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Where Are They Now?

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Kumo Nin

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Where Are They Now? Vide
PostSubject: Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now? EmptyThu 24 Oct 2019, 11:22 pm

It's ya boi, BK-201, feeling oddly nostalgic.

Doesn't feel like it's been 3, almost 4 years, since the place closed up shop, yet here we are. I know I'm not the only one who peeks in now and again, just to look at the place and reminiscence. So drop a line when ya pass by, and show off where you've been, where you're going, since US shuttered the windows and turned off the lights. I'll start.

Myself? Graduated college with a BA in IT, suckled on Walmart's teat for a couple years to get by, pretty fresh into a new job. Drive around fixing up registers, self checkouts, and the odd ATM or server. Solid pay and benefits, don't pay for my own gas, and most importantly, don't have to take shit from the average entitled customer anymore.

Ironically, my boss is named Adam. Made me really aware of just how hard coded "Adamn" had become in me.

Looking back at my old posts, I dunno where I found the energy to be such an angry little piss all the time. Certainly could have been doing more productive things, and found ways to argue my point without dropping an F-bomb every 3rd word. But ya life, ya grow, I guess.

Never really got back into RP after Gouka. False start here and there, and looking back, certainly things I would have changed about the way I did my boy dirty, but all the same, never felt the same level of investment in another character. He was a broken record of a boy who didn't know how to resolve his issues without violence, a hammer that treated every nut, bolt, and screw like a nail, but he was my mess.

So yeah, that's about that. Make a living wage now, much less stressed and angry all the time, play the odd game here and there, never really RPed again after Gouka.

Like I said, I was feeling nostalgic. To all y'all lurkers who can't help looking back over your shoulder now and again, feel free to drop a line or two on where you are now.
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Where Are They Now? Vide
PostSubject: Re: Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now? EmptySun 10 Nov 2019, 4:17 am


I'm still breathing, myself. I can't remember the last time I poked my head in here, but I've had that itch again so here I am.

My life's not been super exciting, but I've gone from working at Walmart to working for a health insurance company for a year on contract, and since last year I've been a Starbucks barista. All the while, I'm accumulating more student loan debt doing fun things (animation), much better than the first go round. I've probably got a year and some change left, depending on how well things go. I've been growing my hair out for the past 3 and a half years, honestly these locs were the best decision I've ever made, they are the anchor for me actually liking how I look since otherwise I feel (always felt) like a total gremlin, lmao.

Both more stressed and also less stressed at the same time, but I make do. If y'all see me on discord (Captain Tigglesworth #6231) feel free to drop me a line if you're feeling chatty. I'm not as talkative as I used to be (mostly just tired) but I'd still be happy to chat a little every once in a while. If you send a request let me know. If I don't know who you are, I won't accept lmao. ^^ I SOMETIMES play the occasional game, and because I'm a big kid I'll be Playing Pokémon Sword and eventually the new Animal Crossing when it comes out next year.
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Where Are They Now? Vide
PostSubject: Re: Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now? EmptyTue 19 Nov 2019, 10:47 pm

For the record, this isn't my idea, this topic just looked lonely...

So, since leaving, I've finished my master's in criminal law only to immediately drop everything and ditch my place for somewhere western. Been snooping around the Baltics for a short while before settling in Lithuania where I had living relatives that could shelter me until I got my actual shit together. Due to said relatives and common visits during my childhood, I was somewhat familiar with a few words of the language too so babbling absolute rubbish was easier than picking it up from scratch.

Had to serve tables for a couple of years until I had my degree validated, there's a fancy word for that but my grasp of legal terms eludes me (the irony for it does not, however) and I tend not to Google things these days acting like I knew what they were called all along, trying to exercise fair play here...

I've managed to squirm my butt into a nice little job in the municipality of the local town I'm residing in, providing free legal aid to people too poor or too looney to get it themselves. I'm fairly certain due to my status as a foreigner I won't ever be able to become a civil servant, which is fair, though they picked me up on a loophole with a basic employment contract. As long as it counts as legal work experience, it's fine by me, I was profoundly lucky to get where I am today already as it is!

It's never easy living in a country that used to be occupied by the country you've left for almost a hundred years, that baggage is always there whenever I'm meeting new people. It doesn't help that stuff's still pretty heated between the Baltics and Russia to this day but I knew what I was getting into and it just had to be gotten into, thought so at the time, still do so now.

I do occasionally scribble from time to time, I'm helping an old friend with too much time on his hands on a novel, it's a passion project for both of us but, hopefully, it'll see the light of day at some point. I do some fanfics from time to time too, though I admit it's not quite a format I enjoy. Some of them involve stories I've been working on here, which is why I occasionally snoop my nose here to check on what exactly was going through my mind with most of that stuff. I always think it'll be just a simple grab off my old basket but it is never an easy grab 'cause they always have T... End up scrapping it all and starting almost from scratch anyway.

That's exactly how I noticed this topic and felt bad about how lonely it looked. I usually notice most flares of activity though I tend to not get involved since I only poke around once in a blue moon, was never one of the OGs of the place anyway and it doesn't feel right patting myself or anyone else on the back over the warmth and nostalgia that the true OGs feel about the place, and rightfully so, I suppose.

It's a bad habit, maybe, I won't deny, keeping my nose out of stuff, even if said stuff invokes some sort of personal connection or a need to connect but it's how I roll these days. Can't even be bothered to log onto my Skype account for months and I've heard that kids these days play with some Discs on a Cord or something... Whatever, you kids and your fancy rock-n-roll...

I really hope to see more activity on this topic. It's been quaint being a real rogue and BUMP'ing it with this post and I never consider reading up on what people I've looked up to, considered friends (I guess still do), hated the guts of (though not really), and let otherwise light on my life during some pretty tough times are up to now as time wasted.

Okay... One last pharaoh emoji, for old times...

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Where Are They Now? Vide
PostSubject: Re: Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now? Empty

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