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Pin-point perfection

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Pin-point perfection Vide
PostSubject: Pin-point perfection Pin-point perfection EmptyThu 09 Apr 2015, 1:04 am

Once again Yoru stood in the middle of the woods with the plan of doing some massive training. Once again he was trying to become even more skilled with his weapons mostly meaning his accuracy. However this time Yoru wanted to have a partner to train with and as he still had a bit of chakra left he was going to use it to the fullest. Performing the required hand seals Yoru created another clone next to him. With two clones side by side Yoru was ready for the ultimate training. With that the two of them dashed away from each other while grabbing weapons from their pouches. As the two of them threw weapons at each other they attempted to block the weapons by hitting their weapons together. As he was fighting himself it was a challenge to get it perfectly. Some weapons would be blocked while others would be completely missed forcing Yoru to dodge the weapons. As the last of the weapons finally stopped flying both Yoru's began looking around the area. Within a matter of moments Yoru and the other clone had filled the area with weapons that stuck out of trees and the ground. Both letting out a sigh they went out to gather the weapons that they had used.

After a few days both clones had come up with multiple ways for the two of them to train while one would be training the other would be resting or gathering weapons used for the training. As had been with the training before Yoru stood in the middle of a clearing and threw several weapons each hitting a target. Throwing a senbon it tore through rope and launched four senbon right at him. While it was easy enough to block the senbon with four of his own. Yet he was not trying to be able to block them he was aiming for accuracy which after completing the current bout of weapons throwing and blocking Yoru found that his accuracy was getting better as more of the weapons now smacked into the dead center of the targets. Yet with all training things were not perfect as he found at least four different weapons not in the perfect center of the target. Yet that was the important part of training which was finding your deficiencies and then making them better. Turning to his fellow clone Yoru spoke very calmly, "If things keep going like this we will be kicking ass in no time." Nodding the clone stood up and joined the other in gathering their weapons.

As time went on the training continued as it had been and their accuracy continued to get better. Ultimately Yoru soon found that their close range accuracy was perfect yet even with perfect close range they had to also perfect the skill of long range weaponry. Turning to each other Yoru and the other clone had to think up of a way to make their training best. Yet in the end the two of them were going to come up with a perfect way for them to become the best weapons user in Konohagakure. Yet at that thought the image of Meiko popped into his head as he remember her skill as a weapons user. Grabbing his bow Yoru stood up very quickly startling the other clone next to him. "I'm going to beat that woman if it is the last thing I do!" Making his way into the middle of the field Yoru drew his bow and began shooting at random targets quickly turning the woods into a porcupine of arrows.

Over the next couple days both clones began their training of bow and arrows as well as their distance accuracy. To start things off the two clones started by shooting arrows at each other, while one would be shooting arrows the other would be throwing weapons to deflect the incoming sticks of death. Yet each time one of them would be on the receiving end of the arrows they would still be forced to dodge them to avoid being destroyed. Making a point to make it as challenging when a clone would be shooting arrows they would aim to make it a killing shot. Even as the days would continue on the two of them would take turns firing arrows or block the incoming projectiles. As time continued on both became increasingly skilled with their weapons.

After weeks of training the first raining day came upon the two of them they saw it as a perfect moment for dangerous training. As the first clone took his position he waited until the other clone was ready, the only way he would know was when weapons began falling upon him. Reaching both hands into his weapons pouches Yoru looked up at the sky ready for anything to fall down upon him. It was at that moment Yoru noticed the arrows begin to fall towards him. Pulling weapons from his pouch Yoru began blocking the arrows as they came at him. Even when the arrows finally stopped falling Yoru noticed that coming at him were also other small weapons. Yoru had not expected this yet at the same time he felt happy that the other clone had come up with a way to make the training all that much more challenging. Pulling out his own bow Yoru began shooting the small weapons out of the sky in an attempt to avoid getting skewered alive.

Even as they continued to fire weapons at each other the rain began to weigh each other down as well as made the ground slippery. As they began to slip in the mud it was starting to become more and more difficult to not just throw weapons at each other. It was also becoming to difficult to dodge the weapons as they came towards each other. As the rain began to pour even harder both clones finally decided that it had been good enough to call it a day. As the two of them gathered up the weapons once again made their way out of the rain to get ready for the next day or when it is no longer raining as hard.

As the sun rose the next day both clones looked into the training field ready to try and finish up their extensive training. With the two of them working together the training had gone a whole lot faster than if he had been by himself. Yet at this point if he was able to get even three quarters of the weapons to hit their mark as well as block any weapons coming in then Yoru knew that when both clones disappeared they would have full mastery of accuracy. With that both clones began installing targets for their archery test. With that both clone moved off a great distance and prepared to fire upon the targets that they had built and set up. With that Yoru began firing every arrow into the air aimed directly at the targets at the far end of the clearing. As Yoru finally ran out of arrows each one finally finished their flights. Though Yoru couldn't see if they hit the center, they did however know that they had all hit the targets.

As the two of them made their way towards the targets Yoru was pleased to see that many of the targets were hit in the dead center of the target. While there were some that were not in the dead center they had done very well and at least hit pretty close. Smiling at each other both clones began collecting the arrows for the next part of their training. With the arrows now collect and divvied up both clones stood on opposite ends of the clearing ready to try and kill each other. Neither one knew what the other was doing as such it made a perfect final test. With that the two of them started their battle to the death, while one of them was firing arrows the other was blocking them with shuriken with perfect accuracy. As the two of them continued firing at each other the speed continued to increase. Yet neither one was getting a leg up on the other one with their perfect accuracy. Yet they continued on until they began reaching levels of dangerous that if they had been the original would not have been suggested.

Even as they ran out of weapons both of them dashed towards the weapons that are on the ground to use them on each other. As the weapons bounced off each other both clones would either pick up the weapons from the ground or catch the ones the flew back their way. Yet even as they continued sooner or later the ultimate challenge of the body that comes only when exhaustion begins to set in. Both clones where now on the verge of exhaustion and barely able to throw their own weapons. Yet the two of them continued to fight till there were no more weapons within reach. Thus leaving the two clones only one choice of weapon to use on each other.

As the two of them both reach for the swords on their sides and drew them from their sheathes. In almost perfect unison both reeled back with the hilt of their swords. Both launching their swords at each other both watched as their swords flew past each other. Both quickly threw their hands up catching the swords their opponents had thrown. However as both stared at each other down when one looked down to see the blade had plunged into his chest. When suddenly the clone disappeared the other dropped the sword in exhaustion. At that moment Yoru could feel the combine experience of training between two people. With that the remaining clone performed the required hand sign and disappeared sending the acquired knowledge to the original.
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