trees. Now able to get a view of the surroundings, Aoi noticed some thin lines of smoke rising in the distance. Smoke meant fire and fire meant people. Hopefully there was a town, or at least some hunting cabin that could point him to the nearest settlement. It had been so long since he slept in a proper bed. Hopefully the little money he had on him would be enough to afford a bed for the night. Hopping out of the tree, Aoi's hands flew through several seals. The familiar sensation of chakra surrounded his body, converting into wind and catching his weight as he caught himself two meters from the forest floor. Raising himself one extra meter to avoid the lower bushes, he altered his course northward towards the smoke. Starting his exercises again as he floated. At this speed he'd likely make it there by nightfall. Sadly, that meant another night without a bed, but the starts were beautiful out here, so there was that.

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